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As the Top-Quality Manufacturer of Excavator Bucket Tip in China, XuGong KS offers you:

  • Best Quality Excavator Bucket Tip
  • Heavy-Duty Materials
  • Made for Long-Lasting Work
  • Affordable Price
  • Life-Long Warranty!

XuGong KS Excavator Bucket Tip Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Excavator Bucket Tip

High-Quality K170 Excavator Bucket Tip, Tooth Point, Bucket Teeth

High-Quality Excavator Bucket Tip, Tooth Point, Bucket Teeth made up of low alloy steel manufactured to you by XuGong KS.

VOLVO WSG EC700 EC800 Excavator Bucket Tooth , Bucket Tips

Customized for Core Components Excavator Bucket Tooth and Bucket Tips, precisely made, made of alloy steel available at XuGong KS.

Ckhoe Mini Teeth Wheel Excavator Bucket Tips 14151 Bucket Teeth

Ckhoe Mini Teeth Wheel Excavator Bucket Tips with 14151 Bucket Teeth good fro productivity manufactured by XuGong KS.

Excavator Spare Parts Bucket Tips DH280 2713-9038 Bucket Teeth

Excavator Spare Parts Bucket Tips DH280 2713-9038 Bucket Teeth good for machinery and construction works offered by XuGong KS.

Forging Parts PC350-6 bucket tips 207-70-14151

Forging Parts PC350-6 bucket tips 207-70-14151 is made up of alloy-steel good for excavators and excavator buckets manufactured by XuGong KS.

Kobelco YN69B0008F1 Rock Excavator Bucket Tips SK200

Rock Excavator Bucket Tips compatible for Kobelco Excavator Buckets made up of quality materials offered by Xugong KS.

CAT312 1U3252 China Excavator Tip Bucket Teeth

Low carbon alloy steel material, CAT312 1U3252 China Excavator Tip Bucket Teeth is good for excavators available at XuGong KS.

CAT320 Excavator Bucket Tip 1U3352RC

Using Casting Technology, CAT320 Excavator Bucket Tip 1U3352RC made up of alloy steel. The material is best applied in excavator, loader, bulldozer, etc. This item is available at XuGong KS.

1U3452RC Excavator Spare Part Bucket Tips

1U3452RC Excavator Spare Part Bucket Tip is made up of alloy steel applicable in types of machinery, construction, energy and mining and is quality produced by XuGong KS.

Why Xugong KS is the perfect choice for Your Excavator Bucket Tip?

XuGong KS excavator bucket tip is the top and trusted manufacturer in China. We make the excavation work fast and easy!

We, in XuGong KS, manufactures excavator bucket tips for the alternative of high-end excavator brands such as Komatsu, Hitachi, Cat, Doosan, Volvo, and etc.

Excavator bucket tips are in need for the increase of the ability to dig in adverse conditions such as rocky or compacted soil, clay, and when digging out roots.

Excavator bucket tips help the digging process more efficiently. XuGong KS guarantees to provide you the best excavator bucket tip that is compatible according to your needs. XuGong KS also accepts customized orders by drawing based on what you want!

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Xugong KS Excavator Bucket Tip Manufacturing Process

Material Design
XuGong KS guarantees to give you quality products that will satisfy your needs. We make sure to know the details of what you want! And it includes the assessment of materials for your excavator bucket tips!
Sand Casting
XuGong KS gives you a perfect molded shape of your excavator bucket tips so we use sand casting to encourage the hold of the shape of the material. This process is one of the most familiar processes done!
XuGong KS wants do deliver you long lasting material. We conduct the process of shaping the materials with the use of heat to give you the best shape of the excavator bucket tips that you want!
In XuGong KS, we want to be involved in every process that our materials go through to ensure quality products that will be delivered to you. Casting processes involve the use of molten material that fits in your desired shape.
Gauge Testing
Gauge is a lightweight cross-platform test automation tool. It uses markdown to author test cases and scenarios. In XuGong KS, we ensure to you a quality product that will help you do the excavator job!
Hardness Testing
As mentioned that XuGong KS only wants to produce top and high quality products, our products undergo hardness tests to make sure that the material follows the standards. A hardness test is a method employed to measure the hardness of a material.
Impact Testing
Another process that XuGong KS ensures to give you the best excavator bucket tip is the Impact Testing. Impact test determines the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture. So it’s durability is guaranteed!
Excavator bucket tips are designed as a heavy-duty material. XuGong KS provides you an excavator bucket tip that is well-packaged following the standards of good and safe packaging.

XuGong KS Excavator Bucket Tip Manufacturer Overview

Are you searching for the Top Excavator Bucket Tip Supplier?


Then, the search is over! Xugong KS is a reliable excavator bucket tip distributor that will help you with your excavator bucket tip needs! Finding a good supplier for your excavator bucket tip is a very crucial process.

You need to make sure that your supplier acknowledges the specifications of your choice. XuGong KS gives a quality service with its excavator bucket tip product that fits your needs.

XuGong KS guarantees you a high-quality excavator bucket tip since our manufacturing process follows the OEM standard and thorough quality assurance checking. At XuGong KS, you can find hundreds of new, OEM excavator bucket tips as your choices!

XuGong KS manufactures more than just an excavator bucket tip! As one of the most trusted, high-quality suppliers of your excavator bucket tip, we also wholesale a lot more products for your excavator needs!

XuGong KS Provides You with the Most Reliable and Long-lasting excavator bucket tip.

In case of any need for replacement or alternative of any of your top brands, XuGong KS is ready to save your needs!

Experience the convenience of using the excavator bucket tip products by Xugong KS!

Drop your orders now! We are always ready to serve your needs!

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