Things You Need To Know On Final Drive Maintenance

Several people are unfamiliar with the leading cause of Final Drive failure, which is adopting zero maintenance measures. Yes, maintenance is the key to your final drive’s efficiency, effectivity, and longevity.

Maintenance measures vary from component to component. This post will discuss the consequences of ignoring the maintenance measures. What possible maintenance measures do you need to follow? What are the benefits of proper maintenance measures?

So, you will get a plethora of useful information regarding the maintenance of your final drives. Sounds Good! Let’s begin.


The maintenance measures refer to checking oil levels and replacing worn-out parts per your requirements. It would help if you did it regularly to keep the equipment running smoothly.

You can operate your final drive for a considerable time without following any maintenance measures. But what will happen after that? It leads to severe damage, downtime, and costs. Therefore, maintenance is essential.

Negligence in Maintenance

Suppose you fail to keep an eye on the oil level or delay changing your gear oil. Then it is possible to operate your final drive for some time. In case there is a case drain filter in your final drive. Then you can also avoid its maintenance for some time.

You can also wait to apply maintenance measures on your undercarriage until it gets completely covered with dust or debris.

But exceeding the time limit is not good. It can adversely affect the effectiveness of your final drive. If you further deal with ignorance, then a time comes when your final drive completely fails.

Maintenance is Essential

As an excavator component manufacturing and repair facility, it is not good for us to guide you on how to maintain your final drive.

Our sole aim is not just to make profits. But also to help you make your final drive last longer with fewer issues. This is the reason why we emphasize more on maintenance measures more.

It would be best to consider some maintenance measures while working with the final drive. These maintenance measures are as follows:

1.    Gear Oil in Final Drive

Gear oil plays an important role in carrying out effective lubrication. It maintains temperature levels during working conditions and reduces rust, abrasion, and corrosion.

Make sure to determine the level of gear oil in your final drive from time to time. Check when the oil starts losing its age and effectiveness. If you keenly observe oil levels periodically. Then there is a chance you will find out if any leakage exists during the final drive operation.

Leakage results from faulty or damaged seals. Whenever this happens, the only solution is seal replacement. On-time seal replacement prevents water, dirt, and sand from entering your final drive. You can see a practical example of this phenomenon in the figure below.

Please note if you keep the lubrication at an appropriate level. Then you are investing in your final drive life and its efficiency. It will surely pay you off.

2.    Case Drain Filters

The case drain filter is not present in all types of final excavator drives. But it is present in most excavator brands. Suppose you leave your case drain filters unmaintained. You may observe clogging, leakage, and damage to your final drive motor.

Excess pressure buildup in your case drain may result in leakage and broken housing. This pressure may also cause the front cover plate to isolate by exploding. Not a single sign mentioned above is good enough.

Suppose your case drain filter has an appearance similar to this. Then it is possible that you have not followed proper maintenance measures for a considerable time.

3.    Undercarriage

Undercarriage cleanliness is also crucial when it comes to final drive maintenance. The main objective is to avoid dust, water, sand, mud, etc., from building up. When you leave it or deal it with ignorance, this continues building up and making its way into the final drive. This happens due to the overage of sealing components. With time it may lead to expensive replacement or repairs.

The image below will clearly explain how a pack of dust, debris, or mud may affect your final drive.

How Maintaining Your Final Drive Beneficial?

When you maintain your final drive regularly and periodically. You can enjoy the following benefits:

1.    Reduce Stress on Engine

It is vital to maintain your excavator’s engine in top condition. It is a machine that generates a lot of stress on its gears and sprockets. Once you start, the stress will wear down those components over time. Properly aligning and tuning your excavator components will ensure your equipment’s healthy operation and life.

2.    Optimum Performance

Optimum performance is the best possible point to create torque and horsepower. The excavator’s final drive cannot achieve optimum performance when the load imbalance or oscillates. It does not allow for efficient mechanical power transfer. But the proper maintenance measures help you do that.

3.    Long Life

Proper maintenance measures contribute to the prolongation of the life of the final drive and its components. A properly maintained excavator reduces the friction between the drive shaft and the wheel. Thus, increasing its life and reducing wear & tear.

4.    Save Time and Money

As a business owner, you want to do everything in your power to maximize profits. And with the proper maintenance, you can achieve just that.

A well-maintained excavator final drive can save time and money on fuel costs. As well as prevent breakdowns that could lead to major issues. You can also prevent excessive wear and wasteful downtime due to damage caused by pooling deposits or lack of lubrication.

5.    High Productivity

High productivity means better operating efficiency, which you can achieve by maintaining equipment in tip-top shape.

This means you can do more work in less time without losing a single second. A good machine in its top-performing condition does more work. On the other hand, an excavator’s final drive with zero maintenance does less work.


We have discussed all the essential information you should consider when it comes to final drive maintenance. Suppose you have any queries, comment below. We would love to help you out.

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