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Excavator Bucket Pins Manufacturing Process

Material Inspection
Material Inspection
All the Excavator Bucket Pins gone through inspection for the standard production and qualifications.
Induction Heating
Induction Hardening
The Excavator Bucket Pins are induction hardento be abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant.
Bucket Pins Design and Sizes
Bucket Pins Designs
Excavator Bucket Pins come with various designs and sizes . You can also customize given your desire drawings.
The packing of your Excavator Bucket Pins is standard exported cartoon. Guaranteed safe delivery.

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Excavator Bucket Pins – The Definitive FAQ Guide


Excavator bucket pins FAQ Guide is a comprehensive file containing all the possible questions you might have in mind regarding excavator bucket pins.

Excavator bucket pins FAQ Guide contains information on bucket pins, benefits, cost, maintenance requirements, life associated, working principle, and much more.

This guide will help both buyers and sellers get extensive information on excavator bucket pins, no matter if you are a novice or pro in this field.


1.    What is an excavator bucket pin?

Excavator bucket pins are essential to the functioning of an excavator bucket.

Bucket pins connect the bucket to the machine’s frame and ensure a secure connection that won’t fail while in use.

Figure 1. Excavator Bucket Pins

They can also be referred to as bucket bushings and depend on your equipment’s make and model.

A range of different pins works with varying buckets of the excavator.

Excavator Bucket Pins consist of a set of components that are used to attach the bucket head to the excavator’s arm.

Bucket Pins are usually round steel pins with one end fitted with a clamping device such as a bolt or screw. Other Bucket Pins are threaded at one end only.


2.    How do excavator bucket pins work?

Excavator bucket pins are usually round cylindrical pieces that fit into excavator bucket linkage joints.

A bucket pin is embedded with a cup on the end that fits into the bottom of the bucket, and a bolt comes through holes in the bottom of the bucket to be tightened.

This allows a very accurate fit which is desirable when operating with both buckets; they also help minimize up and down movement of the bucket against shock loads.

These excavator bucket pins help the excavator bucket move within a range of any desired angle with the help of the excavator bucket cylinder.

Excavator bucket pins help excavators move dirt and rock more efficiently.

Excavator bucket pins come in many different lengths, are made by other manufacturers, and can be installed differently depending on the excavator machine.


3.    What materials are used in making an excavator bucket pin?

The type of pin assembly will be affected by several factors such as pin length, load, how the bucket attaches to the excavator’s arm.

Some different materials are used to manufacture excavator bucket pins, including steel, stainless steel, and bronze alloys.

These materials in bucket pins are sized specifically for the bucket they are in and provide strength and durability over the life of the bucket.

Excavator bucket pin material should be tough enough to withstand heavy-duty excavator bucket pressure.

Excavator bucket pins are usually forged from high carbon steel, although some may also be from titanium or other substances.


4.    Is noise associated with excavator bucket pins?

Noise is associated with bucket pins. The main reason for this is not having enough lubrication on the pin, causing the metal to wear faster and produce friction.

This friction when metal rubs against metal produces a lot of heat and noise.

There is vibration, which may cause the bucket pin to create noise.

This tends to happen more often in a type of bucket that positions the pin about halfway down the bucket’s length or set in a loose position.

The noise will come from the operation of the bucket itself and is determined by the number of pins installed on the bucket and which type of pins they are (steel or alloy).


5.    What is the cost associated with excavator bucket pins?

The cost of excavator bucket pins can vary based on various factors, including the type of machine you are operating and the range of fasteners you need.

The cost of the bucket pins also varies depending on the length of the pin, the material with which they are manufactured, and its shape.

The cost of the excavator bucket pins made up of 40Cr with high-frequency hardening lies in the range of $4.50 to $40 per piece.

The price of an excavator bucket pin manufactured from 40Mn lies in the range of $2.30 to $3.0.

The higher cost associated leads to higher performance efficiency and a longer life span.


6.    What type of oil goes into the excavator bucket pins?

The oil (or) for the excavator bucket pins should be assigned according to the work condition. For example, if the bucket service frequency is high, it is recommended to use EP90 or EP200 oil.

Choice of oil should consider the temperature and pressure of working conditions.

Figure 2. Oil for Excavator Bucket Pins

Good quality oil changes are the best way to protect your bucket pins and bushings from damage.


You can also use synthetic hydraulic oil in your excavator’s bucket pins.

Synthetic oils are less viscous at lower temperatures, so they lubricate better during cold weather and offer excellent protection against rust and oxidation.

The smoother flow of synthetic oil also protects bushings from wear.


7.    What is the life associated with excavator bucket pins?

A variety of factors determines the life of excavator bucket pins.

How the pin is used, the material it is made from, and its environment will significantly affect how long a pin last.

A bucket pin that gets consistently wet will rust much faster than one that remains dry. Also, manufacturing tolerances will impact how long a pin will last.

In general, the life associated with your excavator bucket pins varies from 3 to 5 years on heavy-duty applications.

It is indispensable to know the quality and life of excavator pins, as well as have an understanding of all of the information of these types of fasteners to take out the maximum from them.


8.    What are the problems associated with excavator bucket pins?

The bucket pin used with the excavator machine to dig into the ground is associated with several issues.

Figure 3. Excavator Bucket Pins Problems

Over time, they wear out or become damaged, which can affect the performance of your machine or, worse yet, cause it to malfunction.


The excavator bucket pins affect all aspects of the excavation process.

Bucket pins get bent and stretched out of shape due to constant friction between the bucket pin and the drilling surface while working.

After a long period of use, the holes on the excavator bucket become worn out, “wearing” down quickly to the point where the bucket will not sit firmly on its pins.

As such, failure to replace worn-out bucket bushings causes excessive wear and tear on other parts of the excavator machine.


9.    What characteristics are embedded in excavator bucket pins oil?

A variety of characteristics are found in hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic oil characteristics include anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance, thermal stability, foaming resistance, and oxidation stability.

An excellent hydraulic oil prevents your excavator from drying out and helps the life of your excavator bucket pins.

Hydraulic oil that is incorporated into excavator bucket pins increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your excavator bucket.

Hydraulic oils are composed of highly refined mineral oils that separate water easily.

Hydraulic oil develops a seal on the component or equipment on which it is utilized and protects it from foreign particles.


10.  What are the maintenance requirements of the excavator bucket pins?

Excavator bucket pins are used to make sure the bucket moves up and down smoothly. Therefore, their maintenance requirements should be appropriately taken care of.

Figure 4. Excavator Bucket Pins Maintenance

The periodic replacement of these pins, bushings, and bucket links depends on the equipment used in rough terrain and their wear.


It is essential to install these replacement parts in the correct order as an incorrect installation may cause malfunction or damage to the machine.

Failure to maintain the equipment properly could lead to equipment breakdowns or system failures resulting in personal injury.

Lubricate the excavator bucket pins with the correct oil type and tight them to an optimum torque for effective operation.


11.  What are the specifications of the excavator bucket pins?

The specifications associated with excavator bucket pins are a lot. Some of these specifications are listed in the table below:

Sr. No. Product Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
1 Excavator bucket pin 40 260
2 Excavator bucket pin 45 250
3 Excavator bucket pin 45 300
4 Excavator bucket pin 45 350
5 Excavator bucket pin 50 320
6 Excavator bucket pin 50 380
7 Excavator bucket pin 55 300
8 Excavator bucket pin 60 420
9 Excavator bucket pin 65 350
10 Excavator bucket pin 65 450
11 Excavator bucket pin 70 440
12 Excavator bucket pin 70 480
13 Excavator bucket pin 70 520
14 Excavator bucket pin 70 560
15 Excavator bucket pin 80 460
16 Excavator bucket pin 80 500
17 Excavator bucket pin 80 540
18 Excavator bucket pin 80 580
19 Excavator bucket pin 90 500


12.  What are the benefits of excavator bucket pins?

Excavator Bucket Pins will increase the life of your bucket and save you money.

Excavator Bucket Pins are durable, high-quality products designed to replace parts of an excavator’s bucket or clamshell that fall off or break.

These pins can also be used advantageously during maintenance as a way to get the job done faster or prevent unnecessary downtime by extending the life of your bucket and machine.

Excavator bucket pins make sure your attachment is secure and working correctly.

Excavator bucket pins safeguard the bucket and support links from excessive wear, which can cause them to break during digging operations.


13.  What powers excavator bucket pins?

Excavator bucket pins are driven by hydraulic pressure, connecting the excavator bucket cylinder and the bucket.

Figure 5. Powering Excavator Bucket Pins

The pressurized hydraulic fluid powers the piston of the bucket cylinder through the control valve.

This pressure causes the piston to upward and downwards and transfers this motion to the connecting rod, which ultimately causes the bucket to move up or down through the bucket pins attached.

You can set the maximum extent of angle through which you want your excavator bucket to move.

The movement of the bucket can be directly controlled through the operator cabin using levers and make the desired movement.


14.  How to install an excavator bucket pin?

Excavator bucket pins require particular installation.

First of all, take the fitting tool kit along with it; this will aid incorrect installation.

Figure 6. Excavator Bucket Pins Installation

Before installing the pin, it is essential to remove all dirt from the hole drilled in the bucket link. Also, use some lubricant on the bushings during installation; this will make back driving easier.


Now take your excavator arm close to the excavator bucket and make the link hole in an adjacent position.

Now insert the excavator bucket pins into the holes grooved in the bucket and link, adjust the torque to the optimum point level.

Test your installation to make sure everything is operational and free from issues.


15.  What is the role of excavator bucket pins in supporting loads?

The Excavator Bucket Pin is a crucial part of the excavator machine and is designed to support the load from different parts of the bucket.

If it breaks down, it may be a disaster for the construction site or construction project.

The bucket pin bush is also an essential spare part for every bucket.

It shall be changed regularly as per the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid wearing down the other components prematurely.

Excavator bucket pins support the excavator buckets during loading and unloading and at other times during operation.

The pins transfer the load of the bucket onto the operating machine safely.


16.  Why import excavator bucket pins from china?

It would help to import excavator bucket pins from china because the secret lies in their manufacturing process.

The manufacturing process is as follows:

Excavation bucket pins are manufactured on the most advanced CNC turning centers.

The manufacturing process starts with a 6-axis CNC blanking press to cut a high-quality 20 mm bar stock blank.

Several CNC machining steps follow this. Namely, lathe turning, mill turning, and centerless turning.

Then, all pins are finished in a challenging chrome plating process on the axis with an automatic plating cell.

Each pin is individually calibrated to ensure accurate tolerances and a perfect fit.

Chinese manufacturers provide quality.

These bucket pins from Chinese manufacturers are reliable and affordable, besides of excellent quality.


17.  Is friction associated with excavator bucket pins?

Yes, the pins are subject to friction and wear in service. However, some control measures can be taken to reduce friction and minimize the wear of pins.

The optimum amount of friction is necessary to carry out the successful operation of your excavator bucket.

If the friction force does not exist, you cannot successfully operate on the excavator bucket.

If this force exceeds the required limit, the result will be wearing and tear and overheating your excavator bucket pins.

So, if the friction force exceeds the optimum limit, you need to lubricate with manufacturer recommended hydraulic oil to keep the friction at the optimum level.

This will help in preventing the downtime of your excavator.


18.  What is the role of lock pins in excavator bucket pins?

The lock pin plays an essential role in the bucket pins of the excavator.

The role of lock pins in excavator bucket pins is to ensure that the bucket and pin are assembled tightly to not come apart while carrying out tasks.

Figure 7. Lock Pins

It also ensures that the traveling disc engaged the pin, and it, in turn, hires a hole in the bucket.

This locking pin helps prevent movement and vibration of the unengaged bucket attached to the excavator.

Lock pins are made with hardened steel for supreme durability and strength.

The lock pins can be used to lock and prevent sliding movement during the scooping motion in operations.

The same is achieved using lock pins, which may be fastened to sure holes drilled into the bucket teeth.


19.  Why do excavator bucket pins fail?

Under extreme impact loads, excavator bucket pins can deflect and fail prematurely, leading to downtime and costly repair costs.

Resolve this problem at the source by using excavator bucket pin bushes. They will absorb impact energy and act as a shock absorber, prolonging the working life of the pins.

The failure of pins can be a result of many causes. Some are due to service abuse or poor maintenance practices, and others may be due to fundamental design flaws.

An incorrect selection of materials for the pin can also render it useless.

This will depend on the type of application being undertaken, and these factors need to be considered when selecting the appropriate pin for your excavator bucket.


20.  What is the difference between excavator bucket pins and bushings?

The excavator bucket pins are much stronger than bushings. They are rated at a higher capacity – meaning a more robust pin assembly between the bucket link and cylinder, allowing more weight to be hauled with the excavator.

A significant difference in the designs of most excavator buckets is that they always utilize machined bushing somewhere in the bucket link assembly.

Each machine manufacturer has a different style bucket with various bushings, pin sizes, and even designs for each pin retained in its hole.

The main difference is that bucket pins have a hole in the middle, and bushings do not.


21.  Can I get excavator bucket pins on sale?

It depends, but there is a chance that you can get your excavator bucket pins on sale.

Thousands of excavator bucket pins sellers offer sales on different occasions around the year, both offline and online.

You need to find out sale occasions and connect with reliable and affordable suppliers to get informed about these sales on time.

Make sure not to compromise the quality of your excavator bucket pins in terms of sale.

The word sale determines you need to pay less than the excavator bucket pins on usual occasions.

This proves that there is much benefit to getting your excavator bucket pins at much lower costs, especially when you don’t have a budget.


22.  Can I get my excavator bucket pins repaired?

Most bucket pins are repairable; however, depending on how much damage has occurred, you recommend replacing your plugs instead of the extent of damage is too much.

You will have to remove a damaged pin from your excavator bucket to evaluate it for repair.

For this, you need to have a suitable number of tools to repair. The repair process may involve milling, turning either through a manual or CNC machining system.

This will make your excavator bucket similar to new ones. Before getting the excavator, bucket pins repaired, it is recommended to ensure any warranty associated.

If yes, then you can get it replaced free of cost.


23.  What is the role of excavator bucket pins on the H link?

Excavator bucket pins on the H link can be used to maintain buckets in a condition that is always ready for use.

They are the most important and also the most critical components in an excavator.

Excavator pins in the H link are used to connect the excavator arm and the excavator.

These pins are attached to the bucket h links, so the bucket rotates correctly on the excavator’s arm.

As we all know, the bucket is at the bottom of the arm, and the H link is connected with the arm at the top of the bucket. They try to make the connection between bucket and H link firmly. Then, they use an excavator pin as a fastening device to join them together.


24.  What parts of excavator buckets contain excavator bucket pins?

The Excavator bucket and its attachments contain excavator bucket pins that are so different from ordinary bolts, without which the bucket cannot be assembled or disassembled.

These bucket pins are present in the H link, which attaches the excavator bucket to the excavator bucket cylinder.

Excavator bucket teeth are attached with the pins, and this will help ensure they are in place and bear the shock and load during rigid excavating materials.

Excavator bucket parts, including adapter, blade, and side cutters, are embedded with grooves in which different pins are inserted for the core purpose of assembling.

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