Your Ultimate Excavator Slewing Bearing Replacement Guide


Slewing bearing, also known as slew ring bearing, is among the most vital constituents of an excavator. Large, heavy-duty equipment such as excavators and construction cranes rely upon slewing bearing to support heavy loads. Slewing bearings provide incredible power and versatility for heavy-duty construction equipment. Sometimes, due to mechanical fault or normal wear, the slewing bearing will stop working or stop performing as desired. Slewing bearing failure can severely hamper the productivity and operations of a business.

When to Replace Slewing Bearing on Excavator

Heavy-duty construction equipment such as excavators is built to last. As long as there is regular maintenance and they are working under ideal conditions, this equipment can last a lifetime. However, the internal components of the equipment are still subject to wear and tear and are bound to succumb to deterioration resulting from ordinary use. One of the most common causes of failure in an excavator is the slew ring bearing. There are many signs of problems when it comes to swing-bearing failure on excavators.

Here are some of the key indicators of slewing bearing failure to help you know when to replace the swing bearing on an excavator.

Metal particles or flakes in the lubricant

One of the most obvious clues of swing circle issues is the state of the lubricant. The presence of flakes, particles, or metals in the lubricant means there is some kind of wear taking place.

Increase in torque

A substantial increase in the turning torque could possibly be an indication of a problem. In most cases, it’s proof of unequal depreciation in the raceway. It could also be the result of inadequate lubrication. In an excavator, this problem can manifest through rocking or wobbling in the top construction particularly when the cultivating arm is outstretched with a load.

Increased clearance

Clearance or play is a key indicator of a failing slewing bearing. The swing circle is designed with a specific level of clearance. A dramatic increase in the quantity of clearance is a sign of wear in the raceways. Wear accelerates with the increase in clearance resulting in the overall stiffness of the entire system.

Excessive noise

Clicking, popping, or grinding noises from the swing bearing is an indication of wear in the raceway. The noise could also be the result of inadequate lubrication.

These are just a few of the most common indicators of failure in slewing bearings. Watching out for these signs will help you detect issues and know when to repair or replace the slewing bearing in your excavator. Detecting slewing bearing issues early can help businesses avoid catastrophic failure.

Slewing Bearing Replacement Options: OEM or Aftermarket

There comes a time when you have to replace a vital excavator part such as slewing bearing, there are a few options to consider. Typically, customers have two major types of replacement slewing bearings to choose from. You can go for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts or the aftermarket slew bearing replacements. So, which option is the best? Let’s start by explaining the difference between OEM and excavator replacement parts.

As the name suggests, OEM parts are manufactured by the same company as the component they are supposed to replace. OEM slewing bearings come with the promise of quality and longevity and often lives up to the hype. However, OEM parts tend to be significantly more expensive than other options and are only available in one type. Aftermarket excavator parts, on the other side, are manufactured by a third-party. They are reverse engineered to match OEM specifications.

Between OEM and aftermarket excavator parts, which is best for you? Well, both options have their unique advantages and disadvantages. OEM parts guarantee quality and durability, but they may be too expensive for some customers. Aftermarket parts are cheaper and more readily available. In terms of quality, well-made aftermarket excavator parts will match or even exceed their OEM counterparts at a fraction of the price.

Why Buy Slewing Bearing from KS Xugong

Choosing the appropriate slewing bearing can be a challenge. This is especially true when grappling with strict technical, reliability, or economic demands. But don’t worry, we’ve got you. As a well-established supplier of slewing bearings, KS Xugong specializes in providing slewing bearing for all types of excavators. We offer customer and application-specific turntable bearings solutions. Various sizes and designs are available depending on the given requirements.

High-Quality Parts

KS Xugong offers high-quality OEM and aftermarket slewing bearing rings. Get OEM slewing bearings for a broad range of excavators such as KOMATSU, HITACHI, CAT, VOLVO, and more. Our OEM-grade aftermarket slewing bearing rings are available at affordable prices that help your business minimize costs and maximize sales.

Large Inventory

At KS Xugong, we have a huge inventory with over 150 models of excavator slewing bearings from all the major brands. Our slewing bearings for excavators are ready for shipping and inspected thoroughly to speed up the process of bringing them to you. Our business customers are guaranteed a stable supply of excavator slewing bearings allowing your business to meet deadlines.


Thanks to our efficient inventory and supply chain management, our business customers can enjoy prompt delivery and fast turnaround for their orders. Our quick processes and fast shipping service ensure that your order is delivered promptly and hassle-free in secure packaging with your company logo. Our short lead time helps our clients meet their deadlines and customer demands more effectively.


KS Xugong offers warranty for both OEM and aftermarket slewing bearing replacements. Our aftermarket made in China slewing bearings comply with OE specs and come with 6 months quality warranty. The warranty gives your customers peace of mind knowing that they can get assistance if the slewing bearing develops issues within the warranty period.

If you are looking for a reliable excavator slewing bearings supplier, you’ve found us. KS Xugong is a Chinese manufacturing leader of slewing bearings. When it comes to shopping for replacement slewing bearing, it’s always good to have options. KS Xugong provides different kinds of slewing bearing with high quality and good performance. We have many years of experience in manufacturing slewing bearings for excavators as well as other industrial equipment. Contact us today to get more information about our slewing bearing offers.

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