Why do You need To Consider Bearing Lubrication?

The importance of bearing lubrication is that it prevents friction and wear. The bearing lubricant removes heat and reduces friction, especially under high forces or pressures. Lubrication is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Without it, moving parts cannot effectively move.

The final drive bearings frequently suffer from a variety of issues. Most of these issues are mainly due to low gear oil or not following timely replacement. How lubrication may result in severe issues in your bearings, especially within the planetary hub. You cannot ignore this.

This is why in this article, we look at how mixing different gear oil impacts the performance of final drive gears? What consequences does a wrong gear oil possess on the final drive motor? How contaminated gear oil, low level of gear oil, and aging in gear oil affect productivity? Continue reading to find out!

Avoid Mixing Gear Oils

Some lubricants exist, which you cannot intermix with other lubricants. You should avoid mixing different grades of oil particularly. For instance, this is especially true for grease and gear oil. We focus on avoiding mixing different gear oil because of the presence of different chemicals. They are not compatible in most cases. When you mix PG or PAG synthetic gear oil with any other lubricant. This will result in the formation of a gummy gel.

Some other issues that you are going to face in different gear oils are thickening agents or additives. The role of the additive in the oil is of key concern. It is usually different for different machine types and conditions in which they will work. This is why you should avoid adding an oil-containing anti-wear additive into the oil-containing high-pressure additive.

The studies suggest that combining more than one viscosity may result in unpredictable results. Suppose the resultant fluid ends up in thick form. Then it may contribute to high heat within the system. On the other hand, if the resultant oil is too thin. Then it may contribute to high contact between various metals. You will eventually face a lot of wear and tear in your final drive.

Consequences of Wrong Gear Oil

Using a gear oil of the wrong kind may possess several consequences. We will discuss each consequence in detail. Starting with the viscosity as mentioned in the above section. Now you will know in depth about it.

Thick Viscosity Oil

Let’s say what consequences you observe when the value of viscosity is very high:

  • It offers greater flow resistivity within a particular component, leading to greater metal contact and rapid wear.
  • The component needs a greater force to perform their intended function, resulting in severe energy losses.
  • One another key function of the hydraulic fluid is to remove excess heat during working. Highly viscous fluid fails to do so, contributing to additional energy losses.
  • The highly viscous fluid cannot ensure sufficient protection when the weather is cold. This will lead to high contact between metals, high friction, and high energy losses.

Thin Viscosity Oils

On the other hand, if you observe the very low viscosity in your hydraulic fluid. Then what you will experience are as follows:

  • It will fail to prevent your components and result in the higher metal-to-metal contact
  • You will also experience an increase in wear and tear
  • A higher amount of friction is also another consequence that needs your consideration
  • Your bearing will be at a greater risk because they are more prone to damage
  • Energy losses and high heat also need your attention when you suffer from thin viscosity oils.
  • Overheating in your final drive eventually leads to burned oil. A burned oil has a smell you can easily recognize when you open up your final drive.

You cannot ignore the burned gear oil in your final drive. This is a very critical issue. You can avoid all such issues by using the recommended gear oil.

We provide you with honest advice to always use 80/90W oil within the final drive motor. This oil is all in one. This means it possesses severe chemical properties, which are surely beneficial.

This oil possesses extreme pressure additives, and other popular additives include:

  • Friction inhibitors
  • Corrosion retardants
  • Wear inhibitors
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Rust inhibitors

You can use these oils whether in mineral form or synthetic form.

Consequences of Contaminated Gear Oil

If you have been following the Xugong blog for some time. Then you will better know what consequences you can face because of contamination. It sometimes may lead to unrepairable or costlier damage.

Contamination is not only specific to hydraulic oil contamination, but it may also lead to gear oil contamination.

The main reason behind such contamination includes oil seal leakage. Failing seal can lead to gear oil leakage. This ultimately allows water, dust, dirt, or sand to come in. This type of contamination is often referred to the external contamination. On the other hand, internal contamination may also occur. This contamination is mainly associated with axles, bearings, and gears. Flakes and Bits resulting from metal can get breakage. This eventually leads to severe issues.

Whenever you change or check the gear oil, determine the magnetization of plugs. This will help you easily identify if there is any metallic contamination exists. In case you observe chips of metals having a similar feel to glitter. Then this will indicate that the bearing is rapidly wearing. If this continues for some time, your bearings may face a severe failure.

Consequences of Low Gear Oil

When there is an objection relating to contamination in gear oil. There is also an objection to contamination on the low level of gear oils. This promote surface to surface contact when no oil is present between the surfaces. This adversely impacts the roller, needle, and ball bearings.

Four different types of damage you may experience on your gears:

·        Discoloration

The discoloration is the appearance of a substance that is different than its original color or appearance. Discoloration happens when a lubricant (oil) stains the bearing surfaces, typically from friction. This phenomenon occurs especially due to the low level of gear oil.

·        Scoring and Peeling

Scoring and peeling refer to the physical deterioration of a component caused by excessive scraping, rolling, or grinding. The problem occurs when the layer of a metal component starts to disintegrate due to abrasive contact with another component. This contact especially occurs under a very high load.

·        Local Scoring

This type of scoring mainly results when surfaces come into contact and raise the heat levels. This rising heat then contributes to the breaking of lubrication film. In other words, contributes to more wear and tear.

·        Non-Functional Bearings

The above-listed consequences lead to wear add-up, which changes the physical appearance and geometry. This may damage the cage, skewed rollers, loss in power, bearing seize, and metal transfer. This needs extra attention.

To prevent the damages mentioned above, we emphasize checking and determining the gear oil levels frequently. The minimum limit for checking the gear oil is around 100 operational hours.

Gear Oil Age Matters

Gear oil needs to change periodically. It is not the one offering you unlimited life. As time passes and the work continues. Chemicals within your gear oil start breaking. This will result in a reduction in productiveness and performance of your final drive.

If the gear oil possesses a certain smell or has a sludge formation. It will not be good when it comes to your bearings. Rather it is damaging. If you frequently operate your final drive, then changing gear oil once a year is the only solution.


The bearing serves a key role when it comes to your final drive. You cannot ignore the protection and prevention measures. Just following up with

  • Right gear oil level
  • The right kind of gear oil
  • Right time of oil replacement

will ensure long-lasting bearings in your final drive.

Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that our bearings will last as long as you need them to.

Our experienced team is always here to take care of your vehicle problems. Whether it’s just normal maintenance or an emergency repair.

Choose Xugong for all your final drive-bearing repairs and maintenance needs. This will ensure a reliable machine and extend the life of your final drive components.

Experience all-around services with reliable parts from Xugong with benefits that exceed expectations.


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