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Xugong KS provides you the best quality excavator swing drive. Xugong Has been the major supplier of excavator swing drives for top brands excavators and models. Xugong KS also carries excavator swing drive components and internal parts such as swing gears, swing gearbox, swing pinions, planetary gear, ring gears, swing housing, and planetary carriers, etc.

Xugong KS swing drives Covering major brands excavator such as KOMATSU, CAT, KOBELCO, HITACHI, HYUNDAI, SANY, VOLVO, etc. With a wide Xugong KS database, such as Komatsu link, CAT link, Volvo Link, Jcb Link, we can offer you a quote immediately by part no and model no. All our excavator swing drives are suitable for 10 -70 tons’ excavator applications. Other related excavator final drive parts, like travel motor, travel device, travel gearbox are all available here at Xugong KS. Get a quote now!

excavator slew motor cover 1

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XuGong KS Excavator Swing Drive Factory Overview

Finding The Right Excavator Swing Drive Supplier? 

The excavator swing drive provides rotation for an excavator. It is prone to wear and tear because of its heavy use. An indication that your excavator swing drive problems are a slow movement of an excavator. Finding the right replacement for your excavator swing drive is necessary for your assurance.

Xugong KS offers the most durable excavator swing drive in the market. You can widely choose for a new, OEM, or aftermarket replacement excavator swing drive. The excavator swing drive parts number is needed for a quick offer. With over 500 in-stock excavator swing drives, we can deliver your order quickly to prevent your excavator’s long downtime. For over 12 years, Xugong KS has been the number 1 supplier for excavator swing drives in China. Due to its reliability, durability, quality assurance, and professional customer service. Call us for your needed excavator swing drive and parts now, our team is 24/7 available to assist you.

Excavator Swing Drive – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

An excavator swing drive FAQ Guide consists of series of frequently asked questions about swing drives.

This guide contains information about an excavator swing drive, its cost, oil change, leak problems, advantages of its use, working, maintenance, and much more.

This guide provides instructions and information that you want to know about excavator swing drives, whether you are an expert or beginner.


1.    What is an excavator swing drive?

An excavator swing drive is an essential part of an excavator and increases the torque yield or monitors the RPM or speed of an excavator swing motor.

The excavator swing drives shaft is attached to the side of the excavator swing drive.

It provides both forces of rotation and speed (revolution per minute).

An excavator swing drive makes the excavators rotate around their axis with relatively less force.

An excavator swing drive consists of gears that give power to the excavator engine.

Excavator Swing Drive

2.    What are the applications of the excavator swing drive?

Excavator swing drives are typically used for applications that require 180-degree or 360-degree rotation.

Excavator swing drives are best for use in cranes and excavators of different shapes and sizes.

They are also used in excavators and cranes used onshore or offshore where accurate positioning is needed and rotation is required, especially if torque and high acceleration are needed.

They are used in many industries.

3.    How can you change the oil of your excavator swing drive?

Any employee needs the ability to change an excavator drive oil on an excavator properly.

Changing your excavator’s drive oil is easy and can be completed in as little as five minutes with essential tools.

To change oil, follow these steps:

  • Drain the oil in the container by removing plug A mounted on the drainpipe end.
  • After this, waste that oil as it is no more helpful.
  • Then reinstall the plug on the drainpipe end.
  • Add oil by removing the filter cap.
  • After adding oil, install the filter cap.
  • Now check the level of oil through a dipstick to ensure a sufficient level of oil.

Changing the oil

4.    How much is the oil capacity of the excavator swing drive?

The oil capacity of excavator swing drives is usually 12-15 liters.

But it is different for different excavator types and depends on their applications and the manufacturer.

The amount of oil that can be put in an excavator swing motor depends entirely on the size of the unit.

Most models use between 1/2 and 1 gallon per hour, but it varies from brand to brand.

Hy-Trans oil is most used in excavator swing drives because of its large number of benefits.

It is cheap and widely available in the market.

It provides smooth running of excavators.

5.    How does an excavator swing drive work?

The hydraulic excavator swing drive consists of a large pinion that turns the hydraulic pump via a single reduction planetary gear and a bearing or slewing ring.

Most excavators have a single reduction planetary gear set up.

The direction of gears can change depending on what’s facing or how they are oriented.

An excavator swing drive is the excavator’s power source.

A swing drive increases the power of an excavator.

As a result, the excavator can rotate around its axis with little to no force.

The torque provided by the excavator swing drive depends on the gear ratio.

Torque is directly proportional to gear ratio and inversely proportional to speed.

So, more gear ratio means more torque but with less speed.

Working of excavator swing drive

6.    Can excavator swing drive subject to wear and tear?

Excavator swings are designed to provide years of reliable service. However, excavator swing drives wear out over time, even when used for everyday purposes.

It is not difficult to check if your excavator swing drive is subjected to wear and tear or not.

When the gears eventually wear out, the play between the gears will become noticeable.

If the bearings and gears of the excavator swing drive can be moved easily by hand, they need to be replaced.

Ideally, everything should be in harmony with one another.

At this time, you should consider replacing or repairing your excavator swing drive.

Wear and tear

7.    Can oil release from excavator swing drive be harmful?

Within the excavator swing drive, oil is present in the highly pressurized form.

Pressure is created in the excavator so that oil play’s role in maintaining the smooth operation of the excavator swing drive.

It is essential to be aware of the pressure buildup in this area. So, when you are draining the oil to change, be careful because if high pressurized oil releases suddenly, it can be extremely harmful.

It can damage your skin, particularly of hands and face.

Do not remove the vent plug but slowly lose the vent plug and remove the oil slowly.

Oil release

8.    What is the position of the excavator swing drive in an excavator?

Slightly below the excavator swing motor, there is a swing gear reduction unit.

Swing gear reduction unit is referred to as excavator swing drive or excavator swing gearbox.

The sprocket connects the upper structure to the slewing ring and rotates the upper system around its axis.

Position of excavator swing drive

9.     Why did the excavator swing drive fail?

Significant causes of failure of excavator swing drive are following:

The first cause resulting in losses of many excavator swing drives is that you are not adequately lubricating your excavator swing drive.

Without sufficient lubrication, the drive shaft of your excavator starts to wear, and it becomes difficult for the excavator to work correctly.

You are not providing sufficient oil to your excavator swing drive, and due to this, your excavator swing drive stops working.

The second cause is that your excavator swing drive may have become contaminated.

You may have used dirty oil to enter the excavator swing drive, which blocks its normal working.

The contamination could have come from a blockage in the oil tank, which prevents the oil from flowing to its regular working place.

Contamination of oil particles is also a significant cause of damage to the excavator’s internal workings.

The third cause for a malfunctioning excavator swing drive is that it has not been correctly installed.

If it is not installed correctly, the excavator swing drive will eventually stop working.

This can be prevented by making sure the excavator swing drive is aligned correctly.

The fourth cause is that you are overloading your excavator and exceeding the loading limit of your excavator swing drive.

Inadequate bearing load sharing and improper bearing setup can cause severe damage to your excavator swing drive.

The drive’s reputation for a high failure rate is partly due to the challenging engineering problems of assessing the non-torsional loads passing through the swing drive.

These include stresses resulting from permanent bending in gears and bearings and backlash between the input shaft and the output shaft.

Excavator swing drive failure

10.    What material is used in manufacturing an excavator swing drive?

The material used in the manufacturing of excavator swing drive depends on many factors such as manufacturer, for what purpose it will be used, its different types, etc.

However, whichever material they use, they ensure that excavator swing drive material is durable, and it extends the quality of swing drive and so the lifetime.

Different materials have different benefits to be used in manufacturing.

One of the most critical factors in determining whether a particular material is suitable is cost. There are many considerations involved when deciding whether to use one material or another.

Most manufacturers use steel materials for the manufacturing of excavator swing drives.

Steel provides quality, but it has certain disadvantages such as they wear out soon, make noise, etc.

Others may use brass, bronze, aluminum, and plastic for manufacturing swing drives.

These materials when users have a benefit over steel materials that they do not make noise.

Plastic-made swing drives are easy to clean.

11.    How can you check if your excavator swing drive is faulty?

When your excavator swing drive is faulty, it will give sure signs and symptoms, which will help you believe that your excavator swing drive is defective.

The first sign is the noise, and if you are listening to any noises from your excavator swing drives while working, it is a sign that your excavator swing drive is faulty.

You will notice noises like chattering, shaking, and whirring.

A second sign is the smell of burning oil.

If you notice any smell of burning, it is undoubtedly the smell of burning oil in your excavator swing drive.

A third sign is that your excavator swing drive is not working fine if you have difficulty engaging gears.

If you are using an excavator swing drive for a long time and start feeling a change, you should go to a technician.

12.    Can you work with a faulty excavator swing drive?

You can work with a faulty excavator swing drive but not for too long.

Because your excavator swing drive will soon become fully damaged, and you must replace it wholly as it cannot be repaired then. Its reliability and performance will be compromised, and you will lose the ability to do your job safely and efficiently.

The excavator swing drive will not work smoothly, and there will be many noises while working.

So, it is better not to work with a faulty excavator swing drive.

Repair it because if not, you will ultimately have to replace it and pay more.

13.    What are the signs that your excavator swing drive is leaking?

The following three signs will help you to find if your excavator swing drive is leaking or not:

Firstly, the swing drive of an excavator is designed to have a better oil distribution system. If oil leaks from your excavator swing drive, it will be visible under your excavator swing drive.

Secondly, if your excavator swing drive overheats while working, it’s another sign that your swing drive has low oil; that is, the oil is leaking.

Thirdly, if you find it difficult to change gears, it is a sign that your excavator swing drive is leaking.

If you notice any of the above signs, check your excavator swing drive, repair it, or apply an oil stop leak.

14.    How to stop the oil leak of the excavator swing drive?

An oil leak causes a lot of damage to your excavator swing drive if you continue working while the oil is leaking.

Therefore, you must find some way to stop leaking oil from the excavator swing drive.

An oil leak can cause an excavator’s swing drive to seize, which means that you’ll be unable to use the excavator at all.

The best way to stop this is to apply a leak sealant which is the easiest and cheapest way to fix the problem.

The following steps will help you to apply an oil leak sealer:

  • The first step is filtering cap removal and determine how much oil is leaking.
  • Add enough oil so that the oil leak can stop, and remember, do not add excessive oil.
  • After adding oil, reinstall the filter cap.

15.    Why is the oil leaking from your excavator swing drive?

Two leading causes lead to oil leakage from your excavator swing drive.

The first cause is the presence of more than sufficient oil in your excavator swing drive.

It will lead to oil leaking till its oil in the swing drive becomes sufficient.

While adding oil, you must keep a balance.

Add a sufficient level of oil.

Sometimes air gets rushed in your excavator swing drive.

This results in choking your excavator swing drive.

Both these will lead to the leaking of oil.

Excavator swing drive oil leak

16.    What should be the lifetime of an excavator swing drive?

A lifetime of your excavator swing drive depends on how you are using it and if you are taking proper measures for its smooth and reasonable working.

It also depends on the material employed in its manufacturing.

Usually, the lifetime of excavator swing drive is only 100,000 miles, after which it must be replaced.

But this is due to poor maintenance and rough use.

With routine service and maintenance, its life can be extended to 300,000 miles or even more.

17.    What is the best material for the excavator swing drive?

Each material has some advantages and disadvantages.

The material should be selected based on the purpose the swing drive will be used for.

Most manufacturers use cast iron when toughness, machinability, and resistance to wear are needed. This material is also strong, making it ideal for companies that need high durability and strength.

Steel materials are used because of their high strength.

Plastic materials are used because they do not make noise and they are easy to clean. In addition, it is strong, heat resistant, and safe to handle.

The material also depends on customers’ preferences.

18.    Can you replace your excavator swing drive?

Yes, you can replace your excavator swing drive.

But you must see first if your excavator swing drive can be repaired because it will cost less.

Timely replacement will help you pay less because if you don’t replace it, it will interfere with other parts of your excavator and will cause a lot of damage.

While replacing the excavator swing drive, some people replace only one part, which creates problems for them in the future.

Because replacing just one part is not helpful for a long time as it will soon be damaged again.

So, it is recommended to replace the whole excavator swing drive rather than replacing one part.

19.    Why is your excavator swing drive making noise?

Small holes and pits develop in gears and gear teeth when using your excavator swing drive for heavy purposes or using your swing drive excessively.

In the beginning, these are smaller in number and size, but after some time, these start spreading, and many problems arise from them.

These imperfections cause noise from your excavator swing drive.

Also, if your excavator swing drive is made of steel material, it will make noise.

These two are reasons for noise coming from your excavator swing drive.

Use excavator swing drive manufactured from material other than steel for saving from noise issues.

Also, do not use excavator swing drive excessively.

20. What are the main reasons for using an excavator swing drive?

The excavator swing drive is used for controlling the speed of the excavator.

It may increase or decrease the speed depending on the control.

It provides a moment of force necessary for the rotation of the upper structure of the excavator.

It decreases or increases the revolution per minute of the excavator.

Rotation depends on speed and varies inversely with it.

Without excavator swing drive, the upper structure of an excavator cannot rotate, so it cannot perform its functions.

21.    How can you select an appropriate excavator swing drive?

Before buying an excavator swing drive, you should first make sure that it fits the scope of work.

It would help if you considered the following factors before selecting an excavator swing drive:

You should check the gear ratio, how much torque it will produce, speed, and gear arrangement before selecting an excavator swing drive.

Gear ratio, which compares teeth numbers on two gears.

It is a critical measurement used to determine the size of gear wheels.

To determine the number of teeth in gear, divide the number of teeth by the circumference.

That gives you the gear ratio, which calculates how many revolutions per minute the wheel will make.

Excavator swing drive gear ratio

The torque provided by the excavator swing drive is the most critical factor.

It is a measure of the power that is produced by a machine. It is proportional to gear ratio and speed, which is proportional to gear ratio.

The arrangement of gears determines the maximum productivity, which is higher for fewer gears.

The speed, which is revolution per minute, is another factor that is proportional to the gear ratio.

The last factor is an arrangement of gears which provides maximum productivity ensuring little effort from workers.

Excavator swing drive gear arrangement

22.    What are the drawbacks of using an excavator swing drive?

It would help if you also considered the following disadvantages while opting for excavator swing drive:

  • It has a disadvantage that lubrication is required after every 200 hours of operation.
  • Without lubrication, you cannot perform your task smoothly and efficiently.
  • Steel-made excavator swing drives give excessive noise.
  • This system costs more than other drive systems.
  • Improved quality leads to cost more.

23.    What are the advantages of using an excavator swing drive?

Following are some advantages of excavator swing drive:

  • Provides more rotation.
  • Lowering of speed.
  • Resolution is higher than other systems.
  • Loading capacity is increased.
  • Damping characteristics are increased.

24.    What is the cost of the excavator swing motor drive?

The cost of an excavator swing drive is different for different types, sizes, and models.

Many different factors in play affect the price, including the number of gears, the torque, and the speed at which the machine is used.

Generally, the cost varies between 500 – 600 dollars.

The cost also depends on backlash values.

Excavator swing drives with more backlash values have a lower price than excavator swing drives with fewer backlash values.

25.    What must include the design specifications of the excavator swing drive?

Design specifications give details about the product’s design, estimated lifetime, the material employed in its manufacturing, cost, etc.

For excavator swing drives, design specifications include the following:

  • Estimated lifetime.
  • Its cost.
  • Loading capacity.
  • Summary of design information.
  • Drawing of concept layout.

These design specifications must be provided to the customer.

26.    What are the design requirements of an excavator swing drive?

Following are the design requirements for excavator swing drive:

  • Envelope requirements.
  • Size requirements.
  • Limitations to weight.
  • Requirements for design verification if applicable.
  • Dimensions of input and output.
  • Probability
  • Gear ratio.
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