What Is The Process Of Requesting A Quote For the Final Drive?

Does your final drive stop working, and you cannot perform crucial tasks at hand? This means you must replace the damaged final drive with the new one.

When you need a new final drive for your equipment, you will likely need to request a quote from several suppliers. This can be a hassle, but getting the best price and product is worth it.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of requesting quotes. So that you can make the best decision for your business. Sounds good? Read on to learn more!


Requesting a quote asks the retailer/ supplier/ manufacturer to provide extensive information about a product or service. You may also call or visit a physical store as part of requesting a quote.

When getting a quote for your final drive, be specific. This reflects what type of final drive you are looking for. Some of the basics that you need to know include:

  • The number of models
  • Brand of machine

Along with this information, you provide the serial number and the information on the year of the machine. Then this will be helpful. The more information you provide to the retailer or dealer about your travel motor. The more accurate final drive you get as a result.

Process Of Requesting A Quote

The process of requesting a Quote involves the following steps. These steps are as follows:

1.   Do Some Research

The process of requesting a quote begins with the research. In this stage, you must research online and find the relevant suppliers or manufacturers. Contact each supplier or manufacturer that you think is close enough geographically. Ask them if they provide a quote for the final drive.

If they say yes, then provide them with the following information.

2.   Provide Specific Information on Final Drive

Different manufacturers or brands of final drives depict the information about final drives differently. Most manufacturers put the information about final drives on identification plates or tags.

Some depict the more detailed information, while others choose to go with slight details. For instance, the Rexroth brand highlights the information on flow power, minimum displacement, and speed. On the other hand, the Comer only highlights the details on gearbox ratio.

Suppose you are unable to find the information on one side. Then you need to examine the other side of your final drive and need to search for Tags. Please note down as much information as you can from the tags. The option exists to share the information about your final drive by sending an image of the tag to the manufacturer.

Some essential pieces of information that you can also provide include:

  • Total number of connections for hydraulic hoses
  • Single speed regulation or dual speed regulation
  • Total holes from the flange up to the undercarriage
  • Size of bolts from flange up to the sprocket

This information offers a great aid in choosing the perfect final drive per your requirements.

3.   Sheet for Specifications

Many manufacturers provide a sheet containing detailed specifications about the final drive. This sheet eases the process of requesting a quote. You can fill this sheet even with the listed dimensions.

You can fill out the sheet online as well as by hand. If you fill it out online, you have to do nothing further. In another case, if you fill it in by hand after downloading and printing. Then you need to scan and upload the final sheet with details filled in. You can also send the sheet through an email attachment.

Suppose you are unable to provide all the information. Then provide as much information as you can.

Benefits of Requesting a Quote

There are several benefits of requesting a quote. Some of the main benefits of requesting a quote are as follows:

1.   Help Filter Out Best Seller

Requesting a quote lets you contact every seller individually to get an idea about the price and marketing. Requesting a quote helps you see which seller offers the best deal for what you’re interested in buying.

You can compare the different sellers based on:

  • Prices they are offering for a particular product
  • Material of Final Drive
  • Any warranty associated
  • Any additional discounts
  • If they are offering after-sales services

This information will help you out in filtering the best seller.

2.   Save Your Time and Money

When you request an online quote from a different supplier or dealer. This will allow you to get an idea on what is the market price of the new final drive. Different dealers quote different prices, and you can choose the one offering the lowest price. This will help you save your money while purchasing.

Requesting a quote will help you save a lot of time because you don’t have to go to each seller physically. You can do everything in the quote requesting process directly from your home or office. This will help you in the effective management of time.

3.   Help in Decision Making

Requesting a quote offer you the listed data shown in the specifications sheet. This will help you in understanding which parameters you need to provide.

You can decide at ease this way while removing the chances of confusion. It will also help you in making the decision. Whether you want to purchase from a particular supplier or not.


Now you know everything about requesting a quote, especially for final drives. You can follow the steps mentioned above to finalize your quote process. If you want to follow the process for different excavator products, you can. Just make sure the details you are covering must be right.

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