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    Excavator Motor Travel -The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Excavator motor travel FAQ Guide comprises a series of questions and answers on excavator motor travel.

    This guide pertains to information on excavator motor travel, the cost associated, features, working, maintenance, disassembly, and much more.

    This guide will help you through thick and thin, either you are a professional or a newbie.

    1.    What is an excavator motor travel?

    The excavator motor travel refers to the motor unit, which is the power source for the tracks of an excavator to facilitate the normal operation of the excavator.

    An excavator motor travel is a motor that transforms the pressurized hydraulic fluid and its flow into rotary force.

    Figure 1._Excavator Travel Motor
    Figure 1._Excavator Travel Motor

    An excavator motor travel has a primary energy source which is regarded as a hydraulic pump.

    An excavator motor travel is a type of electric motor that drives a planetary gearbox. It typically has the sprocket of the gearbox mounted to it.

    The excavator motor travel is an assembly of a gear box, hydraulic pump, and hydraulic motor.

    Excavator motor travel is located at the center of the rear end wheels of an excavator.

    2.    How does an excavator motor travel work?

    The working of an excavator motor travel is as follows.

    The amount and the pressure of the hydraulic fluid are operated by valves located in the piston block.

    This fluid causes the piston to move to and fro with the help of connecting rod.

    This connecting rod transforms the reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotatory movement of the shaft.

    As the piston shoes pass by the swashplate, they generate a rotational motion in the shaft.

    This excavator motor travel is connected with the excavator final drive to convert the power of the rotational shaft into excavator final drive torque.

    This torque is transmitted to the sprocket located in the final drive, which ultimately turns your excavator’s tracks.

    3.    Why does excavator motor travel need special lubricant?

    There are several reasons why your excavator motor travel needs special lube. Some of the popular reasons are highlighted below:

    Figure 2._Lubicrating Your Excavator Travel Motor
    Figure 2._Lubicrating Your Excavator Travel Motor
    • Excavator travel motors have a variety of working conditions. Travel motors working in dirty places, high moisture, and high-temperature conditions need frequent lubrication.
    • It needs to protect the motor from damage caused by friction between the various parts of an excavator motor travel.
    • The film of special lubricant can effectively reduce the vibration and noise associated between the surfaces, thereby preventing motors from damages.
    • The motor needs lubrication to ensure maximum power. The motor travel powered by hydraulic oil, large and small gears, and various pumps is in high-speed rotation. If not provided with special hydraulic fluid will lead to more heat, resulting in more wear and tear of your excavator motor travel.

    4.    How do excavator motor travels are disassembled?

    Figure 3._Disassembling Your Excavator Travel Motor
    Figure 3._Disassembling Your Excavator Travel Motor

    The procedure to disassemble your excavator motor travel is described below for your reference.

    An excavator motor travels are disassembled by:

    • The first thing is to remove the mounting bolts of your excavator final drive motor travel.
    • Disconnect the hydraulic hoses from the final drive motor and remove them from the machine.
    • Remove the bolts that hold the motor bracket in place and remove the bracket assembly from around the drive gear case.
    • Please take out your excavator motor travel and disassemble it by removing bolts, seal kits, and bearings to find the associated issue.

    While carrying out disassembly, make sure to take pictures if you are not professional because this way aids in assembling your excavator motor travel.

    5.    What kind of oil goes in an excavator motor travel?

    The kind of oil that goes into your excavator motor travel determines your excavator motor travel’s working efficiency and service life.

    The following kind of oils are best for your excavator motor travel:

    • Excavator travel motor oil must guard the engine and performs the function of lubricating the gears.
    • Good oil must embed with antistatic action, which reduces friction to a minimum and keeps your travel motor cool.
    • Oil should have special additives which depict a protective effect against oxidation and rusting.
    • An excavator motor travel requires oil that meets the high speed and load rating.
    • Preferred Excavator travel motor oil is an oil with an extended viscosity index. Their main chemical composition should include Polycrites (25 ~ 40 C).

    6.    Is thick gear oil better for excavator motor travel?

    Yes, thick gear oil is better for excavator motor travel. The reasons why viscous gear oil is better for your excavator motor travel are listed below:

    Figure 4._Viscous Oil Gear
    Figure 4._Viscous Oil Gear
    • Other benefits are less heat stress on the gearbox and greater corrosion resistance.
    • Thick oil is better for excavator travel motor because it is less prone to drying out than are thin oils.
    • Thick gear oil will help reduce oil pump cavitation caused by rapid gear changes on the job site.
    • Thick gear oil can carry more shear load in various gears, which can be very helpful when the equipment is used under high loading conditions.

    7.    What type of fluids are used in excavator motor travel?

    Many types of hydraulic fluids exist today. Some of the widely used hydraulic fluids are listed below:

    • Petroleum-based
    • Water-based
    • Synthetic fluids


    Most fluids in the oil industry are derived from petroleum. These fluids are extremely low-cost and high in quality, but mineral additives can vary greatly.

    The refining process can also affect the composition of the fluid and its performance characteristics.

    The properties include anti-wear, withstand high pressure, anti-rust, and the high number of oxidants resistors present.


    Water-based liquids provide fire-resistant lubrication because of their high-water content.

    They are also available as emulsions. Oil is suspended in water; it inverts emulsions. Oil is suspended in a solution of water and alcohol and glycol blends, where ethanol or other alcohols are combined with water.

    Properties include higher viscosity and fire resistance.

    Synthetic Fluids:

    Synthetic fluids are a great choice in any lubrication system.

    They offer an excellent range of performance characteristics that can go from fire-resistant to anti-friction, withstand higher temperature ranges, and so much more.

    8.    Can I use hydraulic fluid instead of gear oil in excavator motor travel?

    No, you cannot use hydraulic fluid instead of gear oil.

    There is a lot of difference in the composition of these fluids.

    Hydraulic fluid is thinner, and gear oil is thick; gear oil has a greater viscosity than hydraulic fluids.

    It is not good in an excavator because it will cause premature wear on the components used for travel.

    This wear can be very accelerated and will make a rebuilt machine fail much sooner than necessary.

    The gear oil is specifically designed to handle higher pressures and temperatures, and it can withstand the forces of travel better than hydraulic fluid.

    Gear oil acts as a cleaning agent as it removes dirt or debris from your gears embedded.

    9.      What is the difference between excavator motor travel and final drive motor?

    There is no difference between excavator motor travel and final drive motor.

    These two words represent similar components. The term final drive alone usually refers to a gearbox attached to the excavator motor travel.

    Excavator travel motor is used for equipment moving, such as excavator, mobile crane and so on.

    Figure 5._Difference between Excavator Motor Travel and Final Drive Motor
    Figure 5._Difference between Excavator Motor Travel and Final Drive Motor

    The final drive motor is used for load torque control purposes in machinery design.

    Travel Motor contains a high-precision sealed electric motor (electric motor, stator, rotor, generator, and other parts), hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, and control device (above the sealing ring around the outer circular cylinder).

    Electromagnetic clutch and torque converter unit (the part of the working end of the small cylinder) as an auxiliary structure.

    10.  Is excavator motor travel a type of hydraulic motor?

    Yes, the excavator motor travel is a type of hydraulic motor.

    Excavator motor travel utilizes the pressurized hydraulic oil used as a power source at the end for your excavator tracks.

    Excavator Travel Motor is a component of a hydraulic technique, which includes hydraulic pumps, valves, hoses, motors, and hydraulic fluid.

    The reason for using hydraulic as a drive is to reduce impact force and high-speed impact on machines’ mainline direct transmission.

    This travel motor was developed to eliminate noise and vibration.

    A hydraulic motor is capable of producing a relatively high torque from very low rotation speeds.

    These motors use oil pressure to convert axial motion into rotary motion and have several uses in construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, cranes, and automobiles.

    11.  How should I store and dispose of the waste oil from an excavator motor travel?

    Figure 6._Handling of Oil Waste from Excavator Travel Motor
    Figure 6._Handling of Oil Waste from Excavator Travel Motor

    The waste oil from the travel motor (road motor) of an excavator needs to be handled properly.

    The waste oil of an excavator travel motor produced by the excavator travel motor production line should be recycled and preserved properly.

    Excavator travel motor oil cannot be stored for a long time because the impurities contained in the oil may cause problems.

    It would help if you stored your excavator motor travel’s wasted oil in a waterproof and air-tight compartment to prevent the incorporation of water and air.

    It should be stored in a sealed tank of a large capacity and periodically drained into an approved waste oil recycling facility.

    12.  What things indicate the failure of an excavator motor travel?

    Figure 7._Excavator Travel Motor Failing
    Figure 7._Excavator Travel Motor Failing

    Several things indicate the failure of your excavator motor travel. Some of the main reasons are listed below:

    • The most obvious sign is a large number of oil consumption. Excessive oil consumption will make the lubricating system overload quickly and even cause the pipeline to wear out.
    • An excavator travel motor failure may be because of a broken or worn seal.
    • Some of the most common issues with excavator motors include bad bearings, ignition issues, and bad serpentine tracks.
    • Some of these issues can be caused by heavy-duty use and time itself.

    If you know the signs and can detect them early enough, you can help prevent major damage before turning into a runaway problem.

    13.  How to repair an excavator motor travel?

    When looking to refurbish your excavator travel motor, it is important to understand what elements are operating correctly with this unit.

    The key components required for travel motor repair include the pressure capacities, RPM’s along with thermal characteristics of both the hydraulic fluid and wiring harness.

    It is necessary to have a holistic approach to understanding the automated system requirements required for reviving an excavator’s travel motor.

    After having a complete understanding of the overall requirements, unscrew the bolts and remove the attachments.

    Now replace all those parts which are the source of issues in your excavator motor travel.

    If not familiar, you can also carry out this detailed procedure by physically visiting a nearby professional technician.

    14.  What are the parts of excavator motor travel?

    Several parts of an excavator motor travel make up achieve its optimum working. These parts or components are listed below:

    Figure 8._Excavator Travel Motor Parts
    Figure 8._Excavator Travel Motor Parts
    • Valve plate
    • Cylindrical Block
    • Retainer
    • Spacer
    • Piston Shoe
    • Retainer plate
    • Swash Plate
    • Support
    • Drive Shaft
    • Charge Pump
    • Valve
    • Piston

    Each of the parts, as mentioned above, has its specific function and feature without which your excavator motor travel cannot perform its intended function.

    To ensure your excavator motor travel’s efficient and effective working, it is vital to carry out the detailed maintenance and preventive measures associated.

    This will increase service life and reduce repair costs.

    15.  What should be the features of a good excavator motor travel?

    There are several features associated with your excavator motor travel. Some of the main features are listed below:

    • An excavator motor travel should be reliable. It has to be able to lift your rig over rocks and boulders for hours on end.
    • It has to cut through the air and rain without hesitation, which is why you need a motor that employs a quality seal kit.
    • Ease of use and efficiency are the key features of excavator motor travel.
    • A good excavator motor travel should have the capability to run the heaviest of equipment. The travel motor must have enough power to handle heavy loads.
    • The hydraulic pipes must be capable of withstanding high pressure.

    16.  What are the causes of lack of power in excavator motor travel?

    The main reason behind the low power of the excavator travel motor is mainly because of the overloaded machine.

    The reason for less power is because of wear and tear in bearing or interruption in voltage value.

    A common cause of power loss in excavator travel motors is the lack of proper lubrication of the input shaft bearing, be sure that the oil flow rate is set to 75-100% for the input shaft bearing to lubricate fully.

    17.  What do you mean by sprockets on the excavator motor travel?

    A sprocket is a rotating or sliding gear that engages another toothed wheel or rack.

    Sprockets are used to change the speed, torque, and direction of a power source.

    Figure 9._Sprocket of an Excavator Travel Motor
    Figure 9._Sprocket of an Excavator Travel Motor

    An excavator motor travel motor with one or more than one powered sprocket on shafts attached to hydraulic motors.

    The sprockets are required for travel and excavation purposes.

    They usually have an internal spline drive system for the machine to achieve optimum performance.

    18.  What is the purpose of floating seals on excavator motor travel?

    Figure 10._Floating Seals on Excavator Travel Motor
    Figure 10._Floating Seals on Excavator Travel Motor

    Floating seals are used for many reasons, but the most common is to improve the performance of the travel motor (excavator).

    Floating is applied to drive motors and hydraulic motors to help prevent dirt entrance, including silt, clay, or debris, and restore lost power and improve cycle times.

    Floating seals are utilized on the excavator motor travel to stop fluids from leaking past the contact area between the sleeve and the body tubes and have greater resistance against wear.

    19.  What is the composition of floating seals used on excavator motor travel?

    The floating seal is of sponge rubber, silicon carbide, ceramic, or some other materials.

    Due to its role in sealing, it is used to cushion the floating piston’s travel and protect the customer and product operator from being attacked by the floating seal after damage.

    For this reason, it is called a floating seal.

    It is a critical function, so a floating seal must have excellent elastic properties such as high hardness, incredible resilience, and toughness to play its role and avoid machines from being damaged.

    20.  What seal is used most commonly in excavator motor travel?

    There are several types of seals that are used most commonly in your excavator motor travel. Some of these seals are listed below:

    • Face Seal
    • Common Lip Seal
    • O Ring Seal

    Face Seals:

    The face seal is a major component that helps keep dirt and water out of the main bearings in your drive motor.

    Face seal prevents damage to the gear teeth as well as the main bearings.

    Lip Seal:

    The lip seal between the hydraulic fluid reservoir and the axle housing.

    O Ring Seal:

    These seals are used in many different applications, such as automotive, aircraft, and marine.

    They are commonly used on the camshaft seal to seal the main housing and hub area.

    21.  When do I need to change the floating seals of excavator motor travel?

    When excavator travel motor floating seal is in poor condition, the flow of motor hydraulic will be irregular.

    The travel motor speed will change frequently or excitation will be activated inside the travel motor in such a situation.

    Due to the effect of high-speed rotation and heavy radial and axial force, the floating seal of the travel motor will leak, and damage caused by wet rusting can also occur.

    If you have such problems, changing the floating seals on your excavator motor travel is necessary.

    22.  How can I replace the floating seals of excavator motor travel?

    The floating seal of the excavator motor travel can be replaced with certain tools with professional technicians.

    But it is easy to replace the seals of the travel motor with the correct desired toolkit.

    To replace the floating seal of excavator motor travel, you need to know the size and type of seal, brands, models, and specifications.

    Unscrew your excavator motor travel and disassemble each element individually to take out the damaged seal

    Replace the damaged seal with a new seal and assemble it.

    Test your installation to judge whether it is installed successfully.

    23.  What is the average life expectancy of excavator motor travel seals?

    The life expectancy of your excavator motor travel depends on several factors that affect its life.

    These factors include temperature variations, loads it needs to bear, pressure range to which it is subjected, material quality used in the manufacturing of seal, how the machine is operated, and much more.

    Usually, the average life of seals lies in the range of 1 to 2 years, but it can be longer or shorter depending on how you operate your excavator motor travel.

    24.  Are there any suppliers of excavator motor travel in China?

    Yes, there are many excavator motor travel suppliers in china.

    You can select any supplier by assessing its reliability and affordability.

    Chinese excavator motor travel manufacturers provide you with high-quality material excavator motor travel at a low price.

    The option exists for the custom-designed excavator motor travel to get your preferred excavator motor travel according to your specifications and needs.

    There is no limit on the quantity being ordered, and you can import as much as you want directly at your doorstep.

    25.  What is the price of excavator motor travel?

    The cost of excavator motor travel depends on several factors.

    These factors include the type of travel drive your excavator uses, the material used in manufacturing your excavator motor travel, quality and quantity, features associated, and much more.

    The PC20 excavator motor travel cost lies in the range of $700 to $840 per piece.

    The price of the Kubota excavator travel motor varies from $500 to $2000 per piece.

    If you need a high-quality excavator motor travel with a comparatively longer lifespan, you need to put in extra money for that.

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