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Hot Sale Excavator Hydraulic Parts Doosan Solar 150LC-V Solar 175LC-V Hydraulic Ball Bearing BA230-7

JCB Excavator Hydraulic Parts HM89410 Bearing

JCB HM89410 HM89449 Bearing 90708300 In Stock For Quick Delivery, Excavator Hydraulic Parts Wholesale

Excavator Hydraulic Parts Drive Doosan Motor Shaft

Doosan Excavator Hydraulic Parts TM40VD Final Drive Motor Shaft K9007415 K1050444 For DH225-9

Excavator Hydraulic Parts Traveling 1st Carrier Assy

Volvo Excavator Hydraulic Parts Traveling 1st Carrier Assy, Part Number VOE14619956, OEM Replacement

Excavator Hydraulic Parts GM40VC Travel Motor Parts

GPM Travel Motor Parts GM40VC Hydraulic Motor Parts For Construction Machinery Excavator Motor Repair

CAT 320C Excavator Hydraulic Parts Replacement

Caterpiller E320C Excavator Hydraulic Parts Replacement, High Quality Aftermarket With Affordable Price

Excavator Hydraulic Parts PC75 Final Drive Parts

Quality Excavator Hydraulic Parts Final Drive Parts For Komatsu PC75 PC75UU Travel Motor Maintenance

Excavator Hydraulic Parts K3V Hydraulic Pump Parts

K3V Excavator Hydraulic Pump Parts, Various Models Brand New Aftermarket For Selecting In Stocks

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Hydraulic Parts Seal Kit
Hydraulic Parts Seal Kit
Seal Kit For Hydraulic Pump, Final Drive, Hydraulic Cylinder, Engine Etc Are Available
Excavator Final Drive
Excavator Final Drive
Final Drive For CAT Komatsu Hitachi Hyundai Volvo Kobelco JCB Doosan
Excavator Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Pump
Various Models Of Hydraulic Pump Fit For Different Brands Excavators
Excavator Swing Motor
Excavator Swing Motor
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Excavator Hydraulic Parts – The Definitive FAQ Guide

This excavator hydraulic parts FAQ Guide will answer all of the questions you have about excavator hydraulic parts.

Browse through the various sections to learn more about excavator hydraulic parts.

This guide will provide you a lot of information about the cost of excavator hydraulic parts, working principles, types, maintenance procedure, lifetime, Hs code, and much more.

This guide will prove an essential source of information for you, either a professional or a newbie.


1.    What do you mean by excavator hydraulic parts?


Excavator hydraulic parts refer to the features of a machine, specifically its hydraulic system. Such devices use hydraulic fluid to run their systems.

Figure 1. Excavator Hydraulic Parts
Figure 1. Excavator Hydraulic Parts

Excavator hydraulic parts can be defined as the set of mechanical parts or fluid pumps involved in transmitting power or energy to a machine.


Excavator hydraulic parts are included in construction machineries, such as excavators, loaders, cranes, and backhoes built to provide high performance and a safe work environment for the operator.

Actuators are integral to hydraulic machines; they determine and regulate the movement of the various parts that work with hydraulics.


2.    What is included in excavator hydraulic parts?


There are several parts included in your excavator hydraulics. These parts are listed below:

  • Excavator Pump Regulator
  • Excavator Hydraulic Pumps
  • Excavator Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Check Valve
  • Directional Valve
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Piston Rod
  • Cylinder Block
  • Hydraulic Lines
  • Hydraulic Motor

Each part has its specific function and feature without which your excavator cannot perform its intended function.

Figure 2. Excavator Hydraulic Parts Inclusions
Figure 2. Excavator Hydraulic Parts Inclusions


Excavator hydraulic parts are widely applied inside the boom, stick boom, and boom-type excavator.

Excavators need to have a certain amount of horsepower to work properly. By using the right hydraulic parts, you can put the most horsepower to work for you.


3.    What materials are used in making excavator hydraulic parts?


There are several materials used in the manufacturing of excavator hydraulic parts.

Some of the materials are listed below:

Materials such as rubber, copper, aluminum, steel, lead, plastic, and zinc are produced to manufacture components for excavator hydraulics.

Steel is usually used in major excavator components. Excavators used for heavy construction can weigh 45 tons or more.

Each material has its standard specifications and qualities.

Different materials are embedded with varying characteristics, including abrasion resistance, wear and tear resistance, high durability, corrosion resistance, withstand high pressure and temperature, etc.

These properties make these materials a perfect fit to use in a location that suits their particular characteristics.


4.    What is the role of the hydraulic pump in excavator hydraulic parts?


Figure 3. Hydraulic Pump in Excavator Hydraulic Parts
Figure 3. Hydraulic Pump in Excavator Hydraulic Parts

The excavator hydraulic pump is a very important excavator part, and the excavator hydraulic pump is mainly used to supply hydraulic oil to other working machine parts.

One part is activated to move to another position by using liquid pressure.

An excavator hydraulic pump provides power to the excavator boom cylinder, arm cylinder, and bucket cylinder to lift or empower these parts for heavy-duty work.

The parts of an excavator hydraulic pump are listed below:

  • Valve plate left
  • Valve plate right
  • Cylinder block
  • Press pin
  • Ball guide
  • Piston Shoe
  • Retainer plate
  • Swashplate
  • Support front
  • Support rear
  • Driveshaft front
  • Driveshaft rear
  • Charge pump

If there are problems in the oil supply system, it will influence the normal operation of the machine.


5.    What is the lifetime specified for excavator hydraulic parts?


The life of various excavator hydraulic parts varies and depends on several factors.

These factors include overloading, inappropriate operation method, high pressure and temperature associated, faulty parts, poor installation, bad working environment, and much more.

The life of different excavator hydraulic parts also depends on the material quality used in their manufacturing.

In general, the excavator hydraulic parts can be utilized for 3 to 6 years.

If you follow the repair and maintenance precautions periodically, this will result in an extended lifetime of your excavator hydraulic parts.

Hydraulic oil parameters and how often you are going to operate your excavator are also considered factors are influencing excavator hydraulic parts’ life.


6.    What are the maintenance requirements of excavator hydraulic parts?


The maintenance requirements of excavator hydraulic parts are as follows:

The components must be clean so that they do not form scale in the hydraulic system, and care should be taken to avoid contaminating the oil.

Figure 4. Excavator Hydraulic Parts Maintenance
Figure 4. Excavator Hydraulic Parts Maintenance

To guarantee in-specification completion of work, you must take care to keep dirt, sand, and metal bits out of your machine.


If these contaminants are present in your machine, they will find their way into the hydraulics, eventually resulting in a costly repair.

To withstand the high pressure in the hydraulic system of excavators, it is necessary to make excavator hydraulic parts using high-quality materials and precision machining and ensure no leakage and the surface is smooth.

Frequent checks for vibrations, noise associated with your hydraulic parts.

Change the oil of your excavator hydraulic parts to make sure it is working effectively and efficiently.


7.    What do you mean by troubleshooting excavator hydraulic parts?


Excavator hydraulic parts troubleshooting refers to finding out the problem associated with the excavator hydraulic parts.

Troubleshooting is employed to open up every single component to find which part is faulty.

Figure 5. Troubleshooting Your Excavator Hydraulic Parts
Figure 5. Troubleshooting Your Excavator Hydraulic Parts

Most of the excavator hydraulic parts can be found in the engine room of an excavator machine.


The excavator hydraulic parts make it possible to run the machines smoothly.

There are quite a few parts in the excavator hydraulic which should be checked every time to avoid machine breakdowns.

Troubleshooting is an operation that aids in the proper maintenance of your excavator and helps you keep your excavator hydraulic parts running smoothly.


8.    What is the cost of excavator hydraulic parts?


The cost of your excavator hydraulic parts varies from model to model and depends on several factors.

These factors include material used in manufacturing, the specific hydraulic part, quantity, type of part, and much more.

Usually, the cost of an excavator hydraulic cylinder, boom cylinder, bucket cylinder lies in the range of $1000 to $3000.

The cost of an excavator hydraulic pump varies from $500 to $1000.

The hydraulic passageways price lies in the range of $200 to $800 but varies depending on the product quantity.

Cost also varies when you are going to choose high-quality material or material embedded with special properties.


9.    What type of oil is used for excavator hydraulic parts?


The type of oil used for excavator hydraulic parts is classified according to service temperature and pressure.


The viscosity 50~60cs, and the quality grade is not less than A3.

Figure 6. Oil for Excavator Hydraulic Parts
Figure 6. Oil for Excavator Hydraulic Parts

The oil that is used in excavator hydraulic parts varies with the manufacturer and model.

A wide variety of oil can be used in excavator hydraulic parts.

The different kinds of oil include SAE 15W-40, SAE 10W-40, and SAE 20.

Many things need to be considered when choosing the lubricating oil for excavator hydraulic parts, such as temperature range, viscosity (thickness), hydraulic system performance, etc.

Different soil types are suitable for other working conditions and operation types. Make sure to select one which is ideal for your excavator.


10.  What are the problems associated with excavator hydraulic parts?


There are several issues associated with excavator hydraulic parts. Some of the problems are listed below:

  • Delay in delivery
  • Inadequate supply
  • Leakage in the hydraulic lines or other hydraulic parts because of excessive pressure and temperature
  • Noise or unpleasant sound because of foreign particles stuck in your excavator hydraulic system
  • The pump will not prime due to leakage, and it will be impossible to make a pressure connection to the cylinder.
  • Corrosion is also a problem that can lead to unexpected fluid loss or even explosion.
  • Moisture in the air leads to rust, which later becomes more evident, causing a further loss of power from the machine.

11.  What is the role of seals in excavator hydraulic parts?


The excavator’s hydraulic parts’ seals usually combine elements made by materials like rubber, stainless steel, and others.

The seal is installed to various excavator hydraulic parts to prevent leakage from occurring during operation and keep the machine’s pressure accordingly.

Figure 7. Seals in Excavator Hydraulic Parts
Figure 7. Seals in Excavator Hydraulic Parts

They span the space between two points in various hydraulic components.

If there is any problem with the seal, you can see bubble flows out from the sealing surface when you turn on the machine.

These bubbles might block the oil circulation, even cause axial piston failure, or even broken if the operation time is too long.


12.  What do you mean by static excavator hydraulic parts?


Static excavator hydraulic parts are defined as those parts which remain stationary throughout their operation.

These static parts provide support and help in carrying out a successful operation.

The main static parts include passageways, reservoir, cylinder case, directional valve, bore, stroke, regulator, pressure relief valve.

The static parts are less prone to wear and tear, abrasion comparatively as they don’t move frequently.

Static parts need less lubrication as they do not contribute to the total friction in your excavator hydraulic components.

Although cleaning from dirt or debris is required frequently to maintain your static excavator hydraulic parts.


13.  What do you mean by dynamic excavator hydraulic parts?


Dynamic excavator hydraulic parts are defined as those parts which remain in continuous motion.

These parts include pump, piston, connecting rod, boom cylinder, bucket cylinder, arm cylinder.

The dynamic parts are the key parts in power transmission and help in carrying out a successful operation.

These parts, because of their continuous motion, require frequent lubrication to avoid wear and tear.

The dynamic parts require frequent maintenance to ensure they are working effectively and efficiently.

The lifetime of dynamic parts is less than static parts, and they often require repair or replacement.

Dynamic parts help hydraulic fluid to move throughout the machinery to fulfill the power demand.


14.  When to change the fluid of excavator hydraulic parts?


Excavator hydraulic parts are used for work with a shovel, soil excavation works, and various building sites.

The excavator is made of transmission, motor, hydraulic pump components, and a variety of cylinders.

The hydraulic system in it is mainly composed of a series of pipelines through which hydraulic oil flows.

The excavator can be easy to damage if the cylinder fluid in it is not changed regularly.

The hydraulic parts of an excavator should be inspected, and the fluid changed at regular intervals.

The recommended interval is approximately 2000 to 4000 operating hours, but this may vary according to operating conditions, fluid quality, or the options fitted to the machine.


15.  Is noise associated with excavator hydraulic parts?


Yes, noise is associated with all hydraulic components on a machine.

For an excavation machine (excavator), the motor and hydraulic pumps generally produce noise.

Most hydraulic pumps and mechanical linkages, including flexible couplings and hoses, are associated with some noise level.

But some measures can be taken to reduce the amount of noise.

Some producers of excavator hydraulic parts include a rubber boot around the exhaust hose to quiet down the tank emissions.

In a general sense, noise is the sound of vibration that someone hears when hearing something not audible to others.

Noise can be dangerous to the ear when heard at harmful levels, such as 95 dB and above.


16.  What do you mean by the Hs Code of excavator hydraulic parts?


The Hs code is an eight-digit code assigned to each excavator hydraulic component.

This code is utilized in the international trade of your excavator hydraulic parts.

Figure 8. Hs Codes of Excavator Hydraulic Parts
Figure 8. Hs Codes of Excavator Hydraulic Parts

This code helps the supplier to determine the amount of stock present or not in their inventory.


This code is widely used in import and export and determines the shipping port, time, date, shipped to the price of the component, and quantity of the element.

The Hs code is widely used around the globe and varies from country to country to keep check and balance on imported or exported products.

The Hs code also helps customers keep the stock up to date and prevent running out of stock.


17.  What characteristics embedded in oil used in excavator hydraulic parts?


Excavator hydraulic parts use synthetic oil with a special package, advanced formula, and stringent requirements.

The characteristics embedded in oil used in excavator hydraulic parts are:

Excavator hydraulic parts oil has high load-carrying capability, ability to reduce frictional resistance, and compressibility.

Excavator hydraulic parts contain hydraulic oil (sometimes referred to as hydraulic fluid). This non-compressible liquid reduces resistance to movement of mechanical components and also helps generate hydraulic pressure for most of the belt-driven heavy equipment.

The oil used in excavator hydraulic parts must possess good high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, oxidation stability of the oil, no freezing, and other performance requirements.

The oil used in excavator hydraulic parts is divided into diesel oil, light oil, and synthetic lubricant oil, three types.

They can be converted mutually.

However, synthetic lubricant oil with excellent physic-chemical properties is more recommended for excavator hydraulic parts because it has better lubricating properties and anti-wear performance than diesel and light oil.


18.    What are the parts of the pump used in excavator hydraulic parts?


The hydraulic pump used in your excavator is composed of several parts. Some of the main features are listed below:

  • Piston
  • Piston pin
  • Headcover
  • Valve plate
  • Snap ring
  • A bolt of the valve plate
  • Rotor
  • Link of the valve plate
  • Pin of link
  • Coil spring
  • Piston
  • Feedback lever
  • Center pin
  • Nail of the center pin
  • Driveshaft
  • Locknut
  • Pin of feedback

Each of these above-mentioned hydraulic pump parts has its special function and features.

The combination of these parts makes up a complete pump that can perform its intended function.


19.  What are the reasons for leakage in excavator hydraulic parts?


Excavator hydraulic system plays an important role in operating the excavator.

Figure 9. Leakage in Excavator Hydraulic Parts
Figure 9. Leakage in Excavator Hydraulic Parts

After years of use, it will cause leakage of oil and gas in excavator hydraulic parts if it is not maintained in good condition.


There are some reasons for leaking oil in excavator hydraulic parts:

1) the oil filter is clogged;

2) the hose is pinched or stuck;

3) the leakage position of the pump intake pipe;

4) the rubber cushion of the cylinder block is worn out or too soft, so it cannot seal the leakage during vibration and impact.

Every hydraulic part of the excavator hydraulic system functions to ensure that the whole system works as intended.

However, these components are likely to have some problems if you do not provide enough attention and care all the time.


20.  What are the causes of failure in excavator hydraulic parts?


Excavator hydraulic parts have many failures depending on several reasons.

When you know these reasons for failure, you can prevent them from happening.

Failure in excavator hydraulic parts is caused by the following.

Excavator hydraulic components may fail because of high pressure, extreme operating temperatures, high vibration, poor maintenance, and mechanical troubles.

Excavator hydraulic parts fail because to keep up with the high demand of energy needed in excavators.

Essentially, the failure often occurs in the hydraulic pump parts.

For this reason, it’s important to understand the parts and how they operate.

The cause of the failure can often be attributed to how these parts function together.

21.  What do you mean by friction in excavator hydraulic pars?


Friction means that there will be some resistance to overcome when the machine operates, which results in heat generation and power loss.

Excavator hydraulic parts see many of their motions in a vertical plane, with little through movement.

The valve components have much internal frictional resistance, as do the cylinder block and the piston rod.

Between these stiffer parts are the fluid passage and the sealing faces, which move relatively freely.

Friction produces heat, causing the hydraulic fluid to expand and affecting its viscosity.

Hydraulic fluid that has sustained high friction levels can become gel-like and lose any ability to lubricate effectively.

If you’re noticing unusual high pressures or strange noises coming from your excavator hydraulic parts, it may be time for a change in hydraulic oil.


22.  What is the working principle of excavator hydraulic parts?


The working principle of various hydraulic excavator parts is based on the principle of hydraulics.

The working principle of excavator hydraulic parts is that the engine drives the input shaft and the input shaft through the torque converter transmission to drive the right and left side hydraulic pump, which provides power to the hydraulic fluid to pressure the various hydraulic components constantly.

Thus, generating power for different components to perform their function effectively and efficiently.

23.  What are the functions of different excavator hydraulic parts?


There are several different functions of excavator hydraulic parts. Some of these functions are listed below:

  • Excavator arm movement;
  • Excavator boom movement;
  • Excavation and lifting of heavy objects;
  • Excavator start and control;
  • Excavator bucket movement.

Different hydraulic parts of excavators have other functions.

Excavator hydraulic pump, which drives main boom and carrier, is made up of motor, reducer, hydraulic fluid filter, oil filter, volumetric oil meter, double magneto, etc.

Excavator hydraulic shut-off valve controls the flow of oil between the oil tank and the hydraulic pump, called a flow control valve.


24.  Can I get excavator hydraulic parts on sale?


Yes, you can get excavator hydraulic parts on sale.

Purchasing your excavator hydraulic parts on sale will help you save a lot of money compared to buying off sale.

Sale varies by the percentage of the total amount. You can select a buyer who is supplying excavator hydraulic parts on more percent sale.

You can do this by asking professionals of your field or persons belonging to your domain.

The purpose of the supplier is to finish the inventory stock to update their inventory with the new store.


25.  Can I get my excavator hydraulic parts repaired?


Yes, you can get your various excavator hydraulic parts repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the damage.

A professional technician will help you do this.

If any warranty is associated with your excavator hydraulic parts, you can replace them by spending money on their repair.

Sometimes it is better to replace your malfunctioned part because the cost involved in repair is too much that it becomes equal to the price of the new component.


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