Mining Projects

OEM-Grade Quality Ensures Safety in Mining

The difficulties faced by miners push the industry to find excellent parts that serve projects for long periods. Find quality parts from our inventory to ensure that you will not need to replace parts often.

Our aftermarket parts are sturdy in the face of harsh working conditions and long-term projects. Help secure safety for your workers with our OEM quality aftermarket parts.

Wide Array of Parts for Excavator Maintenance

Excavator parts supplied by KS come in different forms, from hydraulic pumps to swing and final drives. When we use our parts searching system, we first identify excellent aftermarket parts that can match the brands you are using.

Our wide inventory of parts is compatible with many brands and supports various excavators. This makes our parts well-maintained and therefore requiring little replacement for longer service to your excavation needs.


Fast Delivery of Parts Meets Your Mining Schedule


KS delivers your parts on time to meet your demands. We take three days for parts in-stock and up to 2 weeks for parts that are out of stock.

Supply chain management and a well-stocked inventory help us quickly ship parts. Our suppliers help us find compatible parts that fit your excavators with ease.

Securing parts much earlier will increase productivity in order to meet your schedule.

Support Your Purchasing from 1 Mining Excavator Part

Our low MOQ policy has some categories of items that can be purchased starting from 1 unit.

At any point, you can order as many items as you need without worrying about price. Our price-friendly options help you avoid budgetary constraints while increasing the inventory for parts to help with excavations.


Can't Wait to Get Premium Excavator Parts at Profitable Prices?

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