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  • 90-Day Quality Warranty
  • OEM and ISO Certified

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  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Lights

Excavator Lights 12W

Perfectly designed for extreme conditions during your jobsite.

Excavator Lights for JCB

Designed for your JCB excavators. Secure and fast shipping.

Excavator Lights 4 Inch

Round excavator lights 4 Inch 27W LED. Secure packaging.

Excavator Lights for CAT

4-25W 12-24V for your CAT excavators. OEM and ISO certified world-class.

Excavator Lights 60W LED 24V

High-quality excavator lights for night duties. OEM and ISO certified.

Excavator Lights 6.5 Inch

High lumen excavator lights 100W LED with IP68 and shockproof.

Excavator Lights Semi-Round

12V24V 4.5 35W flood lights with long-wear life. Safe arrival.

Excavator Lights Square 7 Inch

13,000lm square inch excavator lights. Fast delivery available.   

Excavator Lights for Volvo

Suitable for your Volvo lights replacements. Durable and well-made.

Why Should You Buy from Xugong KS Excavator Lights Manufacturer?

It is important to make sure your excavator is operating the safest way possible. Your job site should be visible and free from any obstruction. Having Xugong KS excavator lights is how you reduce worksite accidents and injuries.

Xugong KS excavator lights let the operator see clearly, and everybody else sees when they need to stand clear.

Keep your site from any harm or damage with Xugong KS excavator lights.

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Xugong KS Excavator Lights Manufacturers Overview

Stay Safe and Bright with Xugong KS Excavator Lights

Xugong KS excavator lights are designed to meet the intense vibration levels of your excavators whether they would be large or mini. Xugong KS excavator lights manufacturer offers you long life and low maintenance costs for our excavator lights.

Well-lit work areas increase the operator safety and performance. Xugong KS excavator lights are adaptable to any excavators or machines. They are easy to install or mount and easy to remove or dismantle.

If you want to stay safe and your project intact, choose Xugong KS excavator lights. Order now!


Work Without Worries At Night With Xugong KS Excavator Lights

Xugong KS excavator lights offer extreme long life, no bulbs, high vibration resistant, low power consumption and high color brightness and most of all, lowest operating costs. Xugong KS excavator lights also come in different colors such as red and amber. These colors can indicate warning or signaling for your crew or anyone onsite.

Xugong KS excavator lights are mostly LED excavator lights. It is a bit costly but a great investment in the long run. But besides LED excavator lights, we also carry Halogen and HID excavator lights to meet your needs.

Send us an inquiry now at Xugong KS excavator lights manufacturer!


Get Englightened with Xugong KS Excavator Lights Support

Get your Xugong KS excavator lights online with our 24/7 customer service. If you need more info on our excavator lights, just send us an inquiry and we will be with you shortly.

You are just a click away from getting the highest quality excavator lights in the market. Order from Xugong KS excavator lights manufacturer.


Xugong KS Excavator Lights Brightens The Way

Xugong KS excavator lights manufacturer offers fast shipment to all of our customers in China and around the world. Our excavator lights is backed up with quality warranty and secure packaging to ensure we deliver your excavator lights in excellent condition.

No need to worry about your location. Xugong KS excavator lights manufacture distributes worldwide via air or sea. Just send us your orders and we will ship them right away. We are also partnered with the most reliable couriers like FedEx, TnT and more.

Brighten your worksite with Xugong KS excavator lights! The best here in China to your construction doorstep!

Excavator Lights – The Definitive FAQ Guide


An excavator light FAQ guide is an informational document for customers to review excavator lights before buying. The most frequently asked questions are answered in this FAQ guide. This guide lays out the essential information about excavator light.

The information includes excavator light components, power requirements, features, the cost associated, specifications, and much more.

Read more below to get insights about this project.


1. What are excavator lights?


An excavation light is a portable source of powerful illumination provided by an arc lamp that uses a high voltage current to produce a bright white beam of focused light.

Excavator lights are an auxiliary source of light used in the construction, manufacturing, and mining industry. They are used to expand the range of visibility in darker areas where sunlight or other illumination sources may not reach.

Excavator lights are heavy-duty lighting components. They are lightweight and portable, and they can be mounted on various parts of these machines to light up an area.

Excavator Lights are off-road lights for excavators. These off-road lights are made up of high-quality specular optics, durable light housings to offer dependable service.


2. What is the role of warning excavator lights?


Warning lights have a variety of roles, depending on which type is being used. For example, the hazard warning flashers may warn other drivers that a vehicle or object is in a dangerous place or a safety hazard.

Flashing amber lights may also be used during work hours to signal to other drivers that workers are present, whether driving near construction areas or work sites.

The excavator operator shall remember that these lights are installed on essential components to avoid personnel injury or damage to the machine components due to collision/accident with another object.

The excavation machine crew needs to regularly check these warning lights while starting/operating the machine.


3. How would you define safety excavator lights?


A safety light mount for excavators is a device attached to the excavator’s dig arm and used to illuminate the operator during night work.

The dug or unlit portion of trenches and other unlit excavation work areas can be illuminated by increased illumination from the increased distance between the light and the operator. This provides an improved view of these areas, reducing the risk of injury.

It is imperative to stay safe when excavating and. Therefore, reliable and robust construction and intense illumination of the surrounding area are crucial.

They advise other drivers on the road of your position and provide a safety net of sorts for you and your crew. You have a wide variety of lights to fit any terrain or job site.


4. What is the role of excavator dash lights?


The excavator dash lights are typically fitted with powerful, bright halogen bulbs that provide you with optimum illumination.

The dual role of an excavator dash light is information display working status of the excavator, such as hydraulic oil pressure, diesel engine temperature, brake switching lamp.

From this point, you can understand the function of excavator dash lights is essential for operator safety.

Brightness may vary by brand, but most small machines are fitted with standard bulbs available in an array of colors and brightness levels.

When your excavators’ dash lights fail, you will not be able to work safely, and any damage caused by this could put the lives of others at risk.


5. What is the role of LED excavator lights?


LED work lights are the perfect choice for all sorts of outdoor development projects, including digging, constructing, and paving.

Their adjustable design allows you to focus light in whatever direction is needed, while an IP67-rated casing protects against moisture. Each light includes a long-life LED light bulb, which is rated to last up to 50,000 hours.

Several different roles LED excavator lights can perform. The best excavator light to use for your needs will depend on the type of work you will be doing and how much space and weight you can afford to give up.

These lights are efficient and consume less energy, which use to enhance your excavator’s working life.


6. What is the cost associated with an excavator light?


An excavator light is an essential component of daily construction due to its visibility on the site.

There are different types of excavator lights available for different brand excavators. If you are thinking of purchasing one for yourself or your company, then it would be best to consider some factors that will help you determine the costs associated with it.

These factors include:

  • Material quality that is utilized in the making of your excavator light
  • Features associated with your excavator light
  • Design specifications of your excavator light
  • How long will your excavator light last?

In general, the cost associated with your excavator light which is waterproof and dustproof lies in $10 to $200.

The price of an excavator light made of aluminum and has a warranty of 2 years lies in the range of $30 to $100 per piece.

If you desire or wish for more features in your excavator light, the cost associated will also increase.


7. What is the life associated with excavator lights?


Two significant factors can affect the life of excavator lights – temperature and vibration. The environment in which the light is used will have a significant impact on its’ service life.

An excavator working deep in the ground or in the extreme cold will shorten the service life of the light.

Life also depends on the type of technology used in your excavator lights, including LED, fluorescent, halogen, etc.

The lifespan of excavator lights depends on how well the batteries are taken care of. Batteries should be kept in a dry place and maintained accordingly.

In general, the life of your excavator lights lies in the range of 30,000 to 60,000 hours. If you follow the proper maintenance requirements, you can increase the life of your excavator lights.


8. What is the role of halogen excavator lights?


Excavators are helpful machines for any construction site. They dig and lift dirt, rocks, and earth in large quantities, which is why they need so much illumination to function correctly.

Halogen excavator lights illuminate the working area around the machine and provide safety to anyone working in the vicinity by providing enough light so that you can see what you’re doing.

These lights also help reduce fatigue by making it easier to see at night. The lights come in many shapes, sizes, and colors to be fitted to any machine.

This powerful light can be used in flood and spot modes and is more efficient than a flashlight and a headlamp.

Some of the specifications of halogen light are 160Lm Light color: more than eight colors Secondary lens: spot/flood lens Luminous efficiency: more than 130lm/w Voltage: 24V-28V Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85 °C


9. From what excavator light is made of?


There are several materials used in making your excavator light. Some of the primary materials include:

Excavator light is mainly made of high-quality aluminum alloy, glass, plastic, rubber, copper, neodymium magnet, T6 lamp beads, LED chip, magnetocaloric sheet. Every element is selected carefully to ensure the overall performance of excavator lights.

Every light is made of a high-strength ABS housing and polycarbonate lens with a chrome-plated bracket and screws. A waterproof 12VDC sealed beam lamp is mounted to the housing.

Each material has its particular features and specifications, without which your excavator light is incomplete. Make sure while selecting your excavator work light to confirm from which materials it is made of.


10. How much power do excavator lights take from your excavator?


The type of excavator lights you buy depends on how much power they require. This is measured in amp-hours. Standard 12-volt lights are six amps, so if your machine takes 11 amps, you can’t use it.

A 6-amp light will draw six amps all the time it’s turned on, so you need to calculate the amount of time you will spend using it. This is not specific to any one machine, but you may find that with an average load of an hour or less, a 6 amp works well.

If your excavator light takes a lot of power, you will end up with your battery very quickly. While on the other hand, if your battery takes less power, you will increase the working efficiency of your excavator.


11. What do you mean by the intensity of excavator light?


The strength of the beam determines the intensity of the excavator light that it produces.

This, in turn, is determined by the bulb size and how far its projects. Intensity is measured in ANSI (American National Standards Institute) lumens, a measurement unit for light.

A standard halogen bulb provides an intensity of between 1500-1700 lumens; however, LED lights can achieve as high as 2000 lumens.

Excavator lights come in different intensities, with most construction sites requiring heavy construction work with the machines. These lights are best used for working at night. The light flashlight comes in various colors, which can be seen further distances than most flashlights.

The higher the intensity, the more the excavator light will cost. At the same time, it depends on the technology if it consumes a lot of power or not. Like LED consumes less power and fluorescent more.


12. What are the design specifications of the excavator light?


There are several specifications associated with your excavator light. These specifications vary from model to model of your excavator light. Some of the significant specifications are as follows:

Sr. No. Product Design Specifications
1 Excavator Light Rated Voltage DC12V / DC24V
2 Excavator Light Work Voltage DC 9-32V
3 Excavator Light Rated Power 18W
4 Excavator Light Surge Handling Capability IEC61000±500V
5 Excavator Light Environment Temperature IEC60068 -40℃~+85℃
6 Excavator Light Air Relative Humidity ≤98%
7 Excavator Light Material Lamp shade: PC / Base: Aluminum alloy
8 Excavator Light Weight 0.6kg
9 Excavator Light Installation Method M10*25 screw bolt
10 Excavator Light Light life ≥30000 hours
11 Excavator Light Color Temperature 5000K (4000K/6000K customizable)
12 Excavator Light Luminous Flux ≥2000lm
13 Excavator Light Light-emitting Angle 100°


13. What are the features of an excavator light?


There are several features associated with your excavator light. Some features that make it stand out are as follows:

Compact and powerful, this light is made of weather-resistant materials and is designed for use on an excavator. The durable polycarbonate housing and powder coating hold up under heavy and continuous use, and the halogen bulbs provide bright yellowish-white light.

Some prominent features of Excavator light are toughness, durability, lightweight, and brightness–all wrapped in a slim-profile design.

Rugged structurally-reinforced plastic housing provides superior impact and chemical resistance, and the high-quality design and construction make this light stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

Make sure to confirm the features of an excavator light before making a purchase.


14. What is the role of intelligent optics in excavator light?


The innovative optic in the excavator light is part of an optical system that controls how much light illuminates an object at a given distance.

Diggers typically need enough light to see the surface to make sure they don’t bump into subsurface objects, but not too much light to allow them to work on small details.

The optics in the excavator light accomplish this task by adjusting individually for each LED on their lamp, directing more or less light as needed.

It also helps cut down on the amount of power the battery has to supply and allows more time before it needs recharging, which helps improve efficiency and keep the operator active.

Brilliant optics is an optical technology that helps drivers eliminate blinding glare from oncoming vehicles.

Using the patented bi-focal lens, this new system offers both low beam and high beam modes, as well as a unique daytime running light mode that illuminates the area directly in front of the vehicle, usually without causing glare for oncoming cars.


15. What is the role of halogen setup in excavator lights?


The halogen setup of the excavator light is crucial as it works to deliver readily available light for different occasions like working in remote areas and searching dark places.

Halogen is one of the most commonly used lighting products in excavators, with its unique yellow color and non-yellow effect.

Halogen becomes more prevalent on-site due to the following advantages: keeping warm, long life span. For example, underground mines are always cold, so it’s imperative to keep warm when working there.

The halogen setup allows the operator to visualize the dug area better while using less energy on a conventional halogen setup.


16. What is the role of hanging or handheld light in excavator lights?


The role of hanging or handheld light in excavator lights is to improve the vision of workers on different occasions. Handheld lights can be used to search for lost works on a night, and the hanging lights can play the role of tracing meeting lines or guiding excavator traveling.

Hanging lights (10-12 t) are used for hands-free work, also can be used to clean the bottom of the tools (not applicable to hammer Drills) because the light is hanging, not blocking the view.

Handheld lights are the typical ones which you can carry anywhere. The standard sizes include lantern lights, light sticks, and flashlights.


17. What is the role of clamp mount excavator light?


Clamp mount is essential to excavator light. Firstly, it makes the light easier to install. For different machines, the port for installing lights is different. So, the clamp mount is used to connect the lights with the different ports. Secondly, it makes the cleaning more convenient.

When you need to clean your excavator, only remove the clamp mount of the lamp, not all bolts used for installation. Lastly, it can adjust the lights freely according to requirements.

The clamp mount on the excavator lights is made of high-quality aluminum alloy metal, which is high tensile and anti-pressure and can be used for many years.

They usually are made of parts, including the main body, the machine clamping hook, the C-loop for wire tying, which connects wire rope.


18. Is Wat the role of incandescent light in excavator light?


Incandescent light is a type of electric light where a wire filament is heated to such temperatures that its emission is stimulated. This type of beam light is prevalent nowadays.

You can find them almost everywhere – street lights, street lamps, high-mounted security lighting systems, subway stations, shops, and offices.

The incandescent floodlight is easy to use and energy-efficient, providing excellent lighting for a lesser cost.

Incandescent bulbs contain a filament, typically tungsten, suspended within a glass bulb filled with inert gas at low pressure.

The filament is heated to a very high temperature by the flow of electricity (current) through it. This causes the filament to glow and produce light.


19. How would you define fluorescent technology in excavator lights?


In a fluorescent excavator light, the electricity passing through the tube makes electrons jump across the gap between two electrodes in a tube filled with gas.

The electrons make a glowing vacuum inside a glass tube appear yellowish-green.

The electrons make flashes of invisible ultraviolet light which causes atoms in the surrounding gaseous-vapor mixture to give off visible light after they fall back to their original state.

Fluorescent technology is a new way to provide you with lightweight, shock-resistant, and long-lasting excavator light.

With the CS10 fluorescent headlight from CAT, you can work longer and more safely–with greater visibility above ground, enhanced undercutting of the soil, which allows for speedy completion of your timeline.


20. Is your excavator light weatherproof?


Yes, Excavator lights are waterproof. They are constructed of a highly durable material that can stand up to any amount of rain or snow.

However, even though the lights are waterproof, if the seal on your excavator is not airtight, water can get in where it shouldn’t be. While installation, make sure the seals of your excavator light are in place and are good.

Using a waterproof LED light, you can have lights that operate even in these harsh conditions.

Featuring an IP68 waterproof rating, floods and high amounts can withstand water jets from any angle while still producing a 270° light output.

Debris and dirt will often be washed away without residue. That means no more color fading, either!


21. What is the role of thermal switches in excavator light?


The thermal switch in the excavator light is a switching device in the excavator light, and the thermal switch is a safety protection device in the excavator light.

If the temperature of the lights reaches a certain degree, the thermal switch is closed to cut off the power supply; when the lights turn on again, the thermal switch will open automatically.

It is suitable to be applied in a very high-temperature environment. Thermal switches are temperature-sensitive devices used in industrial machinery to prevent equipment damage caused by overheating.

Unlike traditional switch devices for excavator lights, which need to be replaced after working for one year, the thermal switch of excavator light can last long.


22. What is the role of enclosure in excavator light?


The enclosure is the material that serves the purpose of protecting the excavator light from outside forces. As protection, it can be weatherproof or waterproof to ensure that the excavator light is not damaged by hitting the water or saturated ground or wet conditions. The enclosure also protects the excavator light from dust clouds and other particles in the air (such as insect debris and volcanic ash).

The housing is generally made of solid plastic or a metal alloy. It is usually bolted onto a large electric machine, so it has standard bolt patterns which accept machine-mounted cowls, enclosures, and guards.

You should pay attention to the enclosure of the lamp according to quality requirements, and it should be equipped with a plating terminal and transparent cover. It is required that the enclosure must meet standards.

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