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Why Xugong KS is Your Leading Supplier Of Excavator Slewing Ring?

Xugong KS supply excavator slewing ring for major excavator brands such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Cat, Hyundai, Daewoo, Zoomlion, Sany, Volvo and many more. Xugong supplys different excavator slewing rings based on your needed excavator model no. You can easily select your excavator slewing ring by giving your required model no or part no.

if you have an excavator slewing ring’s inner height, outer height, inner diameter, outer diameter, and teeth number, It would be easy for us to offer and without mistakes. We made sure that your specific excavator slewing ring needs are in stock and can be delivered right away. Xugong KS has all the types of excavator slewing rings depending on your applications. Request a quote now!

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XuGong KS Excavator Slewing Ring Factory Overview

Looking For A Suitable Excavator Slewing Ring? Xugong KS Got You Covered


Excavator slewing ring is an essential component of an excavator. Excavator relies on excavator slewing ring to support its heavy loads. Due to its heavy use, the excavator slewing ring may not be performing as usual. A severely worn excavator slewing ring can affect other components such as a gearbox and drive pinions. Which will result in possible downtime.

Having the right supplier for your excavator slewing ring replacement is essential to make sure it is suitable for your need. For over 12 years, Xugong KS is the right supplier for you! Exported to over 100 countries and provide excavator slewing ring that is suitable for their excavator.

Our excavator slewing ring is 100% well condition for your replacement. Xugong excavator slewing ring with evaluation to meet the required accuracy and rotation. You can widely choose for your needed size, brand, and model. It has Several qualities such as OEM, new aftermarket excavator slewing rings are available here. Our team will assist you with installation and maintenance. Grab yours now!


Excavator slewing ring FAQ Guide is a user’s guide that focuses on solving your problem.

It is a collection of techniques and solutions to common questions about excavator slewing ring bearings.

Using this guide, you can learn about slewing rings and maintenance requirements, understand available options and types, and choose the best suit for your needs at an affordable price.

This guide is helpful either you are a professional or a newbie.


1.    What is an excavator slewing ring used for?


The word slew is defined as to change the position of an object without changing its place.

An excavator slewing ring is a rotating bearing designed to support slow, heavy loads.

It is used in various applications where a high load capacity and low operating speeds are needed.

Excavator Slewing Ring

An excavator slewing ring is a type of rolling-element bearing that supports axial, radial, and moment loads.

The excavator slewing ring handle is a unique design that loads and unloads in one assembly.

Other rotational designs must be assembled and disassembled, adding cost and weight to the product.

An excavator slewing ring is also referred to as a system containing caging, balls or rollers, mounting provisions, raceways, and sometimes referred to as integral gearing.


2.    How does an excavator slewing ring work?


The excavator slewing ring is a rotating bearing that allows for one-way rotation.

High-strength bolts connect the turntable and the slewing mechanism, while the inner ring of the excavator slewing ring has chassis and teeth attached through bolts.


Inner race rolling body and outer race rolling body are mainly used for running conveyance, and the rolling body has two types column and ball type, depending on which you choose.

The moment of inertia of the turntable is taken up by the outer race and inner race, which are mounted on the turntable.


The gear ring takes up the overturning moment about the vertical axis on the excavator slewing ring and the gear ring on the inner race is the bearing that runs along the axis of the slewing assembly.

The pinion gear turns, and the turntable rotates around the pinion. Once the pinion gear works, the turntable begins to rotate concerning the chassis.


3.    What does excavator slewing ring mean?


Excavator slewing ring, or slewing bearing in short, is a mechanical part of the swinging mechanism of construction equipment supporting revolving loads of an excavator slewing masses.

Depending on the construction model, one or several excavator’s slewing rings can be mounted on a turntable.


When mounted on the turntable, these excavator slewing rings support the main load and transmit it to the turntable.

The load carried by the excavator slewing ring can be from both directions, in-phase or anti-phase.

The bearings of slewing ring responsible for transmitting the load from the load gears and Excavator cab to allow the boom to rotate.


4.    What are the benefits of an Excavator slewing ring?


Excavator slewing ring has several benefits. Their benefits may vary depending upon their specific design. Some of the services are listed below:

  • It is referred to as a heavy-duty tool as it is embedded with a capacity to carry out heavy loads
  • High rigidity and stiffness combined with low friction for high-performance applications
  • Long-term reliability
  • Surface hardening and Protection from corrosion and rust
  • Excavator slewing ring is embedded with driving mechanism, control devices, lubrication system, monitoring system, and sealing cassettes

Choosing the correct slewing bearing requires a great deal of expertise, especially when there is high reliability, economic and technical demands.


5.    What are the applications of excavator slewing rings?


The excavator slewing rings has a wide variety of applications due to their versatility and efficiency, which are listed below:

Common applications include:


Military and Defense: Excavator Slewing Ring Bearings are well-known for being used in the construction and engineering industries.

Many of them are also widely used in military equipment that must help direct heavy loads with a high degree of precision.

The excavator swelling ring can be found in optical devices, tank turrets, and missile launchers optical devices, among many others.


Construction: The benefits of the construction industry from an excavator slewing rings, particularly in lifting applications and in load-bearing and, such as hydraulic excavators, lifts, cranes, and borers.


Bottling Technologies: The round-the-clock turning of the excavator slewing rings allows for sanitizing, washing, capping, and labeling functions on all types of bottles.


Mining: Excavator Slewing rings are helpful in mining operations as they allow heavy equipment to move across any surface.

Transportation: Slewing rings are devices used by trams, trolleys, and subways to improve the free movement of vehicles.


Machining and Tool: Slewing rings are a type of track used to give wheels additional clearance when turning corners. Slewing rings are most often used in trains, trams, and subways that require the rolling stock to make sharp turns.


6.    What are the types of excavator slewing rings?


There are several types of excavator slewing rings. These types are highlighted below:

Ball Slewing Rings:

Ball slewing rings are beneficial for applications that require low-to-medium loads.

Ball Slewing Ring

Usually, steel-bearing cages are used on rolling element designs, although polymer cages can also be used.

Roller Slewing Rings:

Roller slewing rings are designed to withstand light to medium loads.


They are obtainable in a short range of standard configurations, which consists of three rows configurations.

Combination of Roller and Ball Slewing Rings:

A combination of roller-ball slewing rings is designed to come with a rolling race and a roll holding race.

This is an excellent design for high axial loads and rough atmospheric conditions.


Tapper roller slewing rings:

Tapper excavator slewing rings are obtainable in both radial and axial versions. They are suitable for heavy-duty conditions.

The tapered slewing ring is an ideal solution for high-precision applications.


Gear Slewing Rings:

Gear slewing rings are used in the manufacture of ropes, wind turbines, and yaw adjustment.

Customers can purchase them according to their needs.


7.    What is the cost of the excavator slewing ring?


The cost of the excavator slewing ring depends upon several factors.

These factors include the excavator slewing ring, required or intended function, the material used in manufacturing, the model type on which it needs to be mounted, and specifications.


An inner gear excavator slewing ring with high quality ranges from $100 to $5000.

The ball slewing ring with embedded four contact points lies in the range of $200 to $1000.

Usually, the price for different excavator slewing rings lies in the range of $500 to $3000.

The higher the cost determines, the higher the quality and service life of the desired excavator slewing ring.


8.    What do you mean by a powered excavator slewing ring?


Powered excavator slewing rings are transmitting power to the main excavator boom.

The excavator slewing ring is a kind of rolling bearing driven by vertical motor through slewing ring gears and horizontal motor through slewing ring chain, transmitting power to the crankshaft of the excavator.


Slewing rings have different or double bearings according to the Technical Standard for Excavator Slewing Ring.

If the slewing ring shaft is unsupported, then it will be with a single ring; but if the slewing ring shaft is supported by a roller bearing or bush roller bearing in the machine body, it will double ring.


9.    Is there any excavator slewing ring for sale?


Yes, an excavator slewing ring may be on sale. The only thing you need to do is research.

There are several online and offline retail stores which offer seasonal sales on excavator slewing ring.


It is an excellent choice to get an excavator slewing ring on sale as it may provide you with a chance to get a discount instead of paying higher prices on usual occasions.

Often the sales are exhibited at various events and festivals around the world. It would be best if you visited the online or offline stores to get benefit from these sales.


10.        What is excavator slewing ring assembly?


An excavator slewing ring assembly comprises several components. These components are listed below:

Outer and Inner Slewing Rings

Slewing ring bearings are made using two precision raceways. Each of the raceways is made from forged medium carbon steel.

Rolling Elements:

Rolling elements, including rollers, play their role by permitting relative ring rotation.


Spacers or Spacer balls:

Spacers, or separators, are used to keep individual balls from colliding with one another.

Sometimes spacers are used with spacers, rather than using spacer balls.


Mounting Holes:

Horizontal and vertical mounting holes are generally equally spaced around the axis of a ring.

They can be through holes, countersunk holes, blind-bored holes, etc.


Seals are used on both sides of the bearing to retain grease and prevent contaminants from entering the approach.

Load Plug:

The races of a bearing are hardened differently. A hole is drilled in each race to hold the balls for the final slewing assembly during machining.


It plays a vital role in holding the plugin in its place.

Grease fitting:

One of the grease fittings is included in each slewing ring. You may need to purchase a quantity that varies with the size of the bearing.


11.        What is the excavator slewing ring Hs code?


Excavator slewing ring Hs code is used to categorize the product needed to import-export around the globe.

The Hs code consists of 8 digits used worldwide to get information about some specific product to gain familiarity.

The Hs code determines the country of import, shipment date and time, description of the product and quantity imported and price per unit, and total price.

This information helps to manage the stock in the inventory.


12.      Why does the excavator slewing ring fail?


Surface-originated lubrication problems cause nearly all excavator slewing ring failures.

Other reasons for the problem include contaminants, improper mounting and overloading.

Slewing Ring Failure

Failure is usually not catastrophic but is almost more common than fatigue failures.

Too much grease can cause premature excavator slewing ring failures.

To ensure the proper lubrication of excavator slewing rings, you must use heavy-duty, extreme pressure grease.


This severe condition can be mitigated by applying high-performance grease in the form of a waxy paste.

Over time, this condition can lead to poor performance and possible failure.

A small amount of debris and dirt within a lubrication system accelerates wear.


13.      Are there any alternatives for excavator slewing rings?


Slewing rings are an excellent choice for applications with high loads and heavy-duty operations. They’re available in diameters ranging from 2″ to 12″.

However, you must select an excavator slewing ring depending on the lead time, maintenance procedures, cost, and installation difficulty.

V Type Rings

Heavy load-bearing rings with vee guide wheels are an excellent option for solving many of the problems associated with slewing bearings.

They can meet the weight and durability requirements in heavy load applications.

Heavy-duty vee type rings are rack and pinion types offering significant load capacities on both inner and outer diameters.

On the other hand, the advanced features of this type of ring technology offer unmatched benefits to excavator slewing rings.


14.      What do you mean by excavator slewing ring friction?


Excavator slewing ring friction is essential to consider while choosing the correct slewing ring for the excavators.

Excavator Slewing Ring Friction is the amount of force needed to turn the slewing ring.


It includes static frictional resistances, input friction, and input tractive force. Friction and pressure are caused by load on the bearings.

Excavator slewing ring excess friction is one of the main reasons for poor performance in excavators.

When there is excess excavator slewing ring friction, the excavator’s moving parts are not lubricated properly, which will lead to poor performance.

There is always an optimum level of friction is required for better performance of excavator slewing ring.


15.        What are the materials used in the excavator slewing ring?


Several materials are used in the manufacturing of an excavator slewing ring. Each material has its features and intended functions.

The materials used in the construction of rings include Steel, Chromium, Molybdenum, Manganese.


Rollers are specifically made up of chromium steel.

For the manufacturing of Seals following materials or materials having similar characteristics are used iron, NBR or felt, etc.

In designing the excavator, slewing ring material for each part is selected carefully depending upon the conditions it faces.


16.      What do the internal and external gear of the excavator slewing ring mean?


There are two forms of excavator slewing ring: internal and external gear.

The internal gear is extended to the upper slewing ring, and the external equipment is developed to the lower slewing ring.

External gear slewing ring

The most common material used for the gear is chrome steel.

Internal slewing ring offers several merits of sound noise dampening, abrasion resistance, ability to endure high-cycle stress, high torsional strength, and stiffness.

Internal gear slewing ring

In addition, an internal slewing ring has low manufacturing cost and high maximum speed than an external slewing ring.

The appropriate type is determined by the operating conditions, including loading conditions, speeds, and temperature range.


17.      Can I replace the excavator slewing ring?


Yes, you can replace the excavator slewing ring.

There are factors like load capacity, speed, temperature, and stiffness requirements to be considered during replacement.


After appropriate selection, you must carry a tool kit and replace the excavator slewing ring by following guidelines from a manual if you are not a professional.

First, to take out the faulty slewing ring. You can also replace some defective parts instead of returning a whole excavator slewing ring.

Replacing the defective excavator slewing ring will help you run your excavator slewing ring more efficiently and accurately for a comparatively more extended period.


18.      What do you mean by excavator slewing ring torque?


An excavator slewing ring is a device that transfers torque from one point to another. It is used for a variety of purposes.

The most common application is to transmit torque from one point to another located at a different distance, such as an engine to a drive shaft or an axle to a wheel.


While in operation, the excavator slewing ring rotation creates radial torque.

The action of meshing the gear’s teeth with the grooves of a screw occurs when you align the screw’s teeth with the gear’s tracks.


19.      Can I repair my excavator slewing ring?


Yes, you can repair the slewing ring and reinstall it into your excavator.

You have to disassemble it and examine the damage to determine if it is repairable or not.


If you can see damage on the slewing ring shaft, replace the slewing ring seal with a new one and locate the mounting hole of the slewing ring bearing that needs to be repaired.

Similarly, you can replace the rollers and rings of an excavator slewing ring.

Then choose your replacement excavator slewing ring bearing according to its size, stiffness, and range of temperature.


20.      What do you mean by the design of the excavator slewing ring?


The main design factors for designing slewing rings are bearing load capability, maximum speed, and axial clearances.

The main structure of slewing ring includes housing, bearings, rolling elements, and other components.

Design of Slewing Ring

It is challenging to estimate the total amount of space for two kinds of bearing for two axes.

However, space is generally about 1.6 times higher than the housing size.

Excavator slewing ring is a crucial component to make the body of an excavator move freely and continuously in a given direction with high axial load capability.


21.      What is the maintenance requirement of the excavator slewing ring?


Though slewing ring bearings do not require as much maintenance as a ball or roller bearings, they are often prone to damage due to insufficient or incorrect lubrication.

It is essential to grease the rings of slewing bearings during the pre-mount phase of assembly.

Lubricate bearings regularly, to maximize their service life and performance.


In terms of lubrication, it is important to periodically check the oil and make sure there are no contaminants.

A major problem with older tractors is that the bearings wear out. It is important to replace a worn-out bearing as soon as possible to ensure smooth operation and prevent breakdowns.


The load on your slewing ring bearing will be uneven as it is mounted on an uneven surface. It is important to replace a worn-out bearing as soon as possible to ensure smooth operation and prevent breakdowns.

This can lead to localized wear and tear, which can reduce the bearing’s life.

To ensure that bearings can run efficiently, avoid using rotating tools on an uneven surface.


22.      Can I import an excavator slewing ring from China?


Yes, you can import an excavator slewing ring from china.

Chinese manufacturers of excavator slewing rings provide you with high-quality material at a low price than other manufacturers in the market.

Chinese manufacturers provide custom-made slewing rings, which means you can place an order just according to your needs and specifications.


You can order in any diameter, material, and roller size, etc.

The thing you need to do is place your contact details and deliver them directly to your doorstep.


23.      What is the power of the excavator slewing ring?


Capacity or power is often listed as a static rating.

Usually, large-diameter scope rings are meant for applications that involve slewing and responsible for heavy-duty loads.

The most important consideration when selecting a ring is its static capacity.


Catalog thrust capacity is the maximum amount of material that can be pushed through a machine at any given time.

The number listed is the maximum amount of material that a machine could process in the shortest time possible.

Catalog thrust capacity doesn’t account for redial reading and moments.


24.      What is the lifetime of an excavator slewing ring?


The excavator slewing ring has a service life that depends upon wearing conditions, such as temperature, humidity, load, and mesh conditions.

The average service life is over five years, but the lifetime may be shorter under exceptional conditions.

The slewing ring is generally more worn out than other parts in the excavator due to the high speed of the revolving part and the high load of the bearings.


25.      What do you mean by Excavator slewing ring drives?


A gearbox is a mechanical device that transfers energy from one point to another.

It can transmit torque from a rotating shaft to a moving axle or transmit torque through a rotating shaft to an axle.

The excavator slewing ring located at the heart of this drive enables it to cope with higher loads and provide exceptional durability.

Excavator Slewing ring drives are found in many applications which require a high level of precision and durability.

Used in construction, manufacturing, military, healthcare, and many other industries, etc.

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