Construction Contractors

Quality Parts Works Well in Complicated Conditions

Construction contractors need quality excavator spare parts that can handle complicated and difficult working conditions. Key projects will go through long periods of intense work that require capable machinery.

With our capable supply chain, KS provides long-lasting parts that can serve your purposes. A key attribute to our success is our long warranty policy for all parts shipped to your premises.

Off-the-Shelf Parts Avoid Project Delays

Shipping excavator parts to you in three days is possible thanks to our full-stock inventory of spare parts.

With over 100 cooperate factories and suppliers, we oversee a capable supply chain that we manage effectively. We also have a searching system that helps us find the right parts for you.

You can meet deadlines easily while restocking frequently when you need support for your projects.


Supply Parts Fitting Excavators from All Famous Brands


A thorough search for the best parts requires that we know the right brands to match them with.

Our ERP system and invested search systems help with that by looking at the right brand parts and OEM information. All excavator parts we supplied are guaranteed to be applicable to your excavators.

Low MOQ Support Your Routine Maintenance

Due to the demand for aftermarket excavator parts for construction projects, KS offers products at a low MOQ.

You will not face any delays in your maintenance of excavators because of our services.

Our MOQ policy is seen in some categories starting off from 1 unit. You can afford any quantity of parts shipped to your project sites because of our understanding of our supply chain network.


Can't Wait to Get Premium Excavator Parts at Profitable Prices?

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