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Excavator Swing Motor Gearbox – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The Excavator Swing motor gearbox FAQ Guide provides you with all the questions and answers about the excavator swing motor gearbox.

This guide contains information about excavator swing motor gearbox, applications, oil capacity, the material used in manufacturing, lifetime, and much more.

It helps you with all the necessary information either you are a professional or a newbie.

1.    What is an excavator swing motor gearbox?

An excavator swing motor gearbox is an integral part of an excavator and increases the torque output or changes the revolution per minute (speed) of an excavator swing motor.


The excavator swing motors shaft relates to one side of the excavator swing motor gearbox. It provides both rotating force and speed (revolution per minute given by the gear ratio).

An excavator swing motor gearbox rotates the excavators around their axis with relatively little force.

An excavator swing motor gearbox is made up of gears that increase the power of the excavator engine.

2.    What are the applications of the excavator swing motor gearbox?

Excavator swing motor gearboxes are suitable for use in excavators and cranes of different sizes.

They are also used in excavators and cranes used offshore or onshore where precise positioning is needed, and rotary movement is required, especially if high acceleration and torque are needed.

They are used in a variety of industries.

3.    How can you change the oil of your excavator swing motor gearbox?

Any worker needs to be able to change the oil in their excavator swing motor gearbox.

Changing your excavator’s swing motor gearbox oil is a simple job that can be done in just a few minutes using minimum tools.


To change your excavator’s swinging motor gearbox oil, follow these instructions:

  • First, remove plug A mounted on the drainpipe end to drain oil into a container.
  • Then dispose of the wasted oil properly.
  • Install the plug.
  • Remove filter cap.
  • Add oil.
  • Install filter cap.
  • Check oil level on the dipstick.

4.    How much is the oil capacity of the excavator swing motor gearbox?

The oil capacity of the excavator swing motor gearbox may vary a little bit depending on different types of swing motor gearboxes.

However, the oil capacity of the excavator swing motor gearbox is about 12-15 Liters.

As to the oil type, it can be hydraulic oil or standard mineral oil.

Hydraulic oil is used to ensure the smooth operation of the swing gearbox, while standard mineral oil is used to prolong its lifespan.

Hy-trans oil is commonly used for excavator swing gearbox.

5.    How does an excavator swing motor gearbox work?

All excavator swing motor gearboxes work in the same way.

The direction of gears that rotate depends on which way they are facing and how they are oriented.

For instance, if the gear is turning rightward, the gearbox it interacts with will rotate leftward.

The size of the gearbox plays a vital role in the amount of speed and torque that is created.

If the gear ratio is higher, torque will be more with less speed, but if the gear ratio is lower, it will provide more speed but lower torque.

6.    Can oil release from excavator swing motor gearbox be harmful?

The excavator swing motor gearbox is highly pressurized, so you should be careful about changing or removing the oil from the swing motor gearbox.

Sudden and high-pressured release of oil from the pressurized system can cause severe burns on our skin, particularly on our face and hands, and it can also cause penetrating injury.

So, it is advised to wear a mask or gloves or any other protective material while changing your swing motor gearbox oil.

As the hydraulic tank is pressurized, do not remove the vent plug mentioned in the figure below as A and release the pressure by loosening the vent plug.

7.    What is the position of the excavator swing motor gearbox in an excavator?

The excavator swing motor gearbox is mounted on the upper structure of a hydraulic excavator.

The sprocket connects the slewing ring to the upper structure, allowing the upper system to rotate around its axis.

8.    Why excavator swing motor gearbox fail?

Following are the most common causes of failure of excavator swing motor gearbox:

  • 4% – Insufficient oiling
  • 6% – Contamination
  • 7% – Errors of installation
  • 9% – Overloading
  • 8% – Errors of handling

The primary reason for the failure of the excavator swing motor gearbox is insufficient lubrication.

Improperly filled grease containers or additives, incompatible materials, incorrect time intervals, and incorrect lubrication are the leading causes.

Water is a common source of oil contamination and can significantly reduce lubrication.

Contamination of particles is a problem that can occur when contaminated oil enters the gearbox, resulting in wear or failure particles.

Particles can also break down internal components in the gearbox, making it more challenging to repair and increase the repair cost.

Overloaded parts cause widespread failure in 6.9% of all products.

Gearboxes with congested parts fail because they exceed the design limits for load, speed, or temperature, and those with overloaded features have shortened component life.

Poorly installed components are potential sources of failure.

Poorly installed or misaligned components can lead to catastrophic breakdowns, resulting in costly maintenance and business downtime.

9.    What are the types of excavator swing motor gearbox?

A variety of gearboxes are available in different parts of the world.

The performance characteristics of various gearboxes differ significantly.


Some types of gearboxes are following:

Bevel excavator swing motor gearbox

They are maybe either straight or spiral.

Straight bevel gearboxes have consecutive teeth with tapered inner edges and are used in applications that require very low speeds.

Spiral bevel gears are designed for applications that require high-performance, high speed.

Their curved and oblique teeth create a more efficient transmission than straight-cut gears.

Helical excavator swing motor gearbox

These gearboxes have helical-shaped teeth cut at a minimal angle, provides engagement of each gear tooth as it moves into position.

This innovative technology reduces the noise and vibration from the engine.

Such gearboxes are used in powered applications and are more effective.

Spur excavator swing motor gearbox

Spur gears are loud due to the colliding teeth, which means they break down more quickly than other gear types.

There are various sizes for spur gears and have a variety of gear ratios to meet multiple uses.

Worm excavator swing motor gearbox

Worm gears are among the most durable gear types, withstand high shock loads and efficient low maintenance.

Planetary excavator swing motor gearbox

Planetary, or helical gears, are named after the planets in our solar system because of their planetary-like appearance.

Planetary gearboxes have three parts such as sun, planetary, and ring gears.

Sun gear is fixed in the center and meshes with both the ring and planet gears.

10.      What material is used in manufacturing an excavator swing motor gearbox?

The excavator swing motor gearboxes are manufactured with durable raw material and ensure the life of the product.

Material-used-in-manufacturing-of excavator-swing -motor-gearbox

Most commonly, they are manufactured from cast iron, brass, an alloy of aluminum, and different steel materials.

Other gearboxes used different materials, and the material selected also depends on applications and the manufacturer.

Swing motor gearboxes made from steel are loud and make noise, and they also wear out quickly, while those made from plastic materials are quiet and easy to clean.

11.      How can you check if your excavator swing motor gearbox is faulty?

Here is a list of warning signs of the excavator swing motor gearbox.

If you suspect damage related to the following signs, contact your trusted mechanic as soon as possible.

  1. Listen to your gearbox for any noises.

If it is not working correctly, various noises will come from the gearbox, and it could cause breakdowns and engine damage.

If you hear chattering, whirring, and shaking, your gearbox needs attention and is likely to fail unless it is professionally repaired.

  1. Can you smell burning?

Burnt oil is a health hazard. If you smell oil burning, it is an indication that your gearbox is overheating.

  1. Failure to engage a gear.

When gears fail to engage, it is best to leave the problem with a mechanic.

However, sometimes gear failure will occur, and you will need to work around it’ for a while. You can ‘work around it’ by shifting through the gears manually but not for very long.

  1. Your gearbox ‘feels’ different.

If you have been driving your car happily for years and the gearbox is starting to give you a headache, it might be time to get it repaired.

You know your car the best, so if you suspect something is amiss in the oily bits, it’s probably best to take your vehicle to a repair facility.

12.      Can you work with a faulty excavator swing motor gearbox?

It is not a good idea to work with an excavator with a lousy swing motor gearbox.

The only thing you should do if you think you have a faulty gearbox is to take your car to a mechanic immediately because If you have a defective gearbox, it means that something is wrong with your excavator.

Without treatment, it will cost substantially more money and will be a costly repair.

Driving an excavator with a lousy swing gearbox can be dangerous.

The swing gearbox may not function properly, which means the excavator will not start or drive well.

13.      What are the signs that your excavator swing motor gearbox is leaking?

First, a visible oil underneath your excavator indicates that the oil of your excavator swing gearbox is leaking.

If your gearbox is low on gear oil, you may experience overheating.


If you find it challenging to shift gears or think that the gearbox is grinding, then your oil must be leaking, and you should check the oil level of your swing motor gearbox.

These characteristics will help you to know if the oil of your excavator swing motor gearbox is leaking.

14.      How to stop the oil leak of the excavator swing gearbox?

First, it is essential to know that the oil of your excavator swing motor gearbox is leaking.

After determining that the oil of your excavator swing motor gearbox is leaking, you need some solution to stop the leak.

Most gearbox oil leaks are usually caused by faulty seals, gaskets, or components, so a quick application of an oil stop leak could save you a trip to the repair garage.

Applying an oil leak sealer may be the perfect solution to a leaking gearbox.

You can add an oil leak sealer by following the steps below:

  1. Firstly, remove the filler cap of swing motor gearbox oil.
  2. Then determine how much oil is leaking and how much the oil must be removed to make room for the new oil stop leak. (250ml of OIL-FIX will treat 5Ltrs of gearbox oil)
  3. After following these two steps, add enough gearbox oil to stop the leak. If extra oil is needed, then top up with gearbox oil.
  4. Finally, place the filler cap again.

15.      Why is the oil leaking from your excavator swing motor gearbox?

The most common causes of oil leaking from your swing motor gearbox are the following.

Excessive oil:

The oil level in the gearbox is a delicate balance between the correct amount of oil to fill the entire lubrication circuit and a deficient oil level.

So always keep an appropriate amount of oil in the gearbox. If it’s in an excessive amount, it will result in leakage.

Choked gearbox:

Another cause of oil leaking is the choked swing motor gearbox.

Air gets stuck in, and it will result in oil leakage.

16.      What is the best material for the excavator swing motor gearbox?

Well, the material depends on the types of gearbox and the manufacturer.

Different types use different materials, and each material has its benefits and, of course, some disadvantages.

Cast iron is the most used material for excavator swing motor gearbox as it positively affects gearbox performance due to its toughness, wear-resistance, and machinability.

Worm gears use bronze because of their wear resistance ability.

Carbon steel or alloy steel is commonly used for its comparative high strength values.

17.      What should be the lifetime of an excavator swing motor gearbox?

Proper maintenance and timely service are required for a long time, and smooth running of excavator swing motor gearbox.

If proper maintenance and time service required for the gearbox is not done, it may fail only after 100,000 miles.

But if you drive around 10-15,000 miles per year, a gearbox can have a life of almost seven years!

But with timely service and proper maintenance, swing motor gearbox can last for about 300,000 miles or even more.

It all depends on how you are using your gearbox and if you are taking proper measures for it or not.

18.      Can you replace your excavator swing motor gearbox?

The older the gear is, the more wear it experiences from strenuous movement.

Replacing it on time can prevent downtime of your machine.

Whatever the reason for a repair, replacing the part with timely precision will ensure that you do not suffer from downtime at work.

If you replace just one part of the swing gearbox, it would be ruined soon after, so it is recommended to replace the entire gearbox.

The old gearbox will not fit, and friction will occur.

The new sprocket will eventually wear out. With time, it will get damaged by the old parts.

You will pay more if you only replace one part because it will not last long, and you will have to purchase the entire gearbox again in the future.

19.      Why is your excavator swing motor gearbox making noise?

Bearing noises, gear noises, and shaft vibrations are the most common cause of mechanical noise.

In heavy use, gears and gear teeth develop grooves and small pits.

While these are only small at first, a whole host of problems could come from them.

These imperfections will cause even more noise to occur.

20.      What are the main reasons for using an excavator swing motor gearbox?

The gearbox is used to increase or decrease the revolution per minute of an excavator swing motor gearbox.

So, the speed function will be the inverse of the torque function.

If the excavator swing drives increase revolutions per minute, the resultant rotatory force will decrease and vice versa.

If swing drive decreases speed or revolution per minute (output speed is lower than input speed), the rotation will increase; if excavator swing drive improves revolution per minute or speed, the rotation will decrease.

It changes the revolution per minute of the excavator swing motor.

21.      What are the design requirements of an excavator swing motor gearbox?

There are specific technical requirements for the excavator swing motor gearbox. The design inputs for the excavator swing motor gearbox must include the following:

  • Gear ratio and approximately how many reductions in the gears and their gear ratios and any tolerance on balance.
  • Requirements of envelope and size.
  • Restrictions to weight.
  • Dimensions and interfaces of output and input.
  • Estimated percent or probability, for example, 99 percent reliability, one failure out of 100.
  • If applicable, requirements for verification of the design.

22.      What must include the design specifications of the excavator swing motor gearbox?

While buying an excavator swing motor gearbox, certain things need to be considered.

The manufacturer must provide the following details about the excavator swing motor gearbox:

  • Summary of design input information.
  • Calculations of design, including analysis of gear life and stress and its results.
  • Concept layout drawing.
  • Lead-time estimate if required and a preliminary cost.

23.  What is the controlling method of the excavator swing motor gearbox?

The excavator swing motor output works as an input to a gearbox that has control over rotation speed.

The diagram below shows that driver controls the swing motor, attached as the input of the gearbox.

The shaft of the gearbox’s output revolves around the revolution of the motor’s shaft when the driver is powered.

The speed and torque produced by a gearbox are dependent on its internal configuration.

24.  How can you select an appropriate excavator swing motor gearbox?

Some of those critical factors which should be considered are discussed below:

Gear Ratio

The gear ratios are the comparison between the number of teeth on two different gears.

Whenever gear teeth are formed, a “proportional relationship” is observed between the number of teeth and the gear’s circumference.

The larger gearbox will have more teeth, and the more miniature gearbox will have fewer teeth. Therefore, the gear ratio will be accurate.

For example, with a gear ratio of 3:1, the gears have 36 teeth and 12 teeth.

Output Torque

Output torque is the most critical parameter in gear selection.

Torque varies directly with the gear ratio.

The speed of the output shaft of the motor decreases ultimately.

Speed (revolution per minute)

Revolution per minute varies directly with the gear ratio.

Gear Arrangement

Gear arrangement is a system designed to allow for maximum productivity with minimal effort from workers.

25.      What are the drawbacks of using an excavator swing motor gearbox?

Using an excavator swing motor gearbox provides a lot of benefits and advantages, but it also has some disadvantages, which are mentioned below:
·         Proper lubrication is the need for the smooth running of the swing motor gearbox.
·         Excessive noise and vibration can result if teeth are cut poorly.

·         If quality is improved, cost increases.

·         More costly than other drive systems.

26.      What is the cost of the excavator swing motor gearbox?

When it comes to gearboxes, the cost varies between $500 and $600.

The price varies because each gearbox is made differently and according to different specifications such as size, backlash, accuracy, and gear ratio.

Gearboxes with gear backlash in the 30-arc-minute range can be bought for less than $500.

In contrast, gearboxes with a backlash under five arc minutes will have a higher price tag than identical gearboxes with high backlash values.

27.      What are the advantages of using an excavator swing motor gearbox?

Following are some advantages of using an excavator swing motor gearbox:

  • Large output torque.
  • Reduction of speed.
  • It has a higher Resolution.
  • It can drive on larger inertial loads.
  • It has a short time of positioning.
  • Downsize.
  • Improved characteristics of damping.
  • Increased radial and axial loads.
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