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XuGong KS has been manufacturing Excavator Air Conditioner for over 12 years in the market. XuGong KS is the top manufacturer of Excavator Air Conditioner in China. All XuGong KS Excavator Air Conditioner has passed the international inspection of quality. Guaranteed reliability, the price can be your most favorable deals, and the real-price performance ratio. In strong cooperation with large factories, the XuGong KS Excavator Air Conditioner is sold worldwide.


XuGong KS adheres to integrity in the production of  XuGong KS Excavator Air Conditioner. XuGong KS team always serves our customers with attentive service and great satisfaction. The real value and support to you are what can XuGong KS Excavator Air Conditioner comforts you. With this XuGong KS Excavator Air Conditioner, you can surely work peacefully and conveniently even on the field. What are you waiting for? Get a free quote now!


Excavator Air Conditioning – The Definitive FAQ Guide


An excavator air conditioning FAQ Guide is a document containing answers to the most frequently asked questions by customers needing help dealing with the complexities of air conditioning equipment. This FAQ Guide is a concise, comprehensive explanation designed to address many people’s concerns about this equipment. The guide offers you information on the excavator air conditioning system, maintenance requirements, reasons for failure, and an introduction to various components with their roles. For more information, dig in this guide!


1. What is excavator air conditioning?


Excavator air conditioning refers to the collective equipment used to condition the internal air in an excavator cab. The equipment is used in specific applications to prevent the internal temperature in the cab from exceeding certain levels when working in hot environments.

Due to the size and severity of some excavation jobs, it is impossible to keep the internal air temperature stable during a typical work week in most parts of the world. An excavator is usually mounted on the inside of the cab. By itself, it is a conventional split system that has been adapted to fit into an excavator structure. Its condenser and compressor package includes a heat exchanger for cooling the internal cab environment.


2. What are the applications of excavator air conditioning?


There are several applications of an excavator air conditioning system of your excavator. Excavators are used in various places such as construction sites, road construction, and mining site. You can’t imagine how hot the excavator cabin will get from working on a hot summer day during summer. You can use it to cool down the temperature of your excavator cabin.


Excavator air conditioning has a wide variety of applications in mini excavators as well as excavators. Besides excavators, you can also use them in trucks, backhoes, and many other crawlers to provide convenient working temperatures on site.


3. What materials are used in making an excavator air conditioning?


There are several materials used in making your excavator air conditioning system. Some primary materials include rubber, PVC, PTFE, plastic, alloy steel, iron, and brass. The material employed in making your excavator air conditioning system varies from model to model. The higher the quality of material, the higher will be the life associated with it. These materials result in resistance against wear and tear, abrasion, and corrosion.


With these materials, you can work in challenging environmental conditions, including high temperature and high moisture conditions. These materials play a more significant role in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your excavator air conditioning system.


4. What is the role of compressor assembly in excavator air conditioning?


Excavator air conditioning is one of the essential parts of a hydraulic excavator. The compressor assembly is installed in the engine compartment of the hydraulic excavator, mainly for cooling the operator’s cabin. The compressor is the central part of air conditioning, especially the air compressor for excavator has a higher requirement.

Working up to -20 ℃, the assembly of components should be arranged well to ensure that it can work steadily even under extreme conditions, high temperature or pressure.The compressor assembly of the excavator air conditioning system includes the tools and devices used to pump, circulate and condition the air.


The system uses a compressor to inject pressurized air through coils and fins to dehumidify it.An air condenser, or evaporator, removes moisture from the conditioned air back to ambient temperature, where it enters either a heating or cooling mode depending on the season.


5. What is the role of the control panel in excavator air conditioning?


The control panel plays a crucial role in the air conditioning of the excavator. It is responsible for the temperature and pressure of the entire machine cabin. The Excavator air conditioning control panel is different from general air conditioning equipment, but the use is quite other. It is widely used in automobile air conditioning system control panels.

The working principle of the excavator air conditioner controller is that this type of air conditioner uses the centrifugal switch to cut off the power, that is, to actuate the refrigeration compressor. Most control panels are composed of several kinds of LEDs. These LEDs display the work status of equipment, such as over current protection signal, over low-temperature protection signal, over high-temperature protection signal, overpressure protection signal.


6. What is the role of evaporator assembly in excavator air conditioning?


An Excavator air conditioning device is mainly used for cooling off the cabin of excavators. It has the characteristics of small volume, lightweight, high efficiency, good heat dissipation of heat source, easy to maintain and repair.

Excavator Air Conditioning has the functions of

  • Convective heat exchange of evaporative cooling,
  • Sublimation of subcooling,
  • Evaporation of subcooling,
  • Electronic expansion valve of expansion cooling,

through the overall control of the evaporator temperature to achieve cooling at low temperature below dew point (Refrigeration Machinery Air Conditioning System). Excavator air conditioning is essential for excavators working in a high-temperature environment. The function of the evaporator assembly is to cool the cab and engine. It can also be used to cool other accessories on an excavator, such as hydraulic attachments.


7. What is the role of the fan assembly in excavator air conditioning?


The fan assembly constitutes the air inlet for the air conditioner system. The fan assembly is installed either at the top of the cab or a driver’s side to evacuate hot and humid air from the engine compartment to the cab space. To keep the working space in a well-conditioned state, a suitable amount of fresh air is admitted in-cab along with the expelled hot and humid air in a well-balanced proportion. This makes cab temperature uniform and comfortable.

The fan obtains its power through the motor of the fan assembly, and the engine drives the fan to spread the cool air into the entire cabin. The motor gets its driving power through the battery of an excavator or electrical system, which makes the fan assembly function properly.


8. What is the role of fan motor assembly in excavator air conditioning?


The fan motor assembly is the crucial element of your fan assembly. Without this fan motor assembly, your excavator fan assembly cannot work. The motor has a wire-wound coil that is placed inside a magnet. The power from the electrical system rotates this coil and generates the rotary motion. This rotary motion then drives the excavator fan mounted on a shaft that extends from the motor assembly.

The wiring and the magnet with carbon brushes are placed inside the motor assembly of the air conditioning system. Make sure to install high-quality components of the motor assembly. This will elongate the life of your excavator air-conditioning system and reduces downtime.


9. What is the role of the receiver dryer in excavator air conditioning?


A receiver Dryer is a device used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems with the primary purpose of removing moisture from the refrigerant gas and warming it up before it enters the evaporator. The function of a receiver dryer in an air conditioner is to eliminate moisture in the refrigerant lines. This allows water molecules to evaporate in the low-pressure area of the line, so they don’t condense when they enter a higher-pressure zone.


The result is that moisture doesn’t build up in the air conditioning system and becomes frozen when temperatures get frigid. In your excavator, this makes it easier for air conditioning units to cool components when you’re working outside in humid environments.


10. What is the role of the expansion valve in excavator air conditioning?


In an excavator air conditioning system, the expansion valve is an essential element that you cannot neglect. The expansion valve is a device in an air conditioner that controls the amount of coolant (often freon) that flows into the evaporator. The expansion valve senses the pressure in the evaporator and then adjusts its flow accordingly to match conditions.

The primary function of the Expansion Valve (EV) is to adjust the pressure in the air conditioning system. It can deliver high pressure at low temperature and low pressure at high temperature, which prevents the solenoid valve from over pressurizing and helps the refrigerant compress quickly.


11. What is the role of air filters in excavator air conditioning?


As a critical part of the excavator air conditioning system, the air filter is installed in the machine. The filter’s primary role is to purify the polluted air, thereby improving the engine performance and protecting the engine from any damage or dust.


It is used to reduce the amount of harmful gas discharged into the environment. The conditions are used in excavators to improve work efficiency, reduce repair costs and prevent lung disease caused by inhaling polluted air.


And heat or dust can get into the air filter, so the air filter has the role of separating the heat, dust and dirt in an excavator. Air conditioning equipment belongs to environmental protection products because its functional purpose is for environmental protection.


12. What is the role of air conditioner hoses in excavator air conditioning?


Air conditioner hoses play an essential role in the excavator’s air-cooling system, a closed-circuit system. These hoses are designed to conduct the coolant around the engine and at the same time carry both engine exhaust and compressor discharge to the atmosphere outdoors. Excavator air conditioning hoses are connected to the cooling system to supply cool air into the cab.


All the houses are connected so that the cool air goes through them, passing through the water-cooled condenser first. After being cooled by the condenser, it travels back to the more excellent unit supplying warm air to various parts, including cool air to the cab where you are working.


13. What is the role of the cylinder head in excavator air conditioning?


The head is molded cast aluminum or formed cast iron. The authorities are also drilled in place to allow the oil cooler lines, fuel lines and electrical lines to pass through. The heads contain springs to help leak-off pressure in the compressor when the engine is not running. The cylinder head is part of the engine, and it can be used as heat exchange between the air and the refrigeration air.


If we do not have a cylinder head, we cannot control excavator air conditioning, resulting in low efficiency and poor performance of the product itself. Using a high-quality cylinder head will improve the performance of our excavator air conditioning.


14. What is the role of the intake valve in excavator air conditioning?


The intake valve plays a vital role in excavator air conditioning. The function of the intake valve is to regulate the amount of suction that is delivered into the cab of the vehicle. When the vehicle’s evaporator coil is not utilized, some air will flow through the intake valve. This airflow ensures that all areas of the evaporator coils can move heat to their fins. If this airflow was not present, dust and dirt could be sucked into the system, and this dirt could cause damage to components within the system.


The system encompasses intake valves of different configurations and different functions. Though its description may seem complex, in essence, an intake valve is a part of a motorized system that draws air into the air conditioner when there is a decrease in the temperature inside the cab or when outside conditions require it. In basic terms, an intake valve allows for this expansion of volume in the air conditioner when there is a need for more cold air to be circulated from the evaporator.


15. What is the role of the delivery valve in excavator air conditioning?


The delivery valve in the excavator air conditioning supplies air to the compressor, and the suit demands. The air intake path is compressed when working. The pressure will increase when working, and after being pressurized to a certain height, it will open the delivery valve and let out and release compressed air and low-pressure exhaust air.


The high-pressure air enters the compressor again and is compressed. Then this cycle is repeated. The opening and closing of the delivery valve are to introduce and close the airflow into the cooling medium air conditioner. The opening and closing control of the delivery valve can meet the outside environment temperature change.


16. What is the role of cylinder liner in excavator air conditioning?


The cylinder liner is a high-strength pipe that supports the cylinder’s inner wall. The cylinder liner in the excavator air conditioning has different types according to the working pressure. For example, it can use steel core cylinder liner in excavator air conditioning. Therefore, an air conditioner must pay great attention to take care of the air cylinder.


One of the prominent roles of cylinder liners is to isolate air cylinders from vibrating action, which will surely shorten the lifetime of the cylinder liner and cylinder itself. Excavator Air Conditioning in a heater cylinder lining is a coating that makes the cylinder surface less prone to oxidation, rust, and scale.


The purpose of the coating is to protect the metal from corrosion and prolong the life cycle of the piston. The layer can be rubbed with carbon powder or other materials to achieve various purposes.


17. What is the role of compressor casing in excavator air conditioning?


The role of the compressor casing in excavator air conditioning is to protect the compressor, guarantee its smooth and reliable operation, and enhance its service life under harsh conditions. The compressor casing of the excavator air conditioning is an integral part of the equipment.


The compressor casing comprises cast iron and copper, and it is responsible for the discharge and the return flow of condensation pressure and air discharge pipe. It also plays its role in isolating the shot and returning leak gas, preventing leakage inside the machine, and avoiding air pollution. And it can provide sufficient strength to endure external loads. The shape is compact.


18. What are the issues associated with excavator air conditioning?


There are several issues associated with your excavator air conditioning system. Some of the main problems are as follows: The extra stress that the excavator goes through when air temps climb is enough to wear down the machine and stress its accumulation system and cause you a considerable amount of downtime and expense.


Breakdown of the refrigerant system is a significant issue that may result in the downtime of an excavator. Poor quality components reduce the efficiency of your excavator air conditioning system. The load, your excavator air conditioning system, needs to operate has a significant impact on the efficiency of your excavator performance. Loose components of your excavator air conditioning system may result in vibrations and noises, ultimately leading to damage.


19. What causes the failure of an excavator air conditioning?


There are several reasons for the failure of your excavator air conditioning system. Some of the significant reasons are as follows: Excessive contamination by dirt and high mineral content in the water. Excessive operating hours and periods of low humidity. As a result, the formation and accumulation of limescale result in equipment failure.


The failure of an excavator air conditioning can be caused by several reasons, mainly due to the high usage frequency of the product; some are caused by harmful use, improper repairing, or improper handling. In general, three types of components in the excavator air conditioner can cause failure: the sealing component of the compressor shaft seal ring, the magnetic plate in the evaporator, the relay in the condenser fan motor may get damaged.


20. What are the maintenance requirements of an excavator air conditioning?


Maintenance requirements associated with your excavator air conditioning system are as follows: Excavator air conditioning maintenance requirements: first, daily inspection of the unit. Check to make sure all screws and bolts are secure, check auxiliary devices such as water pump, hydraulic pump and compressor on excavator air conditioner hydraulic oil circulation is average, check pipelines for leaks.


Excavator air conditioner maintenance requires machine tools for the tasks of conditioning facility often appear not infrequent, which requires professional maintenance personnel. The task content is mainly two aspects: one is to check the air-cooling production equipment defects; another is to clean and lubricate air-drying devices. If you want to do it yourself, you should equip with the necessary tools to ensure work’s success.


21. What is the cost of an excavator air conditioning?


The cost of the excavator air conditioning system depends on several factors. Some of the main factors include:

  • The material used in making your excavator air conditioning system
  • Design specification and features associated with your excavator air conditioning system
  • How long will it last or warranty associated with your excavator air conditioning system
  • Weight of your excavator air conditioning system


These variables significantly affect the cost of your excavator air conditioning system. If you go for enhanced features and excellent quality, the price will rise. In general, the cost of an excavator air conditioning system with a warranty of one year lies in the range of $500 to $1000 per piece. The cost of a rooftop excavator air-conditioning system lies in the range of $500 to $1500 per piece.


22. What is the life associated with excavator air conditioning?


The life of an Excavator Air Conditioning system depends on the machine it is in (excavator, truck, dozer, etc.), the number of hours running in that machine, and how well maintained that machine is. Those machines in dusty areas will need to be maintained to keep their design capacity. Excavator air conditioning is the life support system of the machine, and its working state is closely related to the operational efficiency of excavator equipment.


In general, the life associated with your excavator air conditioning system lies in the range of 7 to 10 years. Excavator air conditioning should be regularly overhauled and maintained. Regular cleaning and maintenance should be carried out thrice a year, and each air conditioning should be overhauled periodically. The maintenance of the excavator air conditioner should include cleaning, leak-repairing, and replacing worn parts, such as valves, power cords, O-rings, etc.

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