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excavator swing gear

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Excavator Swing Gear – The Definitive FAQ Guide

Excavator swing gear FAQ Guide is a source of useful information created to provide you familiarity with Excavator Swing Gear.

This guide contains useful information about swing gear, cost, types, applications, benefits, lifetime, maintenance requirements.

This guide contains a lot of practical information about excavator swing gear which helps you understanding either you are a professional or a newbie in this field.

1.    What is an excavator swing gear?

An excavator swing gear is a worm and double helical thread combination that enables an excavator to move laterally while still rotating along its axis.

This reduces jerking when moving the machine because it can pivot while traveling.

Excavator Swing Gear

But there are two main parts of an excavator, the turret (head) and the boom (arm).

Swinging is defined as using the boom to move laterally or away from the machine’s centerline, and pivoting is defined as using the crack to move the body around in a horizontal circle.

It is a complex assortment of lines, shafts, gears, and bolts connected through various means and mechanisms.

The actual purpose of an excavator swing gear is to carry and move specific parts of an excavator that allow for better movement of its bucket and prepare the overburden.

2.    How to grease your excavator swing gear?

The way to grease your Excavator Swing Gear is as follows:

Excavator swing gear is usually supplied with a grease fitting to lubricate the whole system.

Grease Excavator Swing Gear

This fitting is usually not accessible when the excavator is being used in the field.

Before you pump the grease into the gearbox, remove the top cap from fitting and let it stand in a well-ventilated area for 15 minutes.

Now you can begin to pump in some lubricant.

Based on experience, for excavator swing gears with grease inlet specification standard (MMO/ISO), you should fill the inlet hole with a drop or two greases every ten operating hours.

3.    What are the problems associated with excavator swing gear?

The most common problems with excavator swing gear are as follows:

  • Excavator swing gear is prone to wear and tear over time, making you spend more money on replacement products.
  • The biggest problem with this is the loss of speed in swinging, resulting in inefficient slow-moving booms.
  • The swing gear is destroyed because of the cage overload and the acting force;
  • Due to damaged swing gear, the pinion gear may suffer from cracked or broken teeth’s;
  • The supporting roller is broken or worn out because of improper adjustment of the clutch clearance.
  • Maintenance is not cheap but also difficult to do because of access restrictions.

4.    How to change the oil of an excavator swing gear?

The lubrication of the swing gear of an excavator in operation is the main factor affecting its service life. Here is the procedure to change the oil in your excavator swing gear.

  • There are two plugs. One is a drainer plug, and the other is a filler plug.
  • Before changing the oil of your excavator swing gear, switch off the engine.
  • Now remove the drainer plug and drain off the old used oil.
  • Once all the oil is drained, put back the drainer plugin its position.
  • Remove the Filler plug, take your oil bottle and empty all the oil inside it into the filler plug.
  • Now close the filler back.
  • Finally, do the test run for effective oil accumulation.

5.    How does an excavator swing gear work?

The working of the excavator swing gear is described below:

It takes the power of the engine. Its construction is to transfer and redirect the power of the motor to make a rotational motion.

The excavator swing gearbox consists of the worm gear and pinion gear, kept in a sealed cage.

The drive motor rotates the worm gear to get the lower rotational speed to make the shaft move forward or backward.

But the pinion gear is connected with the swing axle and the swing bearing or other similar components, and thus the pinion gear begins to rotate with higher speed.

Besides that, the second set of smaller and slower rotating gears that power the counter-rotating shafts used for extra strength can be fixed to swing axles in multiple ways.

6.    What are the applications of an excavator swing gear?

There are various applications of excavator swing gear. Some of the applications of excavator swing gear are listed below:

  • Excavator Swing Gear is used in excavators. It is used to transfer the power of the engine to the main machine through a swing drive.
  • Excavator swing gear is used in most cranes, forestry machines, bulldozers, loaders, and similar heavy equipment.
  • Excavator swing gears assist the excavator in digging, lifting, and materials handling.
  • The construction industry is one field that employs mechanisms that rely on these gears. Excavator swing gears are used as the power transmission and motion in the whole process of work.

7.    What is the price of an excavator swing gear?

The price of an excavator swing gear varies depending upon several factors.

These factors include material used in manufacturing, number of teeth, surface finish, size of the swing gear, machine model, and brand.

The brand could affect the price because each manufacture offers different qualities and warranties.

In general, the cost of the swing ring gear lies in the range of $20.0 to $100.0 per piece.

The price of excavator swing gear with gearbox reducer varies from $250.0 to $300.0 per piece.

The high-quality material used in manufacturing increases the total associated cost and has a longer life span than cheap excavator swing gears.

8.    What materials are used in making excavator swing gear?

Steel and stainless steel are the most common materials in the industry that are used in the manufacturing of excavator swing gears.

There are also some gears in the swing gearbox made of antirust cast iron with a grey color.

Different excavator swing gear has other materials, and there are Carbon steel plate, carbon hot rolled steel plate, low-temperature steel plate (below 400 degrees).

In addition, boron steel plate, wear-resistant steel plate, and others; non-metallic raw materials include non-metal composite material.

Each material has different features and applications, and special characteristics make it stand out in rough and harsh working conditions.

9.    What are the benefits of excavator swing gear?

There are many benefits associated with excavator swing gear. Some of the services are listed below:

In addition, it also absorbs the impact generated during work, such as wheel jams, controls the direction of movement, and maintains balance.

Excavator swing gear is used to protect main assembly part components from damage, reduce the size of excavator equipment, make it lighter in structure, improve its efficiency and reliability.

A variety of excavator swing gear at the same time lets you avoid axial deviation.

Excavator swing gear pinion gears assist excavator drivers in controlling the model of the excavator and keeping it in control over variable and unstable sound conditions.

10.      What are the types of excavator swing gear?

There are various types of excavator swing gear drives in the market, depending upon their usage.

These types are listed below:

Concentric Swing Gear Drive:

A gear drive is a mechanical device that converts rotational motion into linear motion or reciprocates an input shaft to an output shaft.

It is one of the simplest of all mechanical machines.

It is often used in conjunction with other mechanisms, such as a clutch, to transmit power from one point to another.

Parallel Swing Gear Drive:

A parallel swing gear drive is a type of gear in which two or more swing gears are arranged parallel.

It is usually used when the gear ratio required does not require that the gears be wound in opposite directions.

A parallel gear drive uses similar gears to provide a greater overall gear ratio than possible by using individual gears.

Perpendicular Swing Gear Drive:

A right-angle swing gear drive is a type of swing gear with a 90-degree relationship between the two gears.

These drives are commonly used in conveyor systems, where the fast-moving belt or chain is attached to the shaft of the gear, and a slow-moving shaft is attached to the driven gear.

11.      What is the maintenance requirement of an excavator swing gear?

It may be damaged by various factors such as friction, impact, or hard work in daily operation.

Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that the main machine works normally.

  • The maintenance of an excavator swing gear is different from the standard chain transmission in that it must be regularly lubricated, and the oil seal has to be changed.
  • The swing gearbox must be regularly checked for signs of wear so that any problems can be found early and solved on time.
  • To check whether there is dirt in the swing gear, ensure that the swing gear’s sealing performance remains good.

If a swing gear is not properly maintained, it will fail prematurely and cause additional components to fail.

12.      What are the parts of an excavator swing gear?

The excavator’s swing gear comprises several parts, including a pinion wheel, main wheel (also known as hatch wheel), bearing, seal, and lever.

Excavator swing gear consists of a housing that houses many components that rotate on one common axis.

Excavator Swing Gear Parts

Additional components include the drive motor and pump that are mounted on the excavator’s frame, a gear reducer that is bolted to the hydraulic motor’s crankshaft, eccentric gears that are attached to the ends of the swing axles with pivots, drive loads, and driven gears, pinion gears, sun gears, pins, rolling bearings and seal assemblies that keep out foreign contaminants.

13.      How to replace an excavator swing gear?

Replacement is required when the excavator swing gear is not working properly or is damaged.

Excavator Swing Gear Replaced

The replacement of an excavator swing gear is carried out through the following procedure.

  • First, you need to take a tool kit with all the necessary tools to disassemble your excavator swing gear.
  • Remove all the bolts that are connecting the upper carriage of your excavator to your lower carriage.
  • Lift the upper carriage after detaching so that you can easily remove the lower carriage.
  • Now slightly remove the lower carriage with the help of an excavator by pulling it from underneath.
  • Remove all the bolts from the lower carriage to remove the excavator swing gear lying underneath inside the housing.

14.      What is the role of bearing in excavator swing gear?

Swing bearing is installed in excavator swing mainframe to support rotation and radial movement.

Swing bearing aids in an excavator swing gear motion by reducing friction to below the optimum level.

The bearing in excavator swing gear provides power transmission, sealing, support & damping, and keeping a stable structure.

The bearing is an important part of excavator swing gear.

It provides a path through which the driveshaft of the reducer may rotate without additional relative movement between itself and the surrounding equipment.

There are many types of bearings in the excavator swing gearbox, such as needle roller bearing, spherical plain bearing, angular contact ball bearing, knife-edge ball bearing.

15.      Which type of oil should I use for excavator swing gear?

It depends on the temperature of the swing gearbox and how long it works using that type of oil. If the weather is high, the oil should be changed more often.

Most excavator manufacturers use lubricants with a high-temperature resistance to grease these gears.

Excavator Swing Gear Oil Type

It is very important to regularly check the oil level and lubricate the excavator swing gear with high-performance mineral-based Hytrans 80 – 90 oil.

This type of oil is thinner and can withstand higher loading conditions.

This oil has excellent oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures and greater wear protection capabilities.

The most commonly used lubricant is lithium-based grease or lithium soap-based grease that remains solid at wide temperature ranges.

16.      Do the number of teeth on excavator swing gear affects excavator performance?

The number of teeth on excavator swing gear does affect the performance of an excavator.

The fewer the teeth on swing gear, the less force it can deliver to a machine onto which it is mounted.

This is because it requires more engine power to rotate with more teeth on the gears.

The function of the teeth on the excavator swing gear is to change speed and decrease torque.

The smaller excavator swing gear supplies less power to the excavator, while the larger excavator has excavator swing gear with a greater number of teeth embedded.

A study on full-sized cable excavators reveals that the ratio between rotation speed and fuel consumption was higher with lower tooth numbers or larger diameters, and this ratio decreased significantly in high-speed modes with higher tooth numbers.

17.      What are the signs that my excavator swing gear is failing?

Here are some of the signs that your excavator swing gear is nearing the end of its service life and needs replacement:

Excavator Swing Gear Failure

  • If a machine is exhibiting vibration that is above normal or beyond the operating limits.
  • Misalignment between swing gear and its box mountings.
  • Visible oil leakage from the swing gear pinion bearing or seal.
  • If you feel resistance when turning, this is an indication that the gears are overloading and overheating.
  • When your excavator is not reaching its maximum speed.

All of these can be signs of an impending failure that will lead to costly repair bills.

A slow fail can also lead to extensive damage to other parts of the machine, such as the swing motor and other gears.

18.      What is the lifetime of excavator swing gear?

The lifetime of excavator swing gear is directly related to the environmental and working conditions.

Lifetime is also affected by the type & frequency of load fluctuations, type of mechanical wear, temperature, humidity, auxiliary machinery on the machine, whether it operates normally or at overloads constantly, and the quality of regular maintenance services.

The lifetime of an excavator swing gear usually ranges from 2 to 3 years but can be extended by following proper maintenance requirements.

The lifetime of your excavator swing gear also varies depending on the type of material used in manufacturing.

19.      What do you mean by excavator swing gear seals?

Excavator swing gear seals are used in most modern excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, and many other types of construction equipment.

The seals protect from dust and moisture for the wide spectrum of users that these products serve.

Excavator swing gear seals include steel valves and lubrication or sealing bushings for small or large pins.

The excavator swing gear seal is used to prevent leakage when operating.

It drives the taper roller bearing within the power transmission box through the pinion gears and crosshead.

It uses a hydraulic pressure system to apply pressure evenly across its surface, which lubricates the unit.

20.      Why import excavator swing gear from china?

Yes, you can import excavator swing gear from china.

The thing you need to do is to find out an affordable and reliable supplier.

Chinese manufacturers of excavator swing gears provide you with high-quality material at a low price than other manufacturers in the market.

Chinese manufacturers provide custom-made swing gears, which means you can place an order just according to your needs and specifications.

You can order in any diameter, material, number of teeth, and shape, etc.

The thing you need to do is place your contact details and deliver them directly to your doorstep.

21.      What teeth shapes are employed in excavator swing gears?

There is no single tooth shape for swing gears. Instead, the requirements of the machine determine the tooth shapes for the particular swing gear.

The teeth shapes for swing gears of the excavator are compound arc, involute, and spline, partial helical and straight.

The teeth shapes are widely used in the swing gearbox gear with various stages and pinion gears with different numbers of racks.

Different teeth shapes have varying gripping strength and have specific features and applications.

Various shapes of teeth can be created.

Generally, this is due to the size of the excavator being used, the maximum torque the excavator can produce, and the amount of power transmitted through the gearbox.

The optimum tooth shape is subjected to the construction conditions and environmental conditions that occur.

22.      What is the role of the teeth in excavator swing gear?

Teeth play a crucial role in excavator swing gear because they are the only structures used to transfer load from worm wheel to pinion gears and then boom.

Without teeth, there will be no grip between worm wheel and pinion gears, and hence achievement of safe boom lifting at higher efficiency is not possible.

The teeth on the swing gear have a series of concentric grooves that help absorb shock loads that occur when moving heavy backhoe buckets or digging into hard-packed earth.

23.      What are the specifications of excavator swing gear?

The specifications of an excavator swing gear are listed in the table below:

Sr. No. Feature Unit Specification
1 Gear ratio N/ A 19.46
2 Output torque N – m 2453
3 Maximum speed Rpm 100
4 Displacement cc/ rev 31.5
5 Brake torque N – m 137
6 Maximum pressure MPa 24

24.      Can I get an excavator swing gear on sale?

Yes, you can get excavator swing gear on sale.

There are different types of sales including – season sales, off-season sales, and mid-season sales.

Different excavator swing gear manufacturers provide sales on special occasions, including local holidays or national or religious events.

Purchasing from these manufacturers who provide excavator swing gear on sale will help you save many costs associated with off-sale days.

You can get excavators on sale from online or offline manufacturers.

It is a good choice to choose offline stores to buy excavator swing gear as you can physically visit to assess the quality and purchase and option existing to replace when not satisfied.

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