Excavator Swing Drives Supplier

Taking the brunt of any damage, our swing drives are essential for excavators working for logging, mining, construction projects, and more complicated conditions. As a result, the industry is looking for durable motors that can last longer under severe conditions. KS can manage this through a supply chain network of experienced factories. With our large stock of excavator swing drives, your fast turnaround can rely on our timely supply of excavator parts fitting to various excavators’ makes and models. Buy from us today.


Depending on the excavator parts models you’re looking for, we supply the appropriate swing drive assembly at affordable prices and with OEM quality.


KS swing motors are manufactured and tested to meet the unique performance requirements of famous excavator models they are used in.


Possessing high strength pinion and heavy-duty bearing. Supplied from reliable partners that can accommodate most brands.


Necessary components to make your swing drive operate better. Can be retrieved from parts searching system to secure compatibility.

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