Why Maintenance Matters?

Maintenance is very important for your excavator. It allows you to keep your machinery in working order. So that it can run as efficiently and safely as possible. Maintenance cuts down on the total cost of ownership by reducing repair costs and maintaining your machinery in top condition.

If you ignore the maintenance measures, it will result in downtime and extra expenditures. In this article, we will discuss Why we hate maintenance measures? What is the end goal of maintenance? What if we don’t follow maintenance measures? Get in-detail insights on these points down below.


Maintenance refers to the checks and repair procedures. You perform these procedures to ensure that your equipment performs at its optimal capacity. There are several components on your excavator exist that need periodic maintenance.

The maintenance measures vary from component to component. Usually, checking or inspecting each component after each working shift can help you achieve this effect.

The maintenance time frame also varies for various components of your excavator. Like seals, bearings need frequent replacement. The more you make your excavator work, the more you need to adopt the maintenance measures.

Why We Hate Maintenance Measures?

The word solidifies this sentiment. The repair or maintenance project is a very difficult and tedious one. No one loves it, and everyone hates the maintenance measures. No matter if you want to change the air conditioner filter or hydraulic fluid filter on your excavator.

You continue working with your equipment until you achieve the working limit or the problem becomes severe. It requires the skills of mechanics and workers dealing with various materials, equipment, and tools.

Another reason to avoid the maintenance measures includes. While working on the site, the timeline of finishing a particular task prevents you from practicing schedule maintenance. After finishing the current job, you will get another one, and the process thus continues.

Continuously doing this comes to a situation where something extremely serious may happen to your vehicle. Now you cannot repair it. The only thing you follow is the replacement.

What Is The End Goal Of Maintenance?

The primary goal of following proper maintenance measures is to ensure reliability. This is the essential thing in meeting the company or business expenditures. A secondary goal of the maintenance measures is as follows:

1.   Reduce Downtime

The goal of reducing downtime is to decrease the frequency that a piece of equipment breaks down and causes malfunction. Maintenance is important in business as it ensures the equipment stays in good shape and prevents onsite breakdown. It increases productivity.

2.   Improve Efficiency

Improving efficiency means reducing your costs for the same level of output. High efficiency reduces the time for your vehicle to complete a job. High efficiency means each component is performing at its peak. It supplies an optimum power which is essential in accomplishing a particular task.

3.   Increase Vehicle Life

Proper maintenance will help you to increase the vehicle life. Proper maintenance means

  • Regular oil changes
  • Checking Brake Service
  • Transmission Service
  • Engine and Exhaust Services
  • Electrical Systems and Minor Engine Repairs

When you follow all the measures mentioned above. It results in longer equipment life and durability and extends its operational life by ensuring efficient working components.

4.   Improve Workplace Safety

Suppose you want your vehicle to be safe. It’s important to ensure that the tires, brakes, and more are in good working condition.

When anything experiencing malfunctioning may cause an accident or result in severe injury on the job site. This will lead you to face unbearable damage. This reflects the importance of improved workplace safety regarding excavator maintenance procedures.

All the points mentioned above make a lot of sense. Proper maintenance measures on your excavator ensure timely completion and meeting up deadlines. This is what you need to achieve success. When your vehicle is reliable, it ensures and keeps up the ability to make money. This is what every business needs to thrive in the industry.

Cost of Maintenance

Cost of maintenance refers to all costs you will spend while maintaining your equipment. When your equipment stops performing or fails to achieve its end function, productivity decreases rapidly. Who you will hire to carry out maintenance of your vehicle also has some cost associated. The reason they spend their time has some worth.

Different maintenance supplies, including bearings, seals, oil filters, hydraulic fluid, oil, etc. They incur some costs. So, it is necessary to be familiar with all the costs you will spend during the maintenance phase of your vehicle.

These costs are worth keeping your equipment working continuously and preventing sudden failure.

Costs You Incur Without Performing Maintenance

Due to any reason, you fail to carry out the maintenance measures. This will also be going to affect you adversely in the long run.

Slight degradation is common, especially in performance with time. You may be unable to note while performing with or traveling at a full load capacity.

The time comes when you take note of it. But when that time comes, it is too late. Another fact you cannot deny is avoiding the maintenance measures because it eventually leads to failures. Some failures cost a lot which is unbearable.

For instance, the failure that lies in the catastrophic category, you cannot address the issue. On the other hand, when you experience a failure on case drain filters, it is total havoc. This reflects the only solution left is final drive replacement.

When you follow proper repair and maintenance measures or wait while replacing your equipment. It contributes to downtime. It will decrease your productivity. If you face this situation, you cannot complete the task at hand on time.

When you compare the cost that you spend on maintenance or the cost that you spend on repairs. You will find that maintenance costs are too low compared to repair/ replacement costs.


Repairing your vehicle cost a lot more than maintenance. This is especially worth noting because final drives and drive motors play a great role in your excavator. Without these components, you are nothing.

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