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  • Dustproof and Waterproof
  • Shock- and Vibration-Resistant
  • Excellent Protection Against Corrosion
  • Excellent Logistics and Packaging
  • OEM and ISO Certified

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  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
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Excavator Work Lights 4 Inch

Round excavator work lights 4 Inch 27W LED. Secure packaging.

Excavator Work Lights for JCB

Designed for your JCB excavators. Secure and fast shipping.

Excavator Work Lights 12W

Perfectly designed for extreme conditions during your jobsite.

Excavator Work Lights Square 7 Inch

13,000lm square inch excavator work lights. Fast delivery available.   

Excavator Work Lights 60W LED 24V

High-quality excavator work lights for night duties. OEM and ISO certified.

Excavator Work Lights Semi-Round

12V24V 4.5 35W flood work light with long-wear life. Safe arrival.

Excavator Work Lights for CAT

4-25W 12-24V for your CAT excavators. OEM and ISO certified world-class.

Excavator Work Lights 6.5 Inch

High lumen excavator work light 100W LED with IP68 and shockproof.

Excavator Work Lights for Volvo

Suitable for your Volvo work lights replacements. Durable and well-made.

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Your excavator prepares your land for the coming construction. There are times your crew will have to work late nights. Xugong KS excavator work lights make your daily construction tasks easier, safer and more efficient.

Xugong KS excavator work lights are suitable for mounting or installing on all excavators. Our excavator work lights are all dustproof, waterproof, temperature- and weather-resistant, and have extraordinarily long lifetime.

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Xugong KS Excavator Work Lights Manufacturer Overview

Work with Xugong KS Excavator Work Lights Day-In Day-Out

Xugong KS excavator work lights ensure you can keep your activities up and running for as long as possible. Upgrading to Xugong KS excavator work lights is one of the smartest and most cost-effective investments you can make.

Xugong KS excavator work lights are designed to provide you with the best possible vision and clarity from your excavator. Years of testing and developing have led Xugong KS to the point we are comfortable in calling our excavator work lights the best in China.


Minimal Design and Smart Optics

When you operate an excavator, the worksite is not only in front of you but all around. The light distribution of Xugong KS excavator work lights eliminates sharp contrasts between dark and bright. This gives you a more comfortable working environment with less eye strain.

Most of our excavator work lights are made to ease the color temperature of around 5,000 Kelvin. This is ideal for working outdoors. Xugong KS excavator work lights is bright enough to keep your energized yet warm enough to avoid eye strain. Get a quote now!


Bright Solutions from Xugong KS Excavator Work Lights

With our material knowledge, technological capabilities and applications experience, Xugong KS excavator work lights distributor can offer you vast working knowledge on your excavator work lights inquiries and solutions. Xugong KS customers deserves the best products and also quality service. Time to brighten up your worksite with Xugong KS excavator work lights.

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Do you want to join the big leagues? If yes, then order Xugong KS excavator work lights now. Work at night with our excavator work lights without worrying of it burning out.

With our amazing and cost-efficient distribution system, your excavator work lights will be with you in no time. Our excavator work lights are backed up with quality warranty as well. We ensure you secure packaging and timely arrival for your excavator work lights.

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Excavator Work Lights – The Definitive FAQ Guide


An excavator work light FAQ guide is a kind of FAQ guide that focuses on helpful information about excavator work lights.

This guide offers you some in-depth insights about excavator work light, components, materials with which it is made, associated features, and much more.


1. What is an excavator work light?


An excavator work light is a type of construction light. An excavator work light is very vital to construction sites.

It is utilized for lighting on the top of an excavator and illuminates any ground you may need to see what you are doing. The main component in an excavator work light is an LED lamp.

You can attach high-output LED work light to the top of most excavators with an adjustable head so you can point it where you need it most.

Excavator work lights are heavy-duty lights designed to withstand freezing temperatures and scorching temperatures.

Work lights are also designed with various features that make them well suited for construction, farming, and other outdoor activities that require durability.


2. What do you mean by the intensity of excavator work light?


The intensity of an excavator work light is the quantity and quality of its brightness and illumination.

Excavator lights are used on the front of the equipment or on a boom area for cutting, digging, soil excavation, and roading.

Although all excavator lights have the same essential components, the power source and overall design vary significantly between models.

Excavator work lights illuminate the construction site and reduce operator fatigue by providing adequate lighting for long periods.

The more the intensity of light, the greater area it covers, and you can perform the desired operation efficiently. Some excavator uses floodlights to see to a long-range varying from 500 meters to 1000 meters.


3. What is the operating range of temperature of the excavator work light?


The operating temperature range of an excavator work light plays an important role. It significantly impacts the efficiency of your excavation work.

You must need to select your excavator work light depending on your needs and specifications and make sure it is compatible with your excavator.

The temperature range of the work light is -40 0C to +85 0C; when the temperature is high or low in this range, open or closes the red protection cover in the work light head.

Different models of an excavator work light have different temperature ranges. An extensive temperature range saves a lot of time and cost while carrying out on-site operations.


4. What are the features of an excavator work light?


There are several features associated with your excavator work light. Some of the main features are as follows:

The Excavator work light is designed explicitly for excavator use. It is equipped with CR 12V 35W powerful LED, waterproof work light. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to install.

The innovated head can rotate 360 degrees, which makes the working direction vary;

The explosion-proof lamp cover is made of high-quality PC material; The head of the Excavator work light can be assembled to the fork arm easily, quickly, and conveniently;

Suspension block design enables all-around ventilation of heat dissipation to ensure stability and safety.

The bulbs used in the excavator work light are LED bulbs that do not need to be replaced as often as traditional bulbs. The color of this work light is yellow, and it features rugged construction, vibration, and water resistance.


5. What is the role of intelligent optics in excavator work light?


Brilliant optics are the reason why our excavator work light is so adequate. LED lights provide brilliant illumination through innovative optic technology that maximizes light pollution. This illumination then results in greater productivity for you, the user.

The more intelligent the optics, the brighter the light. High-quality LED technology, micro-optics, and reflection efficiency join together to provide high-quality work light.

Brilliant optics are essential for work lights to produce all the strengths required in your application.

It exists mainly to achieve unrestricted visibility, illuminate large areas far away, be used nearby, and increase safety and ensure the safety of others.

Smart Optics construction with molded optics allows you to enjoy different beam angles in one light. You can have both a spotlight style or floodlight style light in each unit. This improves the versatility of the product.


6. What are the materials used in making excavator work lights?


There are different materials used in making excavator work lights. Some of the primary materials are as follows:

Excavator work lights are materials like stainless steel, high tempered glass, aluminum, and plastic. You can get hard-wearing work lights that are shockproof, waterproof, and weather-resistant.

The construction material of the light is essential because it determines the durability of the light.

Excavator work light bulbs are usually made from polycarbonate, a type of plastic that is resistant to heat. In some cases, aluminum or glass is used as well. Some lights have a polycarbonate housing and a metal bracket.

Excavator lights, made from sturdy aluminum, are designed to withstand the extreme conditions found on the job site. They feature a durable, scratch-resistant powder coat finish that helps prevent corrosion.


7. What is the role of halogen setup in excavator work lights?


Halogen technology has been widely used in excavator lamps, and it couldn’t be simpler to explain what this technology does.

The utility of halogen work lights is unmatched due to their unmatched durability and reliability.

A halogen work lamp contains a halogen bulb as its source of illumination.

A halogen bulb is essentially a tungsten filament treated with a halogen gas – usually iodine – which causes the filament to glow at a much higher temperature than an ordinary incandescent light bulb.

This means that a halogen light source can produce a brighter light output for a more extended period.

Halogen light technology provides the most consistent light output, maintaining beam brightness through the bulb’s life. Innovations in halogen filament technology have expanded the halogen work light market to include floodlights, searchlights, and headlight switches for excavators.


8. What is the role of hanging or handheld light in excavator work lights?


Hanging and handheld lights are primarily used to light up the work area where the machine’s driver is.

This is primarily defined by the distance from the worker, angle of inclination, and cover areas.

The hanging light’s distance from ground level should be enough to allow the driver to see and work comfortably and effectively without having to bend down too much.

You can put them anywhere you want to light, quickly moved to locate work zones, and use them with the same efficiency if batteries power them.

The headlight switch allows you to choose between high/low beam settings or work light LED-only functions.

As a portable light, hanging light is used for illumination to make the work convenient and efficient at night.

9. What is the role of clamp mount excavator work light?


Clamp mount excavator work light is an essential accessory of excavating machinery, with a specific role.

In addition to the lighting function of the work light, the durable and high-quality material of the clamp mount excavator work light also has a specific effect on operation safety.

The feature of the clamp that’s available for this model is the heavy-duty shade shield.

The lamps are totally shockproof and highly rugged, corrosion-resistant, and can be used in various exposure conditions such as underground space.

They come in a variety of styles and features, and they vary in form and function. For working in tight spaces, constructing decks, and landscaping, these lights might be the right fit for you.


10. How would you define the base mount excavator work light?


This type of light is essential and plays a significant role in your excavator’s effective and efficient working.

A base mount excavator work light is an on-the-job light for all kinds of construction and mining applications.

It has a high-intensity beam with orange color for low-level lighting and spotlight capabilities.

The base mount models can be mounted on skid steers and other compact track and wheel loaders.

They include heavy-duty halogen headlights, extremely heavy-duty sealed beams, an adjustable steel post, rubber bulb guards, trailer hitch wiring harnesses, and wiring switches with built-in power indicator lights.

Base mount excavator work light helps you see through the surface of the ground clearly, and if you need to take any action, you can take it easy.


11. Is Wat the role of incandescent light in excavator work light?


The role of incandescent light in excavator work light is to give high power with optimum brightness. Urgent high power with optimum brightness is needed for the night working conditions.

It is a tool for the loss-free transmission of energy from the worksite to the workplace, aiming to reduce workload and improve working conditions. The efficiency of an incandescent bulb is 80% ~ 90%, but the LED headlight efficiency can reach 98%.

The incandescent work light consists of a beam in a reflector, a battery, a switch, and an incandescent light bulb.

The beam in the reflector comprises two bulbs (+) and (−) inside, besides the lamp surface is painted matte to avoid glare reflection.

The lamp lights when the machine starts working. Its characteristic is a slight illumination angle and high-power consumption because it works by heat energy.


12. What is the role of LED technology in excavator work light?


LED technology allows for more lights to be placed in the work light providing further illumination. Efficiency is also improved as less power is required from the battery to power the work light.

Excavator work lights come with a mounting bracket that is bolted to the arm so it can be used as a floodlight and a spotlight. The floodlights are made up of several LED bulbs, as mentioned above, to allow for a powerful beam of light.

The role of LED technology in excavator work light is that it enables to save cost, needn’t the high output power factor; therefore the effect is better.

The LED technology in the excavator work light illuminates the surrounding area and provides 360-degree visibility to the operator.


13. How would you define fluorescent technology in excavator work lights?


Fluorescent technology is known for its high light output, special beam, and long-lasting color. The light will not easily change under vibration and rain.

Therefore it is suitable for the excavator’s work light. Lights of the same size and power can produce three times more output and longer beams than conventional lights with halogen bulbs.

Fluorescent technology is an ideal choice for any job with extreme heat or cold or severe conditions that can harm your equipment.

Work lights that use fluorescent lamps can be found in several shapes and form factors, including floodlights, headlights, and work lights.

The most common fluorescent lamps used in these applications can be grouped into three categories: tube-in-tube, Narrow Band Quartz (NQ), and High Performance (HP).


14. What is the role of IP5 rating in excavator work light?


The IP Code or International Protection Marking is an internationally standardized system used to specify the degree of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment that are not designed to be intrinsically safe.

The IP5 rating designates the total dust protection for the overall construction.

This code focuses on how resistant the light is to penetration by foreign objects larger than 12.5mm diameter. Either it can withstand a flow of water of five-liter per minute for at least 5 minutes without showing the failure of any function, such as mechanical damage or short circuit.

IP5 rating excavator work light is suitable for many harsh environments and makes the lamps on cars and trucks safer and more convenient.


15. Is your excavator work light weatherproof?


The answer is a solid “Yes” when you equip your machine with a work light.

You feel safe as it is engineered for all-weather use. It’s designed to handle vibrating or rotating tools and withstand most chemicals and water exposure with no problem.

Its durable casing is both easy on the eyes and tough enough to survive in almost any condition.

A work light that can withstand the elements is essential to any construction site, especially when raining or snowing.

Work lights are built to withstand heavy rain while giving you work area illumination. Work lights are built with an IP-level rating of IP54.


16. What is the role of thermal switch in excavator work light?


In general, thermal switches control the module temperature of the excavator work light, so if the corresponding temperature is higher than a preset value, the switch will send a signal to slow down the engine.

This is to avoid overheating and damaging the excavator while working in the field, thus prolonging engine life.

The thermal switch may be a little familiar to you. It is a device that is used to detect the temperature of the LED lights.

It works by using the sensitive resistor elements in it. When cutting, there will be much heat when the light beam meets the stone or when cutting deep in the material.

These situations lead to high temperatures in light itself.

The thermal switch has its various applications, including in your car headlights to cut off the power if too hot, to protect your whole excavator from cutting off the current when in danger, to switch their lamps into standby status only when not needed.


17. What is the role of enclosure in excavator work light?


The first and most crucial factor for excavator work light is the enclosure. It is used to protect the internal parts and components of the light. Some lights do not have an enclosure.

These lights usually use heavy-duty and sturdy materials to not break easily under pressure or during harsh weather conditions.

Another benefit of durable construction is that it allows the light to be dropped without breaking all vital components.

This makes it convenient for contractors who will not need to worry about purchasing another unit each time one break.

For the three most common types of excavator work light frames, namely, mechanical structure frame, housing structure frame, and inner structure frame, there are three half-open drainage holes set on its corners.

The design of these drainage holes is to remove the heat generated from the light bulbs and prevent the water from entering into the enclosure. In addition, several rubber rings can also be found on the housing.

Those rubber rings are applied to improve the waterproofness of the enclosure and provide isolation between those iron pieces and those plastic components.


18. What are the applications of excavator work light?


There are several applications of an excavator work light. Some of the main applications are as follows:

Excavator work lights are intended for use in areas where excellent illumination is required. They are ideal for work at night.

Excavator work light is used for industrial lighting and mining lighting etc. And Excavator work light will play a significant role in construction, especially for the projects that were building and repairing the bridge and road and other projects.

Various models provide options for multiple beams and various light zones to accommodate the needs of any job site.

Excavator work light is widely used in mining, ports, railways, highways, power stations, warehouses, etc.


19. How much does an excavator works light cost?


The cost of an excavator work light depends on several factors. Some of the main factors include:

  • Material with which your excavator work light made of
  • The design specifications of an excavator work light
  • Characteristics of materials and manufacturing technique
  • If any warranty associated with it
  • Any extra feature apart from that in standard work light

In general, the cost associated with an excavator work light that is waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions lies in the range of $50 to $100 per piece.

An excavator work light price lies in the range of $25 to $200 with superior quality materials embedded.

You can choose any one depending on your needs and applications. If you choose the excavator work light with enhanced features, the cost associated also goes on increasing.


20. How did excavator work light help in on-site excavation operations?


Excavator work light is used in on-site excavation operations for lighting the area where digging work is done. It can be fitted with floodlights for illuminating the vast area, pro bono work light for a clear view of the construction site, handle light to avoid random vibration, etc.

The Excavator Work Light is designed to make this easier for all workers, from construction workers to firefighters. It helps in illuminating hard-to-reach areas in all the seasons.

Often excavators work in complete darkness, or at least abysmal levels of illumination, and a powerful work light will allow them to see exactly what they are doing.

The color of the light from the headlamp can also be necessary, as it could help operators identify the type of material they are working with. In certain instances, it is also helpful to have a floodlight if you need to check for cracks or potential holes in the ground


21. What is the life associated with an excavator work light?


The life of an excavator work light plays a significant role, and it varies depending on the model to model.

Life also depends on the following things:

  • Frequency of usage
  • Material with which it is made of
  • Maintenance requirements

An excavator work light has a standard operating time of 30,000 to 50,000 hours per, but this will vary based on the use of the machine.

There is a critical principle in determining the life of a product: the higher the demand being placed on a product, the more rapidly it will wear out.

Therefore, an excavator that may average 5 or 8 hours on a work light daily may only have an operating life of several months due to its heavier use.

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