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XuGong KS is one of the leading manufacturers in China offering you the best Excavator Ring Gear in the market. Excellent quality control, cost-saving, operation, and aftersales service are what we can hand on you. High-precision products at a competitive price. XuGong KS provides custom-made Excavator Ring Gear, which means you can place an order just according to your demands and specifications. XuGong KS Excavator Ring Gear has an optimum life period and increased durability.


XuGong KS Excavator Ring Gear can be in any diameter, material, number of teeth, and shape, etc. A vast choice for you and our team will support you with that and make sure that it is 100% suitable and avoid mistakes. Ordering XuGong KS Excavator Ring Gear is very simple. Let us know your brand and model number and our sales team will fit it very well. Xugong KS has in stock over 1000 Excavator Ring Gear available for different excavator brands. Rest assured that XuGong KS Excavator Ring Gears are 100% ready before we deliver them to you. Get a quote now!


Excavator Ring Gear – The Definitive FAQ Guide


With the rapid innovation in technology, the adaptivity and importance of excavator ring gear are rising. This guide is a rich source of information for those who are looking to get familiar with the excavator ring gear. You will get a how to know on the excavator ring gear, issues associated with this device, maintenance requirements, types of the excavator ring gear, materials used in construction, and much more.


1. What is an excavator ring gear?


One of the most important parts of an excavator is the excavator ring gear. Simple and often overlooked, it is the joint between the top and bottom frame. The top part can be rotated in a 360-degree axis on the excavator ring gear, keeping parts at the bottom structure in a stationary position. Excavator ring gears are used in excavators. Excavator ring gears augment the strength of the swing frame and carry the majority of the machine load.

They are precision machined and inspected to ensure excellent performance. The excavator ring gear is usually made from alloy steel or cast alloy steel. They have a small amount of backlash to prevent binding and slip. Excavator ring gears support torque loads as large as 10 times the weight of the machine.


2. How to grease your excavator ring gear?


Excavator ring gear requires severe grease lubrication; it is easy to burn bearings due to excessive friction. Therefore, the control of grease amount and lubrication time is very important. Improper lubrication can lead to loss and cause the danger of machine damage. There are multiple grease points located next to the boom and as well as on the excavator swing gear.

You can use a grease pump attached with a nozzle to input the optimum amount of grease into your excavator ring gear. Every mechanical system has moving and static parts which, when smoothly operating together, enable the machine to operate safely and efficiently.


Today’s excavators have equipped with a variety of grease-lubricated components, from the link pins to the engine bearings, and everything in between – all of which use a greased-for-life, maintenance-free design concept. All of these items can be considered critical components that drive up the life expectancy of your equipment while also reducing your maintenance costs.


3. What are the problems associated with excavator ring gear?


Multiple problems associated with the excavator ring gear, are as follows: Excavator swing gears are usually subjected to shock and shear loads, which can accelerate the wear of components including pins, races, bearing seals, and inner and outer segments. In high vibration environments, these problems are aggravated due to increased surface fatigue of the gears. The process of making smooth tooth surfaces on excavator gears is demanding on equipment and worker time.


Typically, rough grinding takes up to one hour per tooth, and finishing with an abrasive wheel adds another hour. These processes are high in both cost and waste materials: sands become contaminated with dirt particles, rust flakes contaminate steel grinding wheels and oil-soaked rags require disposal.


4. What is the role of the rolling element in an excavator ring gear?


Excavator Ring Gear, which is a ring gear type four-row tapered roller bearing, belongs to the high-capacity double acting swing gear series. The external dimension of the part is 37×134.3mm with an outer diameter of 140mm and a pinion end with an inner diameter of 188mm.

The role of the rolling element is to locate the high-speed shaft and to carry the axial load and radial load, as well as enable the excavator to rotate. Rolling elements supporting the ring gear are called “race”.There are two bearing races in an excavator ring gear, inner and outer. The inner bearing race is called the “inner race”; while the outer one is named the “outer race”.


5. How does an excavator ring gear work?


These gears create a smooth and controlled movement of the excavator during the excavation process and hence prevent damage of other components. Excavator ring gears are the main components of excavators. They play an important role in making excavators operate able. The swinging movement is transferred from the main transmission to the attached drive shaft by means of a swinging pinion gear.


Then, the discharging thrusts generated by this motion are transmitted to a ring gear through an intermediate plate or an equalizer bar. Through this movement, excavator ring gear helps your excavator rotate a 360 degree. Thus, it prevents the transfer of your excavator from one place to another rather it allows you to change the direction through the revolution of the upper structure.


6. What is the role of load plugin an excavator ring gear?


Excavator swing gear load plug is a little piece of a rubber ring that is packed in the gap between pinion gears and frame inner race. It has a high strength to bear loads generating from the work machine. Its function is to prevent dust arriving into pinion gear, prolong service life of bearings due to its excellent sealing effect.

It can also reflect different degrees of lubrication on main bearing axial thrust surface by using grease or oil. The load plug of an excavator gearbox is the main purpose to be displaced when the motor (auxiliary) shafts are directly driven.


The main load goes from the front of the gear teeth into the rearmost plug and displaces it into a groove of the ring gear, thus eliminating all load from the pinion to ring gear bearings.


7. What is the price of an excavator ring gear?


The price of an excavator ring gear varies and depends on several factors. The major factors which primarily decides the cost of your excavator ring gear includes material, characteristics embedded with material, design specifications, model to which it installed, and life associated.


The cost of excavator ring gear which is capable to bear radial, axial, and moment load lies in the range of $600 to $1000 per piece. The price of an excavator ring gear which is manufactured by hardening or tempering lies in the range of $490 to $590 per piece. When you make a purchase in bulk amount then the company will provide you with a reasonable percentage of discount.


8. What materials are used in making excavator ring gear?


Excavator ring gears are generally made of cast iron, steel, or alloy. There are a lot of different kinds of material used in manufacturing gears; many different factors are involved in the decision of what type to use.

The tooth surface of gear is all grinded by P120 mesh, which is conducive to the use of common WC, SKF and FAG ball bearing. For example, machine parts such as mainframe, buckets, engines, and gears can be made from mild steel while the pinion gears which run inside main driveshafts tend to be made from hardened steel in order to withstand the load pressure applied by the remaining components during operation.


9. What is the role of spacers in an excavator ring gear?


The role of spacers in an excavator ring gear is to reduce noise by restricting excessive movement between the pinion and carrier, therefore it is important that the spacer be secured properly so it cannot vibrate and cause noise.


A considerable portion of the power produced by the engine is transmitted thru the pinion gear along with motive force, while a smaller portion of the power is transmitted through spacers onto the swing bearing, which provides guidance and dynamic support and establishes lubrication of the ring gear teeth.

In addition, they allow a certain amount of radial displacement of the pinions relative to the centerline of the shaft. Normally, spacers can be made of steel or bronze cast material. It is also common to employ glancing contact in place of a spacer. In this method, the pressure angle between teeth is reduced by 1-2 degrees, which results in a larger contact angle of teeth as well as large frictional forces acting on the mating surfaces.


10. What is the role of mounting holes in an excavator ring gear?


The mounting holes of the excavator ring gear not only act as the fastening place for the bearing inlet and outlet but also to provide the medium for oil lubrication. Therefore, the mounting holes are a key element of an excavator ring gear. Just like other parts of an excavator ring gear such as teeth, rib tip groove, bolt holes, etc., the mounting holes must have high strength and meet certain requirements on clearances.

The mounting holes can be used for adjustment of the surface dimensional position of the ring gear, but also serve as a guide for locating both driven and driver pinions while assembling the group of gears. It is essential that twist-proof mounting holes are provided close to the outer diameter of high-performance pinions and the girdle.


11. What is the maintenance requirement of an excavator ring gear?


Excavator Gear Maintenance requirements vary depending on the machine application, a number of hours and machine use. Excavator ring gear needs to pay attention to the key maintenance factors: bearing structure, assembly, and lubrication. If these are not performed regularly and correctly, it will lead to premature wear and improper machine operation. When an excavator ring gear fails, it will endanger the operator.


If you are encountering any abnormal whistles or noises during operation, please clean and inspect it immediately. If you have installed a bearing race on your gear, please add 5% more grease into your machine, because it can reduce operational noise level to half (if you don’t have a bearing race installed).


12. What is the role of grease fitting in an excavator ring gear?


Excavator Ring Gears use grease fittings to provide lubrication. The grease line is typically routed through the wide portion of the ring gear which helps with lubricating the bearings inside of the gear as well as the gears attached to the outside of it. Greasing fitting in Excavator ring gear with the pinion can ensure that the reciprocating motion is smooth.


Grease is used in the excavator ring gear due to moving parts having friction. The grease is applied to increase the life of the gear, therefore preventing rapid wear and tear. Without grease, the gears would lose its lubricant which causes rapid wear and tear of the parts.


13. How to replace an excavator ring gear?


Replacing an excavator ring gear is a complicated task that requires an additional machine to lift the upper structure of an excavator. By lifting the upper structure, a mechanic or you can access the excavator ring gear. The excavator ring gear is replaced only when it experiences a heavy wear and tear.


The right and specific tool kit is needed which have varying sizes of spanner or screwer to unscrew the bolts for the core purpose of isolation of an excavator ring gear. Then you need to replace the excavator ring gear with the new one and again install the mounting with the help of tool kit. After that install the upper structure on your excavator and test it to make sure it is working fine.


14. What is the role of bearing in excavator ring gear?


The bearings of the excavator machine ring gear are the most important parts.It is the main load-bearing and lubricating part in the excavator machine working. Excavator ring bearing main functions are:

  • It is specially designed for excavator’s frame.
  • Its swing bearing is used to connect the whole ring gear and its pinion, so that the whole frame can move along the axis of rotation smoothly, meanwhile the excavation machine can operate under heavy loading.
  • Thanks to our ring bearing, you can have a good quality machine with low life cycle cost and low breakdown rate.

15. Which type of oil should I use for excavator ring gear?


Excavator ring gear oil is generally made of a mineral oil-based blend to provide lubrication and cooling. There are different types of oils available, but in most cases, the additives used to formulate the lubricant will cover a broad range of temperatures. In addition, there can be contamination that limits the range of temperature for which a particular lubricant can be used.


This oil enhances the life of your excavator ring gear and increases the efficiency of your excavator to perform work effectively. With the right type of oil, you can increase the resistance towards corrosion, wear and tear, and abrasion.


16. Do the number of teeth on excavator ring gear affects excavator



The excavator ring gear teeth have great importance and they are a vital component. The teeth are the main entity that meshes with the outer ring and transmits the power and help your excavator’s upper structure to revolve 360 degrees.

The number of teeth varies from model to model and the gap between them determines how strongly the power gets transferred. When in heavy or continuous use they gets wear and tear which result in loss of power transmission. You need to manage or follow the regular maintenance requirements in order to make your excavator ring gear work effectively.


17. What are the signs that my excavator ring gear is failing?


Excavator swing gear failure can lead to catastrophic events such as equipment stoppage, damaged equipment, and expensive repairs. It is essential that all excavator operators watch for signs of swing gear failure before they happen. Excavator swing gear failure can typically be seen in the bearing races, which expand under pressure.


Excavator Ring gear failure can be caused by a variety of factors including improper oil, improper operating conditions, as well as inappropriate or worn out parts. Excavator Ring Gear Failure is a real problem because it can happen so slowly that you’re unaware of the danger until it is too late.


18. What is the lifetime of excavator ring gear?


Excavator ring gear is also under the scope of normal wear and tear, according to the same principle, in addition to the heat cone angle of abnormal size, and overloading factors will affect the lifetime of excavator ring gears. Therefore, the selection of excavator ring gear must also pay attention to the above principles.


The lifetime of excavator ring gear depends on the method of designing and processing rings, the effect of various external factors such as mining conditions, equipment load and working habits. In general, the life associated with excavator ring gear lies in the range of 2 to 3 years but also varies on frequency of operation. In case you follow proper maintenance measures then this will result in an expanded lifetime of your excavator ring gears.


19. What do you mean by excavator ring gear seals?


Excavator swing gear is the heart of excavator structure, playing an important role and influence on many aspects of engineering performance. As we all know, climatic temperature change has a great influence on the leakage oil, at low-temperature (below 15 ℃), the temperature and thermal expansion coefficient are greater, so the movement and vibration will be much more, starting with more friction, which may cause seals to be worn out and spring element deformation damage.


Active seals prevent the entrance of dust, dirt, or debris and enhance the life associated with your excavator ring gear. Keep your excavator ring gear seal in operational condition to avoid any loss.


20. Why import excavator ring gear from china?


Importing excavator ring gear from china is a good choice. These manufacturers provide high-quality material at cheap prices. You do not need to worry about the life associated with it. These manufacturers also provide you with an opportunity to get your custom-made excavator ring gear. The custom-made excavator ring gear means it is designed just according to your needs and specification.


Everything material, design specifications are just according to your provided dimensions to be compatible with your excavator. You only need to do research on your part and find a legitimate seller to choose him for purchasing an excavator ring gear.


21. What teeth shapes are employed in excavator ring gears?


Excavator ring gears require teeth shapes that are designed to handle the high loads they must endure. For example, teeth must be steep enough to carry heavy loads while still maintaining stability. Geometry should also allow for a large number of pinion teeth to sit on the crown, increasing bore contact and bearing life.


Some shapes do not offer desired friction levels to transmit the power and are rapidly worn out under high-stress conditions. It is recommended to choose the teeth shape with high power transfer efficiency and effectiveness.


22. What is the role of the swing motor in excavator ring gear?


The swing motor provides the force necessary to drive the ring gear in the excavator. The force, delivered by the swing motor through a pinion gear, rotates the ring gear, which then rotates your excavator’s upper structure.


The excavator swing gear is the largest moving structure in an excavator. Its function is to transmit the drive torque from the engine to the main drive upper carriage and digger. Due to its size and proximity with other vital components, most of it is housed in a protective casing designed to withstand high variety of impact.


23. What is an internal gear type excavator ring gear?


Excavator ring gear is an internal type of gear. It is made of steel casting. It can give a large transmitting capacity and also has a high load capacity. The design and manufacture of it are complex. And the accuracy is higher than other types of gear. It belongs to the class of hypoid gears; whose theoretical ratio is greater than 3:1.


Because of its high accuracy, the transmission ratio is steady which makes the sewing circle of the excavator more accurate so as to make higher efficiency when working. Internal gear type excavator ring gear can withstand high levels of torque and impact, and lasts up to 5 times longer than other types of gears. Manufactured with individually heat-treated steel components for superior strength.


24. What is external gear type excavator ring gear?


External ring gear in an excavator is defines as a gear having teeth on the outer periphery of your excavator ring. Excavator swing gear is a type of segmentally molded external gear used on excavators, bulldozers, cranes, dozers, and other heavy construction equipment. The use of external gearing allows for the reduction or elimination of bulky and sensitive internal planetary gears.


Its structure resembles that of a bevel gear because it contains rolling gears that mesh with mating gears on the excavator frame. Unlike spiral gears, which are used to transmit straight-line torque, an excavator ring gear can transmit both rotary motion and torque.


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