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Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Starter

CATERPILLAR Excavator Starter 323 L 323E LN SA 323F

High-Quality Caterpillar Excavator Starter 323 L 323E LN SA 323F. All parts are sold as new. Caterpillar Excavator Starter is available at XuGong KS.

Excavator Starter Motor for PC300-6,360-7 6D108

The excavator Starter is designed for engine speed, pump speed, and system pressure. Excavator Starter for PC300-6,360-7 6D108 is available at XuGong KS.

KOMATSU Excavator Starter SAA6D170E 0230008115

A starter assembly, 100% brand new and high-quality excavator starter  SAA6D170E 0230008115 by Komatsu. XuGong KS ensures the long service life of excavator starters.

PC200-7 Excavator Engine Starter Motor 600-863-5110

PC200-7 Excavator Engine Starter Motor 600-863-5110 is 100% brand new and a high-quality excavator starter offered by Xugong KS. This item is best applied in machinery repair shops and excavators.

CATERPILLAR Excavator Starter E320E-E320

CATERPILLAR Excavator Starter E320E-E320 is a high-quality excavator starter supplied by XuGong KS. Package includes 1x set of the excavator starter motor with a guaranteed safe packaging.

Excavator Starter Diesel Engine 6D102 3863128

Excavator Starter Diesel Engine 6D102 3863128 is a top-quality product of XuGong KS made especially for excavator works. Excavator starter is guaranteed to be new and in good condition!

Cummins 6CT8.3 Excavator Starter Motor

Cummins 6CT8.3 Excavator Starter Motor is a superior quality designed for the perfect fitment of your excavators. We ensure to provide you the optimal performance of XuGong KS’ excavator starters!

13T 7.5KW 24V PC200-1 Diesel Excavator Starter 0230003173

13T 7.5KW 24V PC200-1 Diesel Excavator Starter 0230003173 is supplied by XuGong KS. We guarantee you an excavator that performs 100%  quality. The product is packed according to what you want.

CAT E320D2 Excavator Starter C6.6 354-5671 3545671

CAT E320D2 Excavator Starter C6.6 354-5671 3545671 is brand new following the OEM standards.  XuGong KS has lots of in-stock excavator starter products for you!

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XuGong KS is not just a good choice but your best choice in getting your excavator starter! Xugong KS is the topmost trusted and reliable distributor in China. We make your excavation work efficient and hassle-free!

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Xugong KS Excavator Starter Manufacturing Process

XuGong KS ensures to give you a long lasting material. We conduct the process of shaping the materials with the use of heat to give you a smooth shape of the excavator starter that you want!
To avoid getting a rough and edgy finish, XuGong KS excavator starters undergoes chamfering to provide a smooth edge of the product. XuGong KS guarantees you a 100% customer satisfaction!
Cylinder Bore Machining
In this process, it cuts away the damage area of the excavator starter and smoothens the cylinder walls so that the piston can move up and down. XuGong KS is hands-on with these processes to make sure to give you a good quality product!
Motor Attachment
XuGong KS is known to be the top distributor of excavator starters in China. XuGong KS is meticulous in terms of the manufacturing process of the excavator starters to guarantee a high-quality product.
Machining is the processes of cutting a piece of raw material into different shapes and sizes to come up with the final product. XuGong KS is very committed in providing a product that fits the needs of our customers!
XuGong KS provides a well-planned lubrication system to supply oil to the engine at the correct pressure and volume to provide adequate lubrication and to ensure high-caliber performance of the product.
XuGong KS aims to provide quality assembled products for delivery. The assembly process of excavator starters is an arrangement of the pieces of the product. We make sure to give you the best excavator starter of your choice!
Excavator Starters are designed as a heavy-duty material known as one of the most important part of the excavator. XuGong KS provides you an excavator starter that is well-packaged following the standards of good and safe packaging.

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XuGong KS guarantees you a high-quality excavator starter since our manufacturing process follows the OEM standard and thorough quality assurance checking.

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Excavator Starter – The Complete FAQ Guide

How often do you think about your excavator starter? Excavator starters are one of the most ignored components of your excavator. Many excavator operators start their day by switching on the excavator engine without even remembering how the starter is vital for the excavator to even move.


Keeping that in mind, you may not entirely know how an excavator starter operates, or why it is an important component of your excavator’s engine.


The primary aim of this guide is to help you understand the following:

  • What an excavator starter is, how it functions and where to find it.
  • How to properly install, maintain, diagnose, and replace your excavator starter.
  • Where to get the best excavator aftermarket starters in the market today at affordable prices.


Keep reading this guide to find out more.

1. What Is A Starter in An Excavator?

An excavator starter is a small motor that transmits electric power between the excavator’s battery and the excavator’s engine. It is what ignites the engine to start running so that the excavator becomes operational.

Figure 1 - Excavator Starter


Figure 1 – Excavator Starter


2. How Does An Excavator Starter Work?

Your excavator starter is a robust electric motor that is used to start your engine. The excavator starter has a pinion that matches with the teeth of the excavator’s engine flywheel and turns the crankshaft.

Figure 2 - Excavator Starter Internal Structure


Figure 2 – Excavator Starter Internal Structure


Many modern excavators have a pre-engaged excavator starter motor that uses an electric motor to provide torque to the crankshaft. Its power is drawn from your excavator battery. Your excavator’s battery power is transmitted to a solenoid.


Your excavator’s ignition key comes between the solenoid and the excavator battery which turns the power on and off as needed. When you switch on your excavator ignition key, the solenoid gets energized.


The starter has a moving coil known as the plunger that slides along the coil, which connects two copper terminals of a contactor switch. It helps complete the circuit from the battery to the motor and causes the motor to spin.


The solenoid also slides the pinion and engages it with the flywheel before the motor starts to spin. Now, the pinion is significantly smaller than the flywheel. Each excavator has its gear ratio for the pinion and the flywheel.


Your excavator starter further has a planetary gear set that increases the torque necessary to start the excavator engine when the pinion engages the flywheel. This planetary gear set consists of a sun gear, ring gear, carrier, and a set of planet gears.


After your engine starts, the pinion disengages quickly from the flywheel to prevent damage. It disengages when you release the ignition switch. When you release the ignition switch, the solenoid gets de-energized, returning the pinion.


If you fail to release the ignition key when the engine turns on, the flywheel will spin the pinion too fast, damaging the motor.

3. Where Is The Excavator Starter Located?

You’ll most likely find the excavator starter in the engine bay. If you wish to pinpoint its location, kindly consider checking your excavator’s manual.


Figure 3 – Excavator Engine Bay

4. Why Does My Excavator Fail to Start?

Several reasons may make your excavator engine fail to start. Check them out:


  • Bad battery– A bad battery will make your excavator engine fail to start. You can identify a bad battery issue if your excavator engine cranking is slower than usual. The excavator could also have no interior lights, as no electric power is being received from the battery to power up the digital dials.


  • Damaged Alternator– Your excavator could also fail to start because of a damaged alternator. You can tell if your excavator’s alternator is damaged if you hear a squealing noise coming from the excavator engine.


  • Damaged Excavator Starter– If your excavator’s battery and alternator are okay, consider replacing your excavator starter.


5. What Happens If I Start My Engine When the Engine Is Already Running?

Starting your excavator engine when the engine is running can be detrimental to your excavator starter.


Check this out:


When your engine starts, the pinion disengages quickly from the flywheel to prevent damage. It disengages when you release the ignition switch or key. After releasing the ignition switch, the solenoid gets de-energized, returning the pinion.


Should you fail to release the ignition key when the engine ignites, the flywheel will spin the pinion too fast, damaging the starter.

6. What Noise Does A Bad Excavator Starter Make?

Your excavator starter should not produce any abnormal sounds during and after starting the excavator engine. You may find excavator starters that get damaged without producing a sound, while others will notify you of what is about to happen.


The most common noise a damaged excavator starter produces is a clicking sound.


If you have lights on your excavator’s controls but your excavator engine will not crank, your starter is most likely damaged.


Also, if you hear a screeching or grinding noise coming from your excavator starter, there may be a problem with your starter’s pinion and the flywheel. They are probably misaligned and this can cause serious problems to both the flywheel and the pinion.

7. How Can I Know If My Excavator Starter is Damaged?

You can tell if your excavator starter is damaged if something doesn’t sound right as you start the excavator’s engine. It can be clicking or grinding sounds that will notify you of an anomaly in your excavator starter.


However, not all starters produce this noise. Some may die silently without even warning you.


The second symptom of a damaged excavator starter is no action. You’ll have lights in your excavator’s cab, and the front lights can get switched on as well, but the engine will not start. As you attempt to start your excavator


You can further confirm that your excavator starter has an issue if you attempt to jumpstart it and it fails to start.


Your excavator may also fail to start because your excavator starter is fried. You can tell if your excavator starter is fried, as it will produce smoke. If you notice any smoke coming from your excavator engine bay before igniting the excavator’s engine, consider reaching out to your favorite mechanic.

8. How Can I Tell If My Excavator Starter or Battery Is Damaged?

Here’s the deal:


You can distinguish starter issues from excavator battery issues by simply checking for lit excavator digital dials. If the excavator battery is damaged, no light will switch on as you attempt to start the excavator.


Figure 4 – Excavator Battery

9. What Causes Damages to Excavator Starters?

Your excavator starter is bound to get damaged as you continually use it. However, these starters can prematurely fail because of the following issues:


  • Your excavator starter has loose wirings that run to and from the starter.
  • Dirty connections can also cause excavator starter damages.
  • If your excavator battery is corroded, consider contacting your preferred mechanic to help you out with the issue.
  • Your excavator starter may also be worn out – the pinion may be worn out because it frequently engages the excavator’s flywheel.


10. How Are Excavator Starters Replaced?

Excavator starters are usually found in the engine bay, inside their housing. The housing is what connects the starter’s pinion with the flywheel so that when you turn on the ignition key, it engages the flywheel.


Now, different excavators have different engine designs, meaning that their access point is different. Consider reading your excavator service manual first – it’ll explain all that you need to know to make the replacement process a success.


Also, check the flywheel. If your excavator starter pinion is damaged, there is a high possibility that your excavator flywheel may lack some teeth. You can check for missing teeth by marking a point on your flywheel and rotating the crankshaft which will in turn spin the flywheel.


It is important to connect your excavator starter’s terminals correctly. You are most likely going to find the terminals labeled S, M, and B.

Figure 5 - Excavator Starter Terminal


Figure 5 – Excavator Starter Terminal


The B stands for battery terminal, and it connects the excavator starter’s solenoid directly to your excavator’s battery positive cable. On the other hand, the S stands for start terminal. The start terminal receives power when the ignition switch is turned on.


The M terminal refers to the motor terminal. It connects the starter motor to the cable that attaches it to the entire starting system.

11. Are Excavator Starters Repairable?

Yes, excavator starters are repairable, depending on the degree of damage. Leading experts, however, recommend acquiring another excavator starter once the one you have gets damaged.


Repairing excavator starters will consume a lot of time, making your excavator less productive. They also need experts who understand the starting system well. It is also not a guarantee that the starter will perform as it should after the repair.


Bottom line:


Replacing your damaged excavator starter with a new, high-quality one is better than repairing the former.

12. How Should I Select the Ideal Excavator Starter?

Selecting your excavator’s ideal starter is not a difficult thing to do. You only need to contact a reputable aftermarket company to help you out.


You can contact us and share with us your excavator’s starter part number. All excavators have unique part numbers for all the different components.


If you do not have your excavator’s starter part number, you can share with us your excavator’s make and model and we will get you the right excavator starter that is fully interchangeable with the original one.


Figure 6 – Aftermarket Excavator Starter


It is important to select the ideal excavator starter as the starter’s pinion teeth have to match with the flywheel’s teeth. In other words, the gear ratio has to be the same to prevent premature wear of both your excavator’s pinion and the flywheel as well.


Apart from selecting the ideal excavator starter for you, we also guarantee safe and on-time delivery. KS has been in the excavator aftermarket parts manufacturing and selling business for over a decade now.


In our many years of doing business, we have established a close working relationship with the globe’s leading logistics companies. They help us ensure that your excavator starter reaches you safely and on time.


Here’s the deal:


The best way to get the ideal excavator starter for your excavator is to reach out to a professional aftermarket manufacturing company. Aftermarket companies offer you exactly what your excavator manufacturer offers you but at a cheaper price.

13. How Much Do Excavator Starters Cost?

The cost of your excavator starter depends on the make and model of your excavator. Different excavators have different starter designs, and the more complex the starter, the more costly it becomes.


You can reach out to us today to get a free quote on your excavator starter.

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