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Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Foot Pedals

Kawasaki Excavator foot pilot pedals

This product includes 1x for Volvo EC210 EC240.  Xugong KS ensures it possesses all the top quality materials in China.

Doosan Excavator Foot Pilot Pedals

DX380 DX300LC DX340, Package includes 1x excavator foot pedal. Comfortable foot pedals on sale at Xugong KS.

Hydraulic Valve Excavator Spare Part Foot Pedal

Package includes 1x excavator foot pedal and footwork assy. Wholesale price with a guaranteed warranty of 90 days.

Komatsu Excavator Foot Pedal

For your Komatsu excavator, package includes 1x excavator foot pedal, an operating rod assy, and foot control valve for a wholeprice price.

ELIC Excavator Foot Pedal

Suitable for Doosan Dx255 Excavator, package includes 1x excavator foot pedals. A simple pair of excavator foot pedals for your excavation projects.

Volvo Excavator foot pedal valve

Suitable for Volvo EC360B, package includes 1x excavator foot pedals. ISO and OEM certified. Xugong KS supplies this popular product in China.

Excavator Foot Pedals

Suitable for SK200-8, package includes 1x excavator foot pedals. This superior quality product is only made at Xugong KS China.

Servo hydraulic foot pedal valve

VOE 14612097, package includes 1x hydraulic excavator foot pedal.  This product is good-working quality and heavy-duty.

320C Foot Pedal Valve

With 320B Foot Control Valves, package includes 1x excavator foot pedal. This excavator foot pedal is very lightweight and in stock now.

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Xugong KS manufacturer has been working on products like the excavator foot pedals to maximize work productivity at your excavation sites. Xugong KS has been a distributors for aftermarket excavator foot pedals from popular brands like Komatsu, Cat, Kobelco, Volvo and more.

Our Xugong KS team ensures only the best quality of excavator foot pedals.  These excavator foot pedals are made of durable steel and metal to avoid any future accidents on the site. Just send us the model name and number. Get a quote now at Xugong KS!

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Top Excavator Spare Parts

Mini Excavator Track Roller
High Quality on Wholesale price
Excavator Cabin for Kubota
Wholesale Kubota Excavator Cab
Perfect for your Kubota excavators
Diesel engine fuel pump
CAT Diesel Engine Fuel Pump
DELPHI fuel pump for Perkins CAT 320D2
R320 Excavator Swing Gear
R320 Excavator Swing Gear
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XuGong KS Excavator Foot Pedals Manufacturer Overview

Ergonomic Excavator Foot Pedals Only at Xugong KS

Xugong KS has models of excavator foot pedals that is specially design for the safety and convenience of your excavator operators. Our excavator foot pedals has physical benefits. The possibility that the foot pedal is smashed and bent by a drop stone to deform can be greatly reduced. The use of our excavator foot pedals is convenient. The structure is safe and reliable.

Xugong KS Distributor Manufactures Safe Excavator Foot Pedals

Top China manufacturer, Xugong KS, did it again with their products of excavator foot pedals. Their excavator foot pedals are surely easy to use even amateur operators can operate it. Its function are low effort by improving the force you put on the foot rest.  This is especially good for operating for long periods of time. The excavator foot pedals are also very easily accessible.

24/7 Online Customer Support at After-sales at XuGong KS

If you need help with your excavator foot pedals, just contact Xugong KS. We have nonstop customer service support. Just send an inquiry now, and we can surely help you with your assembly as soon as possible.

Other companies’ after-sales services disappoint you? You always wait for hours in the queue just to be annoyed and irritated in the end? Not here with Xugong KS.  Just contact us through our 24/7 customer service, and we will assist you in choosing the best excavator foot pedals for your excavator.

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If you send us an inquiry and order our excavator foot pedals now, we can ship it right away. No need to ask us about your order’s safety. Your excavator foot pedals are individually packed in wooden crates.  XuGong KS suppler is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and more.

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Excavator Foot Pedals – The Definitive FAQ Guide


Excavators are heavy machines that need to be operated with care. The foot pedals are an integral part of the machinery.  Using the correct foot pedal is essential for safe operation.

The right foot pedal will contribute to safer, more effective excavation work with minimal downtime. This is why it’s essential to understand what is an excavator foot pedal.

This guide helps you get insights on your excavator foot pedal, including benefits, applications, life associated, failure reasons, maintenance requirements, and much more.

1. What is an excavator foot pedal?

Excavator foot pedals are used to control the excavator machine. They are located at the front bottom of the seat, which allows the operator to control the equipment with their feet for stability and ease of use.

The foot pedals are used to control the clutch and brake functionality. They are very durable and designed to withstand the weight of the operator, the torque that they create.

This feature is available on excavators and improves efficiency and reduces operator fatigue, allowing you to work at a faster pace.

Each manufacturer has slightly different foot pedals depending on their design and implementation. The control is very critical, with dangerous consequences if inadvertently misused.

2. What materials are used in making your excavator foot pedal?

Excavator foot pedals can be made of a variety of materials depending on the manufacturer and model. The most important aspect of the material is its high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction.

A low coefficient of friction is essential because it ensures that the operator’s feet will not slip on the pedals.

Foot pedals are made from steel that is then covered with a PVC coating to protect them from rusting or absorbing moisture. They are then tested to withstand the pressure needed for operating while still having that smooth contour fit to your boot.

What makes this construction more robust than the standard steel you find on other manufactures is that our manufacturing process involves heat treating the steel, making it harder to break under high pressure.

3. What is the role of anti-slip rubber on the excavator foot pedal?

Anti-slip rubber on excavator foot pedals is an effective safety measure for preventing slip and fall off. If the worker’s foot slips on the foot pedal and falls, it may result in an accident, so it’s a measure to prevent injury and property damage.

Anti-slip rubber on excavator foot pedal can effectively improve work efficiency and working quality of operators. The rubber material of foot pedals is widely made up of synthetic rubber blend, PTFE, polyurethane, or a blend of more than two materials.

Anti-slip rubber increases the traction between the foot pedal and the shoes. Combined with high pressure, the traction allows an operator to quickly control excavators for all kinds of work.

4. What type of ripples is on the top of the excavator foot pedal?

Ripple on foot pedal is defined as different patterns with a series of depressions to help the foot create a firm grip. Different types of patterns have different types of grip. A more prominent pattern with a greater depth of depressions provides a firmer grip, while depressions with less depth offer a weaker grip.

The linear shape ripples offer a weaker grip, while the random shape pattern provides a firm grip.

The ripple type of excavator foot pedal is not the same as an ordinary sewing machine pedal, and its ripple is small and exquisite. This is mainly because of the vibration on the excavator and the structure of its platform and working position.

The design of this type of excavator foot pedal requires high technical standards, and unique technology must be used to ensure that it can work on an excavator.

You need to make sure that the type of foot pedal you will purchase has a firmer grip.

5. What are the benefits of the excavator foot pedal?

There are several benefits associated with your excavator foot pedal. Some of the significant benefits are as follows:

Excavator foot pedal is essential for excavator, which can make you work comfortably. Not only this, but they also increase the efficiency of your work.

The key feature is the ergonomic design. Each operator can adjust the position so that their feet remain in a natural, comfortable zone throughout the shift, maximizing comfort and minimizing fatigue.

Excavators that have been fitted with adjustable foot pedals also have extended life due to reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

They provide the complete operator control overall functions of the machine via their feet, which means their hands are free to operate any other machine simultaneously. This makes for an efficient operation capable of completing multiple tasks within a short amount of time.

6. What is the role of hydraulic in excavator foot pedal?

The high-pressure liquid powers the excavator hydraulic system from the power source, mainly composed of a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic control valve.

To implement significant area movement, foot pedals can be directly driven by the power source or hydraulic control valve to drive the excavator foot pedal, used for all kinds of exemplary operation of the excavation machine.

The hydraulic system requires much lower effort from the user to operate the excavator foot pedal. It provides you with more convenience and comfort in the operation of foot pedals.

The price of the hydraulic foot pedals is more as compared to the standard foot pedals.

7. What is the role of the valve in the excavator foot pedal?

The valve inside the foot pedal provides a lighter force to allow the operator to have more responsive movement from the excavator at high speeds.

The valve integrates with the leg valve to make the whole system become a load sensing type of control device. It is easier for users to control the excavator based on the pressure of the legs.

The purpose of the valve is to control hydraulic flow so that the foot pedal can be operated. The valve is always located at the bottom of the pedal; when the operator moves the lever forward, two things will happen.

The valve will close when the handle is moved backward. When the handle is held to a neutral position, the valve will automatically open to provide smooth movement throughout the entire stroke range.

8. What type of oil to use in the excavator foot pedal?

Excavators use a variety of hydraulic oils, depending upon the manufacturer and model, and there is no single oil that will meet the needs of all excavators. This means that you should adhere to the recommendations in the manufacturer’s owner’s manual.

Oil viscosity–the “stickiness” of the oil measured in centistokes (CST) or millipose (mP)–is a critical factor to consider when selecting an excavator foot pedal oil. Proper selection of oil viscosity will help prevent premature degradation and maximize life.

To ensure a long service life, the excavator foot pedal should use SAE10W40 or equivalent weight oil. When the machine is working in a low-temperature environment, SAE10W60 or equivalent weight oil can be used.

Most construction and mining equipment use general-purpose (GP) hydraulic fluid, but some use Medium Pressure (MP) and Very High Pressure (VH) fluids. As excavation machines can change from digging to moving concrete blocks without warning, the fluid must be robust enough to handle hard work in all conditions.

9. What are the characteristics of oil used in the excavator foot pedal?

The characteristics of oil used in excavator foot pedal mainly include the content of high viscosity index VI additives, high viscosity index VI oil has excellent anti-shear stability, preventing shearing or thickening caused by high load, maximizing the use of power transmission.

The oil used in excavator foot pedals is mainly composed of line oil, special oil, and synthetic oil. It must meet the environmental protection standard, must be non-toxic and low-carbon content.

The general content of line oil will range from 22 ~ 25%(weight) when it is used, while the content of special oil and synthetic oil ranges from 73% ~ 77%.

The oil used in the excavator pedal must have the following features: high-temperature resistance, antiwear, anti-compression, anti-oxidation, good hydration, and so on.

10. What are the applications of an excavator foot pedal?

There are several applications of an excavator foot pedal. Some of the significant applications are as follows:

The application of an excavator foot pedal is to control the movement of heavy machinery to make road expansion, dam construction, and underground construction possible.

These are used on excavators with tracks, also known as crawlers, or wheeled pieces of equipment propelled by spinning tires. Excavator foot pedals are mainly used for large construction jobs that need to lower the ground to where it can become flat.

Without the excavator foot pedals, you cannot make your excavator perform an efficient and practical function.

11. How much excavator foot pedal cost?

The cost of an excavator foot pedal varies and depends on several factors. Some of the major factors include:

  • Material with which your excavator foot pedal is made of
  • Design specifications of your excavator foot pedal
  • Size of your excavator foot pedal
  • How will it go to last?
  • Any warranty associated with your excavator foot pedal

The cost of an excavator foot pedal having three months of warranty lies in the range of $450 to $500 per piece.

The price of an excavator foot pedal with a weight of 10.0 kg lies in the range of $60 to $80 per piece.

The more the purchasing cost, the additional features you will get as a result.

12. What is the life associated with an excavator foot pedal?

It seems the life of an excavator foot pedal will be controlled by your feet! When your excavator is new and clean, your foot pedals (life) should serve you well. As you spend time on the job site, dirt and grime build up on the foot pedals.

They begin to slip! Your productivity decreases, as does your reluctance to spend more money on a replacement product.

Excavator foot pedals are exposed to a high amount of stress and strain in the work that they do, making them a priority for replacement when an excavator needs maintenance or repair.

In general, the life associated with the foot pedal lies in 2500 to 5000 hours. You can increase it by controlling the stress and following proper maintenance requirements.

13. What is the difference between the excavator foot pedal and the hydraulic foot pedal?

Excavator foot pedal and hydraulic foot pedal are two types of equipment. The main difference between them is that the flow path of the movement of the hydraulic system is through the hydraulic fluid (oil), and the flow path of the excavator foot pedal is through solid displaced material.

The excavator hydraulic foot pedal price is generally higher than that of the foot pedal due to its complex structure and high requirements for assembly precision.

Excavator hydraulic foot pedal provides you more convenience and comfort as compared to standard foot pedals. It would help if you had less effort to operate hydraulic foot pedals.

The efficiency and effectiveness of hydraulic foot pedals are comparatively more than the standard foot pedals.

Hydraulics eliminates the need for you to use your feet to continue operating the pedals compared to foot pedals without hydraulics.

14. What are the issues associated with an excavator foot pedal?

There are several issues with an excavator foot pedal. Some of the major issues are as follows:

The prominent issues include control, cost, and fatigue factor. If the foot pedal design is not practical or it is too hard, it may result in excessive fatigue.

If the foot pedals wear out, they disrupt the operator’s control of the bulldozer or backhoe, which is dangerous for the operator and can be costly for the company that owns the equipment

The Excavator foot pedal valve may leak out due to continuous usage, and this will result in downtime of your excavator.

The strain and forces for a long time on your excavator foot pedal may result in damage to the internal components and leads to reduced productivity.

15. What causes the failure of an excavator foot pedal?

When an excavator foot pedal is built with inferior metal, it may cause the failure of the foot pedal.

The two most common reasons for failure are operator abuse (foot pedal abuse) and lack of proper maintenance (failure to check for compromised components).

The first option is that the operator is stomping on the foot pedal too hard to get the machine moving. Then the angle of operation shifts, which causes the tow bar pin to overdrive, thus overloading it. The second option is that components inside the foot pedal are damaged, failing.

There is a complete range of metal mechanical components comprised in the excavator. Hydraulic system design is very crucial for the safe operation of the excavator.

The system’s pressure line is composed of numerous kinds, kinds of lines are relatively complex, the structure and performance requirements of different lines need to be designed and manufactured with precision and accuracy.

16. What are the maintenance requirements of an excavator foot pedal?

An excavator foot pedal has maintenance requirements that must be taken care of to keep the equipment in working order. The requirements are primarily lubrication of different links within the system.

Suppose the debris collected on the bottom portion of the excavator foot pedal is not periodically removed. In that case, it can cause mechanical noise or physical damage, which will result in putting out of service the device.

Removing, cleaning, replacing, or restoring worn-out parts are necessary to maintain optimum performance.

Every time you need to use the machine, you need to prepare a tool kit in advance, including tools such as wrenches and spanners suitable for different parts, making it easy for you to carry out simple maintenance.

17. What is the role of seals in excavator foot pedals?

The role of the seals in your excavator foot pedal can never be neglected.

Seal’s role in excavator foot pedal reduces wear of hydraulic components.

The role of seals here is vital to prevent the foreign matters of the lubricating oil from directly penetrating the pedal’s bodies. It can prevent what’s even more terrible from happening, that is, to keep lubricating oil from leaking to the environment directly.

Seals are made with rubber or rubber materials. Mechanical seals are also used in the moving platform.

The different seals increase the life associated with your excavator foot pedal along with the efficiency of foot pedals.

18. What types of excavator foot pedals are used in an excavator?

The three types of excavator foot pedals are under hook, swivel, and slide. The under hook is at the fulcrum of the foot pedal. This means the same energy is being used to move the pedal for each rotation, so more energy is being used to move it higher.

The swivel foot pedal allows the fulcrum to move closer, so all movements use less energy than the other two pedals.

The slide foot pedal has two fulcrums that are located on either side of the pedal. The distance between them can be adjusted, allowing to minimize or maximize the energy applied in operation.

You can choose anyone depending on your budget and needs and the compatibility of your excavator.

19. How many loads can an excavator foot pedal bear?

Excavator foot pedals are mainly loaded with a significant weight even though it is a small part. However, you should not overload any part of your excavator. An excavator foot pedal can bear three kinds of load – static, dynamic, and impact.

The load that your excavator foot pedal can bear depends on the type of material used in manufacturing, the design employed in manufacturing, strength, durability, and much more.

In general, the pedal can bear a load of 15 to 20 kg. It bears a load of 3 to 5 kg to move the excavator around or stop it in everyday operations.

20. What is the role of weight in an excavator foot pedal?

The role of weight in an excavator foot pedal is to support the entire weight of the machine when the pedal is depressed. In addition, it will add to the hydraulic lock-out function if a swivel control valve is installed on the machine.

The weight of an excavator foot pedal is one of the most overlooked elements in the design of an excavator. Weighing too much can disable your work at times when you need to hurry. Low weight often adds up to the comfort of the operator.

The Anti-Slip (AS) excavator foot pedal has a lighter weight (only 2 kg or 4.4 lb.) that will allow easier control of the machine because it is easier to move with less force when compared to other excavators foot pedals.

Because the AS foot pedal is so light in weight, it costs less because less metal needs to be used when creating the pedals.

21. How does the excavator foot pedal add safety to your excavator?

Excavator foot pedals are essential for excavators because they can help keep the operator’s body free from danger in the work areas.

The pedal guards are necessary features for machinery because they make sure that there is no danger involved when there are function faults or equipment faults.

You can start and stop your excavator through foot pedals where you want, and you can change the direction of motion and thus help ensure safety.

22.. How to choose your excavator foot pedals?

There are several things you need to consider before choosing the right excavator foot pedals.

Excavator foot pedals need to be sturdy and reliable, mainly steel structure and material, isolating and reducing vibration and recoil.

What’s more, the excavator foot pedal should be stable in control and equipped with working lights for visibility when running, even though it needs to be small in size.

It should have a good sealing performance against dust, water, and mud to ensure traction.

And its cost is not too high, which is an essential factor when choosing excavators. The most straightforward meaning of hydraulic can move something employing hydraulic pressure or pressurized liquid present inside it.

Keeping these considerations in mind, you will ensure the selection of the right fit for your excavator model, which increases operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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