Top 20 Mini Excavator Manufacturers In The World


A mini excavator is construction equipment designed for digging and excavation purposes. It typically has a bucket attached to a boom, a high-torque engine, cab, and tracks. The workgroup rotates on the vehicle’s upper part, containing the cab with the operator. The rotating part of the machine is mounted undercarriage with tracks.


A mini excavator is a compact, easy-to-transport machine with the ability to do jobs often outside the reach of other standard excavating machines. This can make it an invaluable tool for many excavation projects, like construction, highways, buildings, underground engineering, swimming pool installation, and landscaping maintenance. They come with a variety of attachments to make your job easier.


Below, you will find a list of the top 20 Mini Excavator manufacturers globally. The first issue in the purchase decision process is easily solved with this list.


1. Case

The case has been specializing in heavy-duty equipment since 1842 and has a great history of providing quality tools to work with. The company prides itself on simplicity, knowing that less is always more.


Case brand mini excavators are such a unique lineup of products. They have many offerings for companies to choose from, including six models with a gross weight of 1.7 to 6.0 metric tons, allowing you to dig up to 13.1 feet. The CASE mini excavator is an all-terrain machine. It is smaller than a traditional model and can be hauled easier on conventional trailers. CASE mini excavators provide a robust, reliable, and cost-effective option for your business. They’re perfect for heavy-duty jobs with high power requirements and offer you features such as proportional controls and auxiliary hydraulics.

Top 50 Mini Excavator Manufacturers In The World


Established: 1842
Based In: Turin, Italy
Number of Workers: 42,000+
Products: C Series mini (CX17C ~ CX60C), CX75C SR/CX80C midi

2. Caterpillar

This is a well-known company in the excavator industry. It has 100 years of history, with several branches and operations worldwide. This company accounts for excellent service in its efforts to aid construction and industrial development.




Caterpillar Mini Excavator is a compact, versatile machine. You will find excellent performance across the board in a compact size. It is ruggedly built to go where other equipment cannot, and its mechanical attachments quickly take on tough jobs. Made for both job site and construction field applications. Cat offers 20 different models of Mini Excavators that can dig up in the range of 5 to 17 feet and are available in horsepower ranging from 13 to 69.5 and gross weight ranging from 1 to 10 metric tons. Cat offers you several options to choose from.

Established: 1925
Based In: Deerfield, Illinois, U.S.
Number of Workers: 97,000+
Products: Mini 300.9D, 300.9D VPS & HPU300, 301.5, 301.8, 301.7 CR, 302 CR, 302.7 CR, 303 CR, 303.5 CR, 304, 305 CR, 304 E2 CR, 305E2 CR, 306 CR up to model 310

3. Hitachi

Hitachi has been around for more than 100 years. Their first electric motor repair shop was established in Japan over a century ago, and their most recent manufactured models- Dash-6 construction excavators and EX-7 Series mining excavators- were introduced just recently.





Hitachi’s focus on the performance of its equipment has made them one of the leading manufacturers of machinery in the industry. Their track hoes have a reputation for durability, efficiency, and reliability.


Hitachi has advertised its R & D excavators as capable of functioning without distraction. Hitachi has a wide variety of options for mini excavators to choose from, able to accommodate almost any need. They range from compact, utility models to those designed for large-scale construction/production & with a limited tail swing.

Established: 1910
Based In: Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan
Number of Companies: 873+
Products: Compact (ZX17U-5 ~ ZX60USB-5)

4. Hyundai

The company’s product, earth-moving machinery, was not the main focus when it began its activity. However, they have become a significant player in a dozer, loader, and mini excavator manufacturing. A wide range of excavators is available for many different uses, such as mining, construction, demolition & recycling.





Hyundai offers more than ten models of Mini Excavators with operational weight lies in the range of 1087 to 8480 kilograms and engine power ranging from 9.9 to 49.9 kilowatt. You can choose any one depending on your needs. Contractors have been using mini excavators for years, and they’re the smart choice for general excavation and site preparation projects. Their low price, small footprint, and precise operation make them a wise investment.

Established: 1985
Based In: South Korea
Number of Subsidiaries: 5+
Products: Compact (HX10A, R17Z-9A, R18-9AK, R25Z-9AK, R30Z-9AK, R55-9A, R60CR-9A, R80CR-9A, HX85A)

5. JCB

JCB is a British manufacturer founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford, who started his company just 75 years ago. The company has become something much more than that–JCB supplies engineering equipment for construction projects. JCB has been making quality compact excavators for decades and has always focused on their customer’s needs. They have five must-have features for their customers and operators that focus on controllability, comfort, serviceability, reliability, & performance.





JCB offers more than 12 different models of mini excavators to its customers. Operational weight varies from 1749 kilogram to 9733 kilograms, and a dig depth within 8 ft to 14 ft. The maximum dump height of JCB mini excavators lies in the range of 2.6 meters to 5.49 meters.

Established: 1945
Based In: Rocester, United Kingdom
Number of Workers: 11,000+
Products: Mini (18Z-1, 35Z-1, 45Z-1, 48Z-1,

50Z-1, 55Z-1, 85Z-1, 19C-1E, 19C-1, 86C-1, 90Z-1, and 100C-1.)

6. John Deere

John Deere is an American multinational company that has been around since 1837. John Deere, the founder of the company, was a blacksmith and focused on making farming tools. Since then, the company has continued to grow in size and scope. Today it is one of the leading excavator manufacturers around the world. The company values ease of use and sustainability in each mini excavator they manufacture.


John Deere



John Deere takes pride in manufacturing more than six models of compact excavators, among which the net power of the light model is 10.8 kilowatt, and that of the heavy model is 39.6 kilowatt. The operating weight of these models lies in the range of 1720 to 6180 kilograms, and they can dig up to the depth of 3.81 to 6.23 meters. Each model has the embedded features of hydraulics and a quick coupler for a variety of applications that are usable with mini excavator attachments. This gives them excellent versatility and productivity.

Established: 1837
Based In: Moline, Illinois, U.S.
Number of Workers: 69,600+
Products: Mini (17G Compact, 26G, 30G, 35G, 50G, and 60G.)

7. Komatsu

Komatsu was founded more than 100 years ago and had a more extended history. It just celebrated its 100th anniversary, and it is looking ahead to remain relevant in the next century. It’s trying to make its products more innovative and efficient and give them human-like intelligence.




Komatsu makes a wide variety of mini-excavators with different operating weights from 1 to 5.3 tons, doing everything from heavy digging to finding work in tight spaces. They are great for construction sites, road building, and wherever you can put them. The mini excavators’ models have power that falls within a range of 9.1 kilowatts to 39 kilowatts, and these models have a digging depth ability of 1.47 to 4.13 meters.


Established: 1921
Based In: Tokyo, Japan
Number of Workers: 59,632+
Products: Mini (PC09-1, PC16R-3, PC17R-5, PC18MR-5, PC20R-5, PC24MR-5, PC26MR-5, PC30MR-5, PC35MR-5, PC45MR-5, PC55MR-5, and PC58MR-5.)

8. Liebherr Group

Hans Liebherr is the founder of Liebherr Group, which has shaped the business direction of its parent company. Liebherr has been around for a long time, spanning over 70 years. They have formed 13 product segments, ranging from construction machines like excavators and cranes to refrigeration and freezing machines.



Now a top supplier of machines in Europe, Liebherr is known for its innovative designs and support. They have a special machine design that begins with R, A, or P and finishes with Litronic. It has wheeled and crawler tracks. Wheels weights 12,100 kg to 27,500 kg while the crawler track 14,900 kg to 101,200 kg.

Established: 1949
Based In: Bulle, Switzerland
Number of Workers: 48,049+
Products: R Series (R 914 ~ R980 SME-E).

9. Sany Group

SANY Group is one of China’s most successful exporters while also expanding its business across the globe. They’re currently the world leader in many critical areas of engineering equipment and are expected to maintain that status. SANY focuses more on infrastructure construction-related products. Their export growth is impressive due to China’s increase in economic strength and influence internationally.


Sany Group



Sany group offers a couple of mini excavators with operational weight in the range of 1 to 5 tons, along with the engine power ranging from 10.3 to 29.1 kilowatt. The bucket capacity of these models lies in the range of 0.04 to 0.15 cubic meters. Sany offers you multiple options in a mini excavator to select depending on your needs and the type of work you want to carry out.


Established: 1989
Based In: Changsha, China
Number of Workers: 90,000+
Products: Mini (SY16C ~ SY35U)

10. Volvo C.E.

In some contexts, C.E. can refer to construction equipment. It’s the automotive branch of Volvo that is separate from their mass-produced Swedish car line. Volvo C.E., as a sub-company, shares the same principle as its parent company: safety first. Volvo Construction Equipment sells loads of different products and equipment, and they have a wide variety of brands they sell under, including Zettelmeyer, Åkerman, Ingersoll Rand, and Samsung. Volvo Construction Equipment manufactures hauliers, loaders, pavers, feller bunchers, and excavators.


Volvo CE



Volvo offers more than 13 different models of Mini Excavators, with operational weights ranging from 1640 kilograms to 9980 kilograms and net power within the range of 12 kilowatts to 43 kilowatts. The bucket capacity of these models lies in a range of 0.05 to 0.33 cubic meters.

Established: 1832
Based In: Gothenburg, Sweden
Number of Workers: 13,397+
Products: Mini (ECR88D, EW60E, EC60E, ECR58, ECR50, ECR40D, ECR35D, EC35D, EC27D, ECR25D, EC20E, ECR18E, EC18E, and EC15E.)

11. Kobelco

In 1930, KOBELCO started developing new machines and innovations for the industry. It all starts with a different value statement than “we’re the leader,” it leads to further development of new product lines and other innovations. Kobelco is committed to innovation and quality, and with this desire, they are expanding their roots to America and Europe.


Kobelco offers eight unique models of Mini Excavators with horsepower lying in the range of 14.5 to 37.0 and an operational weight of 1 metric ton to 5 metric tons.

Established: 1930
Based In: Japan
Number of Subsidiaries: 10+
Products: Mini (SK17SR-6E, SK25SR-6E, SK30SR-6E, SK35SR-6E, SK45SRX-7, SK45SRX-7, SK55SRX-7, and SK55SRX-7.)

12. Yanmar

Yanmar came into being in 1910 and has spent reasonable time helping to resolve engineering equipment issues around the globe and is working hard to make tomorrow brighter for its customers. With the brand statement “A Sustainable Future,” Yanmar conveys a vision of how a sustainable society can be achieved by considering all people’s physical & mental needs.


Yanmar offers more than nine different and unique models for Mini Excavators, having operational weights starting from 1220 kilograms up to 5505 kilograms for light to heavy models. The maximum digging depth range exists between 1950 mm to 4185 mm for these Mini Excavator models.

Established: 1912
Based In: Adairsville, Georgia
Number of Workers: 20,727+
Products: Mini (ViO10-2A, ViO12-2A, ViO17, ViO23-6, ViO26-6, ViO27-6, ViO33-6, ViO38-6, ViO50-6B, and ViO57-6B.)

13. Kubota

Kubota is a U.K.-based subsidiary of the Japanese Kubota Corporation, founded in 1890 as a manufacturer of cast-iron water pipes. The early-1900s saw the creation of powered equipment throughout the world. In Japan, Kubota started this company to build such tools. Over 100 years of experience, coupled with the company’s superior technology, has led to valuable innovations that have reinforced Kubota’s position as the best global provider in the field.



Kubota manufactures more than 19 different models of a Mini Excavator. These models’ features or parameters are as follows: machine weight ranges from 975 kilograms to 3755 kilograms from light to heavy model. The engine output is from 7.6 kilowatts to 17.8 kilowatts, and the maximum digging depth is 1720 mm to 3410 mm. You can choose any model depending on what work you want to carry out and your budget.

Established: 1900
Based In: Thame, Oxfordshire, (U.K.)
Number of Workers: 43,293+
Products: Mini (K008-5, U10-5, U56-5, KX042-4α, U50-5, KX060-5, KX015-4, KX016-4, KX018-4, KX019-4, KX027-4, KX030-4, KX037-4, KX080-4α2, U17-3α, U17-3αHI, U20-3α, U27-4, and U36-4.)

14. Takeuchi

Takeuchi started manufacturing in 1963 and quickly built a reputation for having uniquely slimline products. They have pioneered the industry with their designs meant to be more compact and efficient. Takeuchi is one of the most well-known companies globally because of its innovative products. Their first outstanding achievement was developing the world’s first compact excavator back in 1971, and then two decades later, introducing the first compact track loader.



Takeuchi specializes in manufacturing 15 different models of Mini Excavator. These models have digging depth lying within five feet for lightweight and 19 feet for heavy models. The maximum reach of these compact excavators lies in the range of 10 feet for the light model and more than 28 feet for the heavy model.

Established: 1963
Based In: Japan
Number of Workers: 690+
Products: Mini (TB210R, TB216, TB216H, TB225, TB230, TB235-2, TB240, TB250-2, TB257FR, TB260, TB370, TB290, TB280FR, TB2150, and TB2150R.)

15. Bobcat

As a member of the Doosan Group, Bobcat Company has access to great technology and has been able to provide high-quality products. These are designed with the needs of construction, grounds maintenance, material handling equipment and much more in mind. You’ll be proud to use a Bobcat product. They’re creating value and providing a wide range of products while building relationships. The quality they create allows everyone to succeed at their jobs. They do many things to be innovative, with significant advancements, leading technology and new products. They also work to provide customers with the best their company has to offer in terms of options and possibilities.



Bobcat manufactures three models of compact excavators with horsepower within the range of 10.2 to 24.8 horsepower, along with operational weight laying in a range of 2500lb. to 6400lb. from light to heavy model. The maximum reach associated with these models is in a range of 10.2ft to 16ft.

Established: 1947
Based In: Gwinner, North Dakota, USA
Number of Workers: 5000+
Products: Compact Excavator (E10, E20, and E26.)

16. LiuGong

LiuGong was founded in 1958 and brought its first modernized wheel loader to China in 1966. They’ve since expanded their product line to 19 different equipment types. They learned that even the most minor challenges were a chance for them on their continuous growth journey. The way LiuGong has evolved is a fantastic feat. Not only have they worked in various challenging environments, but the company thrived in these conditions and constantly strives to find new challenges. LiuGong focuses on customers, and community, which is why LiuGong is preferred over other machines because of its intuitive & ergonomic design. They’ve even built perfect devices that provide the best workflow possible.


LiuGong manufactures more than three different models of compact excavators. The features of these mini excavators lie in the following ranges, operating weight in a range of 4000 kilograms to 8700 kilograms from light model to heavy model, rated power from 18.2 kilowatts to 46.2 kilowatts, and at the end bucket capacity of 0.06 to 0.4 cubic meters.

Established: 1958
Based In: Liuzhou, Guangxi, China
Number of Workers: 9500+
Products: Compact Excavator (9035E, 908E, and 909ECR.)

17. Zoomlion

Came into being in 1992, Zoomlion is mainly involved in designing and manufacturing engineering products and agricultural devices. The company has been in operation for over 20 years and has grown exponentially. They now have 11 different categories, 70 product lines and are a global business. Zoomlion is the first Chinese company within the construction machinery niche that has a shared list in both Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges. The company is focusing on often tricky tasks of transitioning to a new industry, one that could potentially be lucrative while also impacting their profits within agricultural and financial areas.



Zoomlion has expertise in manufacturing mini excavators. They offer two different and unique models for compact excavators. These models have an operational weight of 6050 to 7500 kilograms and a maximum digging depth of 3850mm to 4046mm up. The drawbar pulls in kilonewton of these mini excavators 54.3 to 64.3 from light to heavy models.

Established: 1992
Based In: Zoomlion Science Park in Changsha, Hunan, China
Number of Workers: 30000+
Products: Compact Excavator (ZE60E-10 and ZE75E-10.)

18. SDLG

SDLG is an international company that provides construction machinery domestically and internationally. They are a high-tech enterprise as well and have been around since 1972. Their options are incredibly diverse and include a range of construction machinery such as excavators, loaders, road machinery, etc. They also offer a few products you’ll need in your core key components section. SDLG has roots in more than 130 countries and regions around the globe. Catering its customers with more than 100 products has added to its recognition and reputation.



SDLG has a speciality in manufacturing more than six unique compact excavators with operational weights of 3880 to 12500-kilogram. The bucket capacity for these models lies within a range of 0.11 to 0.5 cubic meters.

Established: 1972
Based In: Linyi, Shandong, China
Number of Workers: 5000+
Products: Compact Excavator (E635F, E660FL, E680F, E690F, E6125F, and E6135F.

19. Shantui

Shantui was formerly established as Yantai Machine Factory in 1952, and its reconstruction was carried out with Jining Power Machinery and Jining General Machinery in 1980, which transformed it into Shandong Bulldozer. Shandong Province-based Shantui is a state-owned company that has an area of more than 2,700 thousand sqm. You can purchase more than ten different product categories for your construction machinery, such as bulldozers, road machines, concrete machines, loaders and excavators. There are also accessories to go along with these products.



Shantui has made great strides in recent years, with innovations being brought about through scientific & technological research targeted at sustainability. Much of its research is accomplished with a commitment to remote controls, wireless networks, and high-power products. They lead the way in new developments that have helped transform the industry.

Shantui offers three different models of mini excavators to its customers. These models of compact excavators have an operational weight of 1800 kilograms up to 7650 kilograms. The engine power for these specified models lies in 11.6 kilowatts up to 48.9 kilowatts.

Established: 1952
Based In: Shandong, China
Number of Workers: 5000+
Products: Compact Excavator (SE17SR, SE60, and SE75.)

20. XuGong KS

KS currently focuses on supplying premium new aftermarket excavator parts. Xugong Parts, founded in 2008, its primary focus on evolving excavation equipment. XuGong stocks more than one million parts for excavators, available from many brands. They provide a wide range of hardware options and repair kits, both the most popular excavator models and the newest ones.

XuGong KS

XuGong KS mini excavators are used for a wide range of applications, and it’s beneficial for light work like hauling material, removing a stump, landscape maintenance and the construction industry. It is easy to use and has a low price that saves your money in the long run.

The XuGong KS compact excavator is a smaller machine with plenty of power & durability for various projects. It’s made easy to operate, and its small size saves a ton of space. It’s the perfect excavator for most applications.



XuGong KS offers nine different and unique models for compact excavators to its various clients. The operational weight of these models lies in a range of 1500 kilograms to 13500 kilograms. The engine power resides in a range of 14.7 kilowatts to 93 kilowatts. The maximum digging radius that a light model up to a heavy model can dig is 3500mm to 8160mm.

Established: 2008
Based In: China
Number of Subsidiaries: 50+
Products: Compact excavator (1.5T CTR15, 2T CRT20, 7T CRT70, 1.8T CRT185W, 3.5T CRT35, CRT75W, CRT115W, CRT145W, AND CRT150.)


Several brands manufacture Mini Excavators or Compact Excavators in the market. Each brand has its particular offerings in terms of reliability, durability and convenience. Among all brands listed above, XuGong KS Mini Excavator is the best value for your money on the market today.


XuGong KS Mini Excavator is well-engineered to withstand rain, mud, & amp; rust. Dirt & corrosion does not matter with this product. This diesel-powered self-propelled mini excavator has a high strength steel & offers excellent durability.


The market for mini excavators has never been booming, but they created a product exceeding their competitors – at a fraction of the cost! As mentioned above, the engine power offered by XuGong KS is far more than the 19 brands listed above. None of the brands above offers a power of 93 kilowatts in the compact excavator series. Get your Mini Excavator today, and start saving time and money with our low-priced mini excavators!

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