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  • Guaranteed Reliable With High-Temperature Resistance
  • Improved Water Resistance And Stability
  • Higher Stability And Longer Life Service
  • Ensured Contact And Enough Current
  • OEM Standard And ISO Certified

XuGong KS Excavator Throttle Motor Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

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CAT 320B 320C 320D Excavator Throttle Motor

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High-Quality Excavator Throttle Motor Best Fit To HITACHI. More Deals. Fast Shipment

102-003-01 Excavator Throttle Motor

High-Strength Excavator Throttle Motor. Beautiful Price Discount. Long Life Time Guaranteed

KOMATSU PC200 Excavator Throttle Motor

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PC120-6 PC200-6 PC300-6 Excavator Throttle Motor

In Stock and On Sale PC120-6 PC200-6 PC300-6 Excavator Throttle Motor. Safety Arrival

PC200-6 Excavator Throttle Motor

High Ability PC200-6 Excavator Throttle Motor. Genuine and Sound Price. In Stocks For Wholesale

SANY 210 Excavator Throttle Motor

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SUMITOMO SH200 Excavator Throttle Motor

Best Service Excavator Throttle Motor SUMIMOTO Part No. SH200

XuGong KS is the Best Supplier of Excavator Throttle Motor

Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor has an original potentiometer to make it more stable. Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor is proven strong resistant because of its internal high-speed gear. Thus, Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor has features of waterproof and dustproof performance. To ensure an optimum life cycle, Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor used the original chip in its throttle modules. With motor cable stainless wire ropes, Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor can show excellent wear protection.

Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor is 100% accurate and durable. With some electric parts, Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor always has quality stability and guaranteed customer and after-sales service. Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor can be applied to any model of your excavators such as KOMATSU, CAT, HITACHI, KOBELCO, and other top brands. Send us an inquiry now and get this high-rate Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor in the market. Call us now!

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XuGong KS Excavator Throttle Motor Manufacturing Process

Raw Materials Of Excavator Throttle Motor
Raw Materials
Our XuGong KS Excavator Throttle Motor is engineered with reinforced flanges and heavy duty to avoid later problems.
Forging Of Excavator Throttle Motor
We securely made our XuGong KS Excavator Throttle Motor with first class forging for lasting wear life and reliability.
Metal Casting Excavator Throttle Motor
XuGong KS Excavator Throttle Motor underwent the excellent casting and strict control to ensure the quality is good.
Packing Of Excavator Throttle Motor
XuGong KS gives the best service of XuGong KS Excavator Throttle Motor to meet the costumer's requirements.

XuGong KS Excavator Throttle Motor Manufacturing Process

Why Xugong KS is the Best Supplier of Excavator Throttle Motor?


Excavators are one of the most compact construction machines on earth. They can endure complex and heavy tasks when the machine is in good condition. XuGong KS Excavator Throttle Motor is your top choice as your excavator’s motor. Suitable to any excavator size and application, XuGong KS Excavator Throttle Motor supplies a wide selection of parts to your excavator. You can have a new and aftermarket Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor as your replacement. We have supplied to all major excavator brands already. So, you can lean on us on filling your excavator’s brand.


Over many years of production, Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor has gone through standard evaluations. Xugong KS also designed  Excavator Throttle Motor based on your makes and models. We manufactured Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor with sound performance and long product serving life. Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor has professional service for the 180 days warranty period. We will also give you the most effective and hassle-free shipping of your Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor. Our Xugong KS Excavator Throttle Motor is the top choice for you! Get a quote now!


Excavator Throttle Motor – The Definitive FAQ Guide



An excavator throttle motor is an engine part that fastens to the frame of an excavator so you can control the rate at which it operates. This allows for greater control of power output, speed, and torque.

Learn more about an excavator throttle motor through this guide, which provides information on components of an excavator throttle motor, benefits of excavator throttle motor, materials used in making your excavator throttle motor and much more.


1. What is an excavator throttle motor?


An excavator throttle motor is a direct drive motor that provides regulated engine torque to the main drive at a constant speed.

The Excavator Throttle Motor comprises a stator, a rotor, a drive shaft and a spring-loaded throttle valve. The stator helps in controlling the speed by slowing down or speeding up the rotor.

An excavator operator determines the throttle motor’s position through a hydraulic system, which engages and disengages a clutch using a coupler lever.

When the clutch is engaged, the excavator moves faster and disengaged, and the excavator slows down. The motor is responsible for controlling the speed of the piece of equipment and increasing or decreasing output accordingly.


2. From what is your excavator throttle motor made?


The throttle motor is cast aluminum, stainless steel, brass, rubber wires, plastic and copper. This heavy-duty construction can handle the constant movement and vibrations of an excavator cab mounted on the gearbox.

The motor housing is constructed of epoxy-coated steel for durability, and the precision-switched resistor packs are encased in protective resin casings to guard against engine chemicals.

The design includes a newly developed low-pressure rotating seal made from a unique polymer material that is less worn than traditional parts.

The materials are temperature resistant for control accuracy over a wide range of operating conditions, even in hot oil fields. The throttle motor has been designed to deliver power smoothly and consistently, even under arduous duty.


3. How much does an excavator throttle motor cost?


The cost is the one variable that depends on multiple factors. The major factors which possess a crucial role include:

  • How long will your excavator throttle motor last?
  • Material with which your excavator throttle motor is made of
  • Maintenance requirements and warranty associated
  • Design specifications of your excavator throttle motor

The cost of your excavator throttle motor with a production capacity of 10000 along with a warranty of one year lies in the range of $200 to $300 per piece

The price of an excavator throttle motor with an internal combustion drive lies in the range of $31 to $70 per piece.

When you go for extended features for your excavator throttle motor, the cost associated will increases.


4. What is the life associated with the excavator throttle motor?


The motor’s life will depend on the type of engine, how it has been used, and if there are any signs of impending failure.

When an engine begins to experience problems maintaining power or starts to become sluggish in the throttle, that’s usually when you’ll try to replace the throttle motor to avoid running into more problems in the future.

In general, the life associated with your excavator throttle motor lies in the range of 3 to 5 years.

Its life also depends on how you use it. If you change the engine’s gasoline often and use good gasoline, you can prolong its service life.


5. Does the excavator throttle motor have a connection to an electrical system?


Yes, the excavator throttle motor has a connection to the electrical system. The electrical system plays a vital role in operating your excavator throttle motor.

The importance of a throttle motor is to tell the engine to speed up or slow down. This can be done through an electrical connection.

The throttle motor receives driving power from the battery of your excavator. If the terminals are correctly connected, it performs its vital function in driving your excavator throttle motor.

It is essential to keep your excavator battery charged for making it fully functional. Change the water of your battery frequently to keep it running at optimum potential.

This will enhance the life of your excavator throttle motor.


6. What is the role of seal in an excavator throttle motor?


The seal is an essential part of the excavator throttle motor, and it isolates the driven shaft from the driven portion of the motor.

Seal refers to any device or ring acting as a barrier against the ingress of fluids or gases or preventing an undesired leak through such a barrier.

If the seal material is not good, it will produce a specific effect on the single-shaft high-pressure switch; if it is installed when the seal is the too large diameter (flange edge), it will reduce free capacity throttle when opening, closing, and locking throttle, this way does not help control engine speed deviation.

The seal plays an essential role as it absorbs shocks and protects the motor.


7. What is the role of speed gear in excavator throttle motor?


The speed gear is one of the essential parts of the throttle motor, and its task is to increase the torque of the transmission shaft.

The speed gears assembly in the three-stage output shaft of the generator and reverses joint transmission is used to adjust the excavator’s speed, acceleration, and deceleration.

It mainly includes the planetary helical gear set, pinion, cylindrical gear and other supporting hardware. The planetary helical gears provide the three-stage power transmission between the engine and the three-stage output shaft.

The pinion is fixed on the engine crankshaft to drive the planetary helical gear, which drives the cylindrical gear to deliver power to the final drive cylinder. When starting or stopping, it will slide to connect with starting clutch.

If the speed gears are unsuitable, it will damage the head, so its quality is paramount. But if it is delicious, you can use it for years without any problem, so it is reliable.


8. What is the role of motor excavator throttle motor?


Excavator Throttle motor is one of the essential parts in construction engineering, which is used to control the power of excavator engine to protect motor best at a safe place.

This motor relates to the operation of Excavators, and excavators dig a considerable number, so to run the engine continuously, we must control the engine’s speed. Throttle motors provide precise speed control, and throttle motors can be mounted in any position.

Whenever you want to cut off the power supply, it also has a function of stop and idling to stop the operation. The throttle motor is usually installed in a variety of different positions on the machine tool.

Motor excavator throttle motor has considerable power or small power. Throttle motors come in different sizes—engine series products such as truck engines and industrial engines.


9. What is the role of a potentiometer in an excavator throttle motor?


The potentiometer on the throttle motor is a variable resistor that controls the voltage that travels through a wire to a fuel valve.

When the operator of the excavator moves the lever, they activate a potentiometer’s disc arm. The disc arm moves a wiper across a resistive wire embedded in a metal disc.

When the wiper is positioned anywhere along the wire, it shorts some current from its conductive track to an attached terminal. This reduces the electrical resistance between terminals and allows more current to pass through them at lower voltages.

The potentiometer is used to indicate the power to be applied to the load based on the control command sent by the operator.

The potentiometer sends a feedback signal to the microprocessor, controlling the main circuit board based on inputted instructions.

This helps in the proper operation of your excavator throttle motor.


10. What is the role of the original chip in the excavator throttle motor?


The original chip is a powerful computer, and it can control the throttle motor, a reasonable range of speed and throttle motor pressure range limit, protection limit, and so on.

The main chip is used for control power. The original chip’s performance has a significant impact on the excavator’s control and power system. Using counterfeit chips can delay signal input and expand the pulse delay, which will produce such as ring, zigzag, and the abnormal phenomenon, which sometimes may occur during long-term use of the excavator.

The inside of the motor creates a magnetic field, so the copper wire coils are magnetized, which generates electromagnetic torque so that the shaft can rotate. If one coil fails, others cooperate with this coil to create the magnetic field of the original chip. So, the shaft still rotates after the replacement of damaged or failed coils.


11. What is the role of wires in excavator throttle motor?


The wires in the excavator throttle motor are composed of rubber or metal conductor, and they are insulated. The conductor has many insulating layers.

The conductor embedded in the insulation is made of copper alloy wire with tin plating, insulated with paper or fire-resistant synthetic material. And then coated with a special lacquer for welding protection, making the conductor have good conduction capacity.

The wires are used to transmit electric signals from the control panel to the motors. The current flows from the battery through the wires to the motor controller. This plays its role in driving motor.

Throttle motors are used on horizontal shaft motors on mining equipment, namely excavators, loaders, and road graders. They consist of 2 concentric rings, which provide a constant magnetic field for the motor.


12. What is the role of casing in excavator throttle motor?


The casing is the outermost enclosure surrounding the motor, which is essential in the excavator throttle motor.

The casing of the excavator throttle motor is a mechanical part that encapsulates the essential components of a motor within a protective shell with valves and lines extending from it.

The casing may be made from various materials, including carbide-reinforced polymers, metal alloy, or ceramic with a thin layer of insulation to keep the interior components at the required temperature and safe from other harsh elements.

The function of the casing includes protection and handling the internal components in their place to prevent overheating and damage to engine parts.


13. What is the role of magnets in excavator throttle motor?


The magnetic structure of the motor is critical for safe and reliable work. The magnet forms a barrier that divides the high-voltage torque and power supply and the low-voltage and low-speed signal.

The motor uses electrical power for throttle control. The activation of the electronic throttle control is accomplished by magnetic force. There are typically two mechanisms of electrical current passing through the motor assembly during regular operation.

A metal plate surrounded by a coil of wire is a simple set-up that can tweak a piece of machinery into life.

Because the motor depends on the magnet connected to the shaft, the design naturally has been used since ancient times to impart energy from the battery to machines.


14. What is the role of revolving coil in excavator throttle motor?


The role of revolving coil in excavator throttle motor is it can connect to the coil and moves with it, which is covered by the magnetic flux of the coil.

Reversing the motor field creates a mechanical advantage, which increases the torque on the rotor, or motor. The number of spokes, along with the length and the width, determines how easily the coil revolves.

The angle of each spoke is an essential factor in determining the overall effectiveness of the revolved coil — too little of an angle yields no revolution at all. At the same time, too great of an angle causes some of the electrical energy to dissipate instead of transferring it to the rotor system.

A revolving coil is a particular type of electromagnet consisting of an induction coil with a ferromagnetic conductor or armature inserted into it. This type of coil can be used to create a variable alternating magnetic flux.

Because the flux links the stator and the rotor and any external circuit through which it can flow, it can be used as a generator or as a motor.


15. What is the role of terminals in excavator throttle motor?


The role of the terminals in the excavator throttle motor is to start the engine, stop it and regulate power. They are responsible for receiving power from the coolant temperature sensors and relaying them to the controller.

A terminal is a device for making an electrical connection between conductors or components, usually to transfer information or energy. The primary function of terminals in the excavator is to transfer electricity from their corresponding wire to a motor or other equipment.

The terminal body is a metal enclosure to house the mechanism for accomplishing the electrical connection. Different types of terminals vary from machine to machine and model.


16. What are the issues associated with an excavator throttle motor?


Some issues can be associated with an excavator throttle motor, such as reduced operation time and reduced engine performance. A faulty throttle motor can cause such issues.

When an excavator’s throttle jams or locks or sticks, it can be dangerous. The operator may not move the machine in either direction, thus presenting a potential safety hazard.

Whether caused by engine malfunctions, environmental conditions or unexpected shutdowns, interruptions in power can lead to intermittent or total loss of power.

The resultant excessive buildup of heat can cause permanent damage to other components, reduce the service life of other critical components or cause fires.

To eliminate shutdowns, some contractors reduce their use of an excavator as soon as they begin to feel it becoming sluggish. In the meantime, the machine sits unused for an hour or more while job site conditions improve.


17. What are the reasons for the failure of an excavator throttle motor?


Excessive usage of the excavator eventually leads to the failure of many small components, leading to more significant failures. The following are examples but are not limited to items that cause the failure of an excavator throttle motor.

  1. The constant pressure force played by the control device to the motor exceeds the rated one, causing rapid wear of the resistance sleeve, causing high temperature.
  2. Oil leakage into the motor body comes from contaminated oil or burrs on oil fittings.
  3. Too long idle time results in field weakening or seat burning, which directly reduces the strength of magnets.

Proper maintenance can reduce these occurrences significantly, but it will be necessary to replace the failed components over time.


18. What are the maintenance requirements of an excavator throttle motor?


Maintenance requirements can vary, depending on the type of excavator motor in operation and the environment.

Typically, the housing of the motor is checked for cracks at regular intervals. Both moving and stationary parts need to be lubricated to avoid excessive friction causing a high level of heat, leading to a breakdown of the motor or faulty operation due to breakage or malfunction of its components.

Check that the throttle is free when the choke is closed and that when the throttle is closed, there is no throttle movement.

Under normal running conditions, the throttle motor will last longer than two years. However, if it is regularly blocked or subject to strong vibrations during operation, it will shorten the lifetime.

When inspecting an excavator for sale, always check if the throttle motor is healthy and functioning normally.


19. Where is the role of armature in excavator throttle motor?


The armature is an electromagnetic component in the locomotives named Excavators. This motor is responsible for converting the DC power into AC. It gives constant speed to the rotor of these machines, which usually operate at different loadings.

The primary role of the armature is to supply the latest electrical signals given by the relay or by using relay logic circuits.

The armature is part of the drive system of the motor. The armature consists of two coils slaved together so that they rotate synchronously with the rotor. These coils are called phase windings and are wound in phase opposition to each other. When current flows through these coils, they cause the armature to rotate.


20. What is the role of the shaft in the excavator throttle motor?


The shaft in your excavator throttle motor has a significant role. It is regarded as a critical element.

The role of the shaft in excavator throttle motor is mainly used for transmission. The shaft is a single piece of steel placed in the center of the throttle motor, and it controls the rotation of the endplate.

This shaft tends to be round with few flat sections at intervals along its length, allowing it to be held in place by bolts placed through these sections and securely fastened.

The shaft is used to control the motor speed of the excavator by increasing or decreasing axial displacement.


21. What are the benefits of an excavator throttle motor?


There are several benefits associated with your excavator throttle motor. Some of the main benefits include:

An excavator’s throttle motor is the motor that controls the speed at which the engine runs. It is imperative as it can control the amount of torque and power.

The benefits of an excavator throttle motor are fuel efficiency, reliable operation, and starting in all weather conditions.

An excavator throttle motor is designed to provide variable control of the engine RPM.

The most significant benefit is that operators can speed up production and profit by having a better running engine. This is because most digging time comes from the time it takes to start-up and shut down the machine.

The excavator’s motor will start and stop smoothly, minimizing torque surges and sudden jerks.


22. What is the role of slip rings in an excavator throttle motor?


The slip rings transmit electrical power to the motors, which receive this power and use it to run the motors.

This slip rings in an excavator motor convert DC voltage into AC in the electrical wires. Slip rings are present in electric motors to conduct electricity through them mechanically.

The slip rings present in an excavator motor help it start running smoothly by distributing the power from the battery to all portions of the motor. Slip rings are part of the throttle motor assembly in an excavator.


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