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XuGong KS is the Most Trusted and is Your Top Distributor of Excavator Tree Shear in China.

  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for Micro-Mini Excavators
  • Best Works in Cutting Thick Steel and Scrap
  • Robust and Versatile
  • Suitable for Breakdowns
  • Designed to Destroy Quickly and Safely

XuGong KS Excavator Tree Shear Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Tree Shear

300mm tree shear for excavator attachment (2)

The package includes x1 tree shear where you can customize your own logo and packaging. It is the type of excavator tree shear that is robust and versatile.

China New forestry tree shear for 1.5-2t excavator (2)

The package includes 1x set of Excavator Tree Shear. XuGong Excavator Tree Shear can be used in farms, home use, retail, energy & mining tree shear for excavator for tree removal.

Excavator Attachments Wearable Steel Excavator Tree Shear Cutting Portable Wood Cutter (1)

This product follows the International Standard Export Packing. Inclusion of the package is the Wearable Steel Excavator Tree Shear Cutting Portable Wood Cutter.

excavator hydraulic shear tree shear for sale (1)

The package includes 1x set of hydraulic excavator tree shear. XuGong KS offers you this kind of tree shear that are best used for felling and delimbing trees. OEM and ISO certified.

Mini Excavator 1 ton Tree Shears For Excavators

This Mini Excavator Tree Shear is designed for versatile professional use, suitable for use in smaller-scale excavators. The package includes 1x set of Mini Excavator Tree Shear.

mini excavator tree shear attachment

The package includes 1x set of Mini Excavator Tree Shear attachments. This attachment is for you to utilize your Mini Excavator with our Tree Shear good for cutting trees up to 8″ in diameter.

mini excavator wood shear stump shear tree shear attachment for sale

With this Excavator Tree Shear Stump, you will be able to easily cut, lift, carry and place large trees, cut them down further or simply pile them in a truck or anywhere you like.

recycling application dh260 excavator tree shear hydraulic

This hydraulic excavator tree shear is a single service attachment that works off your existing hammer circuit, with one powerful hydraulic ram. This tree shear facilitates faster cutting.

This package includes an excavator attachment with wearable steel tree cutting wood shear very good for cutting woods such as trees and other materials that you want to eliminate.

Best Excavator Tree Shear Supplier to Rocket Your Business in China

XuGong ks excavator tree shear is powerful and reliable that makes the excavation work more efficient!  We, in XuGong KS, produced excavator tree shear for the alternative of top excavator brands such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Doosan, Volvo, and so on.

You have different types of tree shear as options such as Grip and Hold Tree Shear and Standard Tree Shear. As XuGong KS is a good supplier of those types of excavator tree shear, XuGong KS also accepts customized orders by drawing based on your need!

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XuGong KS Excavator Tree Shear Manufacturing Process

Materials assessment
The making of Excavator Tree Shear has been in the process of assessing materials to ensure quality production of the items. In XuGong KS, we make sure to give you extraordinary quality checking of materials to comply with our customers qualifications and standards.
To achieve perfect Excavator Tree Shear, cutting is done during the manufacturing process, to achieve the shape of the Tree Shear. XuGong KS, prioritizes the customers’ needs, process depends on the customers choice or drawing.
Another process involved in manufacturing the Excavator Tree Shear. It is where a hole feature is enlarged to a very specific or accurate size by introducing a rotating end and side cutting tool. At XuGong KS, we believe that accuracy of the size of each material is an integral part in manufacturing our products.
At XuGong KS, our customer’s satisfaction is very important, so we make sure to provide the smoothest and accurate finish of our Excavator Tree Shears. In turning, we remove as much metal that exceeds in the product as possible in the shortest length of time.
Welds all the part of the Excavator Tree Sheers depending on the drawing. At XuGong KS, the Excavator Tree Shears is ensured to be delivered as a high quality product to be used in your business!
Shot Blasting
Excavator Tree Shears undergoes shot blasting where it cleans, strengthens or polishes metal used in the making of Excavator Tree Sheers. XuGong KS aims to provide excellent cleaning and surface preparation for secondary finishing operations.
XuGong KS conducts chamfering which includes the insertion of bolts into holes, or nuts on the Excavator Tree Shears. Chamfering removes sharp edges which significantly reduces the cuts and injuries, to people handling the metal piece.
At XuGong KS, with your Excavator Tree Shear we provide a strong and safe packaging to make sure that the product gets to its destination safely. We ensure you a professional, eco-friendly and efficient packaging service.

XuGong KS Excavator Tree Shear Manufacturer Overview

Where Can We Find the Perfect Excavator Tree Shear Distributor in China?


In XuGong KS, we provide you most of your engineering needs which includes the perfect Excavator Tree Shear! XuGong KS will supply you with the material that is best in the market and is according to your choice that fits your needs.

Rest assured that you will be getting a good excavator tree sheer since our manufacturing process follows the OEM standard, with delicate quality assurance.

At XuGong KS, we provide hundreds of new OEM excavator tree shears of your choice. A lot of in-stock excavator tree shears are waiting for your order!

As your one-call-away and most reliable excavator tree sheet dealer in China, we can also provide you a lot more products at a wholesale price, such as excavator engine parts, final drives, pumps, and even your repair needs!

XuGong KS provides you the most reliable and long-lasting excavator tree shear.  Need more to say? What are you waiting for?

Contact us if you need any product replacement or alternative of any of your top brands, XuGong KS excavator tree shear is ready to save your needs.

Experience the convenience of using the excavator tree shear provided by XuGong KS!

It is for sure hassle-free, giving you the convenience that you deserve!


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