Excavator Parts Wholesalers

Stable Supply for Your Business, Big or Small

Supply your business with excavator parts that come in all shapes and sizes. A stable supply of aftermarket parts enables your business to meet any deadlines.

Your shop can host a wide array of parts thanks to our well-managed inventory. Our supply network sufficiently secures parts that possess similar quality to OEM-grade pieces. Your clients can enjoy wholesale items purchased from us.

Competitive Pricing Boosts Your Profits

We provide competitive pricing thanks to our experienced supply chain management. Using our ERP and parts searching system, we identify the most compatible parts that fit your budget and business needs.

As such, we are able to deliver these parts at affordable prices that help your business minimize costs and maximize sales.


Prompt Delivery for Your Fast Turnaround


KS supplies aftermarket parts within a short lead time between three days to a week thanks to its inventory and supply chain management.

We offer parts quick to ensure that you meet your deadlines and customer demands with full satisfaction.

Through our shipping service and quick processes, we can arrange for your parts to be delivered to your premises without hassle.

Protective Packaging Branded with Your Logo

Custom packaging boxes are available at KS.

Sturdy pallets and wooden boxes that are supported by excellent wrapping can make parts maintain their OEM-grade quality even through sea voyages. Our marketing capabilities enable our designers to come up with eye-catching logos to place on the boxes.

Increase your brand loyalty through strong packaging and attractive design.


Can't Wait to Get Premium Excavator Parts at Profitable Prices?

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