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Excavator Wear Parts – The Complete FAQ Guide


Excavator wear parts save your excavator digger bucket a great deal of stress. Check this out: There are three main types of excavator buckets as you’ll find out later on in this guide. These buckets need adequate protection to prevent premature wear. That’s where excavator wear parts come into the picture.


This guide helps you understand the following concepts about your excavator wear parts concerning your excavator bucket:

  • What excavator wear parts are, how they function, and how important they are to your excavator digger bucket
  • How to install, maintain, and replace your different types of excavator wear parts on your excavator’s digger bucket.
  • Where to get high-quality excavator wear parts at affordable prices.


Let’s dig right in!


1. What Are Excavator Wear Parts?


Excavator wear parts are addons that protect your excavator digger bucket from wearing out. They are made from high-quality hardened steel to enable them to last longer. Excavator wear parts work hand-in-hand with ground engaging tools (GET).

Figure 1 – Excavator Wear Parts


These ground engaging parts are excavator bucket teeth and excavator bucket side cutters. There are different types of excavator wear parts, as you’ll find out shortly in this guide.


2. What Are the Different Types of Excavator Wear Parts?


There are 7 different types of excavator wear parts. Check them out:

  • Rear Wear Strips
  • Side Wear Plates
  • Internal Wear liners
  • Heel Blocks
  • Wing Shrouds
  • Bucket Lip


Here’s how these excavator wear parts function in your excavator digger bucket:


  • Rear Wear Strips– rear wear strips, as the name suggests, protect the rear side of your excavator bucket. On top of protecting your excavator digger bucket rear side, they also make the bucket stronger, meaning that it can bear heavier loads.


Figure 2 – Excavator Bucket Rear Wear Strips


Many excavator digger bucket manufacturers install rear wear strips as a standard measure of ensuring that your excavator bucket lasts for long.


  • Side Wear Plates– just like the rear wear strips above, side wear plates protect your excavator digger bucket’s sides. They are designed to cover a greater part of your excavator bucket’s cheeks.

Figure 3 – Excavator Bucket Side Wear Strips


They also give the excavator digger bucket strength to bear heavier loads.


  • Internal Wear Liners– internal wear liners protect the inner side of your excavator digger bucket. They act like a second skin and they prevent premature wear and/or damages to your excavator’s digger bucket.

Figure 4 – Excavator Bucket Internal Wear Liners


It is easier to replace the excavator wear liners when they wear out as opposed to replacing your excavator digger bucket.


  • Heel Blocks– Heel blocks are usually made from hardened steel as you will find them installed on either heavy-duty or extreme duty excavator bucket types. They protect your excavator digger bucket’s edges as the bucket works on high-impact and abrasive grounds.

Figure 5 – Excavator Bucket Heel Blocks


  • Wing Shrouds– Wing shrouds are ideal for heavy-duty and extreme-duty excavator digger buckets. They are used to protect your excavator bucket’s sidebars from high abrasion and impact as the bucket engages the ground.

Figure 6 – Excavator Bucket Wing Shroud


  • Bucket Lip– the bucket lip is a very vital component of your excavator’s bucket. It connects the excavator’s bucket shell to the excavator bucket teeth. It is installed by welding it on your excavator’s bucket shell.

Figure 7 – Excavator Bucket Lip


  • Lip Shroud– Lip shrouds protect your excavator bucket between the excavator’s bucket teeth. They are also made from hardened steel to ensure that the bucket lip lasts for long and that it can bear constant heavy impact and abrasion.

Figure 8 – Excavator Bucket Lip Shroud


3. Why Are Excavator Bucket Wear Parts Important?


Excavator bucket wear parts are vital addons that your excavator digger bucket needs as they prevent premature wear. They cover all the vulnerable sides of your excavator bucket. Excavator bucket wear parts work by paying the price on behalf of the excavator bucket. Replacing excavator bucket wear parts is easier, cheaper, and faster compared to replacing the entire excavator bucket. Leading experts recommend installing the best (high-quality hardened steel) excavator wear parts.


4. How Should I Select the Ideal Excavator Wear Parts?


Selecting the ideal excavator wear parts greatly depends on the following conditions:


  • Materials used during manufacturing: The harder the steel alloy, the better the protection your excavator digger buckets get. Harder materials can resist wear caused by high impact and abrasion from the ground.


  • Application – where are you going to use your excavator bucket? Is it a high-impact and abrasive environmental condition? If so, consider acquiring and installing harder excavator wear parts.

Figure 9 – Excavator Bucket Application


General duty excavator buckets do not require all excavator wear parts. However, heavy-duty and extreme duty buckets will require all the excavator wear parts for maximum protection that prevents premature wearing out of your excavator bucket.


  • Choose the correct type of excavator bucket to wear part. This selection means that you have to know the different types of wear parts that are ideal for your excavator bucket. Selecting the correct type of excavator bucket wear parts will help you know which type of ground engaging tools to install as well.


  • Manufacturer – You’ll need to acquire high-quality excavator wear parts from a professional manufacturer with a proven reputation. The manufacturer plays a key role in knowing which materials, as well as the techniques, should be used to make stronger wear parts.


5. How Are Excavator Wear Parts Installed?


Installing your excavator wear parts depends on your excavator bucket as well as the wear part type. There are some wear parts and ground engaging tools that are installed by simply bolting them tightly on your excavator digger bucket.


Others require welding. For example, excavator side cutters require you to simply bolt them on your excavator’s sides. Some excavator bucket wing shrouds may also require bolting. On the other hand, rear wear strips require welding. Replacing worn excavator bucket rear wear strips is not easy.

Figure 10 – Properly Weld Excavator Bucket Rear Wear Strips


XuGong KS recommends letting experts install wear parts that require any welding. It is important to note that improper installation of these wear parts may cause damages to your excavator bucket.


Here’s the deal: Different types of excavator wear parts should be installed as per the manufacturer’s recommendation for maximum output. It would be best if you’d first read your excavator wear parts manufacturer’s installation recommendations that are clearly outlined in the installation manual.


6. What Causes Damages to Excavator Wear Parts?


Your excavator wear parts will wear out as you continually use your excavator digger bucket and require immediate replacement. However, some major factors accelerate the rate of wear on these parts.


Check them out:


  • Improper usage– Using the wrong type of excavator wear parts on your excavator bucket can be detrimental to the bucket’s service life. You’ll need to select and properly install the correct type of excavator wear parts.


  • Improper installation– Whenever you install any excavator component wrongly, including excavator wear parts, they’ll not work as you’d expect.


  • Poor maintenance practices– whenever you fail to properly maintain your excavator wear parts, their surfaces get corroded and they end up getting damaged prematurely. It is important to sacrifice some minutes to clean your excavator bucket in general.


Cleaning does away with contaminants like rust. It also washes away abrasives like sand.


  • Low-Quality Manufacturing Processes– Acquiring excavator wear parts from a manufacturer that makes them using low-quality will also negatively affect the service life of your excavator bucket.


Always buy your excavator wear parts from a reputable manufacturing company.


7. How Can I Know If My Excavator Wear Parts Are Worn Out?


Worn-out excavator wear parts are simple to identify. You’ll know if your excavator wear parts are worn out when they have significantly reduced in size. In some cases, the bucket becomes visible.


Figure 11 – Worn Excavator Wear Parts


This process requires you to have a keen eye. It also requires you to carry out an in-depth routine inspection of your excavator’s bucket.


The second way to know if your excavator wear parts are worn is by checking the general performance of the excavator bucket as it digs. Your excavator wear parts have an impact on your excavator bucket performance. If the digging or mining performance has significantly reduced, consider changing your excavator wear parts.


8. What Happens If I Operate My Excavator With Worn-out Excavator Wear Parts?


You see: The primary purpose of installing these wear parts on your excavator bucket is to protect your excavator bucket from wearing out quickly. These wear parts get worn in place of the excavator bucket.


Operating your excavator with worn-out excavator wear parts puts your excavator bucket at risk of wearing out prematurely.

Figure 12 – Damaged Excavator Bucket


9. Are Excavator Wear Parts Repairable?


Excavator wear parts are not repairable. Once they get damaged, consider replacing them as soon as possible with new high-quality ones. You may, however, find companies that rebuild excavator wear parts. The problem with rebuilding excavator wear parts is that the process is more expensive than replacing them. The process is also time-consuming.


10. How Can I Properly Maintain My Excavator Wear Parts?


Maintaining your excavator wear parts is a pretty straightforward activity. Check this out: The first way to properly maintain your excavator wear parts is to clean the excavator digger bucket after using it. Cleaning the bucket gets rid of contaminants that are on the excavator bucket surface.

Figure 13 – Well Maintained Excavator Bucket


After cleaning them, you can move to the second step which is visually inspecting the excavator bucket for anomalies. Inspect wear patterns on the excavator wear parts and check if the excavator bucket is naked. If so, consider replacing your excavator wear parts.


The third way of properly maintaining your excavator wear parts is ensuring that you use your excavator bucket as it should. Do not use the excavator bucket for what it’s not meant for as it could increase the wear rate.


11. How Should I Replace My Excavator Wear Parts?


Replacing any worn or damaged excavator component requires you to remove the worn or damaged part and install a new high-quality part. Some components only need to be bolted tightly, while others require welding. Removing any weld parts on your excavator’s digger bucket can be a hectic process.


The same applies to properly install parts that need welding. For example, rear wear strips require proper welding during installation meaning that when they wear out, the removal process is not going to be easy. We recommend letting experts do the replacement for you to prevent any accidental damages to your excavator bucket.


12. Where Can I Get Ideal Excavator Wear Parts?


Here’s the deal:

XuGong KS is the one-stop-shop for all high-quality excavator aftermarket parts, including your excavator wear parts. We manufacture our excavator wear parts from hardened steel under stringent OEM practices. We manufacture them in-house from scratch.


In over 10 years of being in this business, we can comfortably manufacture and deliver custom wear parts for your unique excavator digger bucket. We ensure that your shipment arrives on time without any physical damages as we’ve established long-lasting relationships with top logistics companies.


These companies will ensure that your shipment reaches you, regardless of your shipment size or physical location. This also means that we do not have a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Here’s how you can get the ideal excavator wear parts for your excavator bucket:


You’ll need to reach out to us with your requirements, that is, bucket specs as well as your estimated budget. We’ll then respond with a free quote that attempts to meet the two parameters. Once we get into an agreement, you’ll need to first complete paying the agreed amount so that we can ship over your new aftermarket excavator wear parts. You can pay us via Paypal, Western Union, Alipay, L.C, and T.T.


13. How Much Do Excavator Wear Parts Cost?


There is no fixed price for excavator wear parts. Different types of buckets have different requirements. These requirements are what determine the cost of your wear parts. It is therefore difficult to put a fixed price on all excavator wear parts. Contact us right now to get a free quote for your excavator wear parts.



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