Why Lubrication Matters in Extending Final Drive Motors Life?

Lubrication plays an important role in the final drive motor. It is one of the most important factors in reducing:

  • The noise level of a machine,
  • Increasing machines reliability
  • Making the final drive working environment cleaner

You may face severe damage when you fail to lubricate the essential components in your final drive. This is the reason we are presenting this article to you. It includes in detail information on consequences that result because of insufficient lubrication.

After reading this blog, you can double the life of your final drive motor. Sounds great? Let’s begin to find out!


As per previous studies, the lubrication of your machinery refers to controlling the amount of wear and friction. You can do this by introducing the lubricating film in the center of moving components.

The two terms such as friction and wear, play an important role when it comes to lubrication. Let’s discuss each term in detail right below:

Consequences of Wear on Final Drives

The phenomenon of wear occurs whenever two metals are in contact with one another. This phenomenon will be more rapid if a heavy load is put on the contacting components. There is some extent of wear involved within the system always. You cannot 100% prevent this wear from occurring. Eventually, wear and tear leads to the of efficient components. In other words, they contribute to the decrease in productiveness.

Want to experience what wear and tear look like? To do this, you first need to access your filter. Open it up and see the flakes, chunks, or metal bits. They represent a sign of wear in your hydraulic system. When the metal came into contact with one another, these pieces delocalized. A phenomenon is widely known as internal contamination. When this happens, you will experience even more wear resulting in continuous damage.

The image below represents a situation in which a piece of metal moves out from the case drain filter.

It would be best if you avoided the glittery appearance of your hydraulic fluid. The glittery appearance leads to the shiny particles within the fluid. These particles indicate something wrong not only with your final drive motor but with an entire system.

There also exist some components within your final drive that face enough wear and tear compared to other components. One such component is bearings. If the bearing suffers from wear and tear, the only solution is to replace them. If you cannot do so in time, they will face severe damage or failure.

In other words, when not enough level hydraulic fluid is present. This may contribute to the even acceleration in the wear process. In general, the components wear faster than what you are going to expect. It leads to internal contamination in your final drive. In contamination types, abrasive contamination is more severe in comparison to other types.

Consequences of Friction on Final Drives

No matter which component you are referring to, friction resides in your working machinery or system. It represents you need much more power than usual to perform a specific function. Whether it is a bearing in your final drive or pin within a boom or system of gears, this is true.

You will experience a loss in power and energy when there lies friction in your hydraulic system. This reduces the system performance. Friction also results in severe surface damage, ultimately contributing to the damaging cycle.

One major role of lubrication is a reduction in the amount of friction. Regarding planetary gears in final drives, consider the gear teeth. These teeth help in the successful transfer of the higher amount of forces. This contributes to your machine’s sufficient torque transfer in the movement process.

The presence of lubricant within or between the gear teeth is essential. They facilitate smooth movement as much as possible. When you practice a low level of oil in your final drive or the fluid present is full of contamination. This will make it harder for gear teeth to make an effective interaction.

The image below represents a condition that only raises friction and nothing in your final drive.

Another severe consequence that you will follow relating to friction is the heat generation within your final drive. Another role of the lubricant in your final drive is to remove the amount of heat from the main components. This will maintain their working temperature just within the specified limit.

Observing a temperature rise will badly affect the component’s shape. They change their size because of excess heat. The tolerances between the components decrease. They begin to expand on heating. This situation will lead to zero clearance and severe metal-to-metal contact. It contributes to grinding, scoring, seizing, etc.


Sufficient lubrication eliminates wear and tear. It takes away heat from key components. This is why we emphasize changing and checking the oil level in the planetary hub. Doing this ensures a longer life for your equipment and construction vehicle.

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