The Top 15 Popular Excavator Attachment List

You may be wondering what excavator attachments are and how they can benefit you.

Excavator attachments can be defined as any tool or device attached to an excavator to perform a specific task.

Many benefits to using excavator attachments include increased efficiency, improved performance, and increased versatility.


Buying excavator attachments can be a daunting task. With so many different types and brands on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

The Top 15 Popular Excavator Attachment List is the solution to your problem. This list includes the 15 most popular excavator attachments on the market and a brief description of each one’s benefits.


1.    Plate Compactor

An excavator hydraulic plate compactor is an excavator attachment used for the compaction and leveling of soil, sand, gravel, and other materials.

The plate compactor is attached to the excavator’s arm and is powered by the excavator’s hydraulic motor. The plate vibrates and transfers the force to the material placed on it.

The Excavator Plate Compactor is beneficial because it can quickly and efficiently compact materials, which helps to prepare the construction site for foundation work or paving.

 Plate Compactor


2.    Hydraulic Grab

An excavator hydraulic grab is a unique tool used on an excavator to dig and pick up materials. Hydraulic grab is used to dig and transport soil, sand, gravel, rock, and debris.

Hydraulic Grab consists of a hydraulic cylinder, controls, steering, and power source. Several hydraulic valves are installed, which open and close the hydraulic cylinders that create the pressure to lift the heavy load.


It can be applied in civil engineering projects like mining, excavating, road construction, and railways. The device comprises pneumatic and hydraulic mechanisms that allow fast operation with extra power for smooth handling.

 Hydraulic Grab


3.    Ripper

Looking for a way to tear through the Earth with ease? Look no further than the Excavator Ripper!

Excavator Ripper is the perfect tool for excavating and demolishing hard surfaces. Its decisive ripping action makes short work of any surface, quickly breaking it into manageable pieces. The Excavator Ripper is ideal for construction and demolition projects, and its heavy-duty design ensures long-lasting performance. With Excavator Ripper, you can get the job done quickly and easily!


4.    Rake

It is a versatile attachment that attaches to the end of an excavator’s arm and has teeth or tines along the edge.

The function of this tool is straightforward, and with its help, one can easily scoop out the Earth, sand, and stones.

Excavator Rake is a tool that mining, tunnelling, and construction equipment operator uses to enable Earth and other material to be moved without causing damage to the ground surface.



5.    Pulverizer

Excavator Pulverizer is a machine that crushes rock or stones into small pieces. It is used in mining, road construction, cement and concrete factories, building material factories, and other industries. The function of the Excavator Pulverizer is to destroy solid objects into smaller particles.

It is beneficial because it helps extract minerals and ores from large rocks and helps recycle construction waste into valuable rubble.



6.    Hydraulic Crusher

Excavator Hydraulic Crusher is a powerful, portable tool that allows you to do much more with your excavator than possible.

The hydraulic crusher uses the power and versatility of an excavator to perform several different tasks with minimal effort.

From crushing stone and concrete to breaking up asphalt, Excavator Hydraulic Crusher can help you tackle all types of materials. It’s designed for easy use and requires very little maintenance, meaning you can get the most out of your excavator.

Hydraulic Crusher


7.   Hydraulic Shear

Excavator Hydraulic Shear is a tool that helps in cutting different kinds of metal parts by making a quick and straightforward movement over it. It is highly beneficial to the construction, aircraft, automobile, and other industries where large amounts of metal materials are used.

Hydraulic shears are needed to cut large amounts of materials in a short period. Hydraulic shears can be used on many different materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, etc.

Hydraulic Shear



8.   Hydraulic Quick Hitch

Excavator Hydraulic Quick Hitch is a tool that helps make a smooth, fast and effective connection between the equipment and the excavator. It reduces the time required for hooking up or unhooking from the excavator.

The design of this attachment was made so that it should be fast and easy to switch between attachments while working on different projects.

This gives you more control and puts less stress on the machine, which means minor wear and tear, resulting in lower cost.

9.    Hydraulic Auger

Excavator Hydraulic Auger is an excavator attachment used to dig holes, trenches, and channels in the Earth.

This equipment is also used for digging up rocks, dirt, and boulders in different sizes of diameter and depth. Its simple design, efficient energy use, durability, adjustable speed, and lightweight features.

The hydraulic pressure is transmitted via the drill stem through a hollow tube called a “drill pipe” and down into the Earth, where it is used to rotate the cutting bit on a drill.

 Hydraulic Auger


10.   Hydraulic Hammer

A hydraulic hammer is a tool used in digging and breaking up concrete. The hydraulic hammer comes in various forms, but all employ the same basic principle: A motor-driven piston presses against an anvil or wedge to deliver impact energy to a target.

Hydraulic Hammer


Excavator Hydraulic Hammer is a highly effective tool that utilizes hydraulic power to help you perform tasks much more efficiently. You can use this hydraulic hammer daily. It saves time and prevents repetitive strain injuries associated with manual hammering.


11.    Manual Quick Coupler

Excavator Manual Quick Coupler is a unique feature of the excavator that allows quick connection and disconnection of excavator attachments to and from the excavators.

The manual quick coupler’s cost is significantly less than the quick hydraulic coupler.


Excavator Manual Quick Coupler is a device that attaches to the end of an excavator’s arm and allows it to move more quickly than usual. The coupler is connected by a pin, which is thrown over two fingers of the quick coupler when connecting or disconnecting an implement.

 Manual Quick Hitch

12.    Hydraulic Grapple

Excavator Hydraulic Grapple is a valuable piece of machinery that allows the operator to dig, load, and move material. Excavator Hydraulic Grapple is helpful when working in tight quarters or underneath everyday objects, so you can easily dig around obstacles.


The Reach & Grab feature of Excavator Hydraulic Grapple allows the operator to reach out, place the grapple in position, close the thumb and index finger, and then grab hold of the material you want to excavate.

The grapple is easy to operate and can be used to move heavy objects such as rocks, logs, and debris. It is also an excellent tool for clearing away brush or vegetation.

 Hydraulic Grapple

13.   Stone Grapple

The excavator stone grapple is a hydraulically powered attachment that can pick up stones and place them into a dump truck or in another place.

The excavator stone grapple uses a hydraulic ram to move the unit’s jaws vertically and horizontally. This allows the operator to quickly position the unit to contact the stone, clamping it in place.


It has been developed as a lightweight replacement to older mechanical attachments, which were heavier, more expensive, and had limited performance.

Stone Grapple


14.   Orange Peel Grapple

Excavator Orange Peel Grapple is an attachment used in excavators to grip and hold objects with an orange peel pattern. It can help pick up heavy items, scrape the ground, or pick up trash.

The four independently moving claws are fitted with cutting edges for good penetration into hard soil or turf to ensure proper material intake.


Unlike other standard grapples on the market, the Orange Peel Grapple has been specially crafted to give you maximum scooping power and durability over any job site.

Orange Peel Grapple


15.  Demolition Grapple

Excavator Demolition Grapple is used to demolish large size concrete and soil. It is designed to cut the construction material into small pieces so that it can be lifted and then loaded into a dump truck.


Excavator Demolition Grapple helps ensure easy loading of heavy debris from considerable heights and soil volume by excavation machines.

It gives operators the ability to demolish items with greater precision and faster speeds than traditional methods. Its intuitive controls allow you to easily handle the machine while eliminating the worry of dangerous kickback due to hydraulic pressure loss during operation.

Demolition Grapple


Final Words:

Excavator attachments are used to increase the versatility of excavators. These attachments are either large or small and fit onto the arm of the excavator.

Various attachments can be used with an excavator to let you perform specific jobs better, such as lifting and dumping loads of material, cutting roots and stumps out of the ground, or digging holes for fence posts and poles.


Choosing the right attachments for your excavator is a must for any job. It doesn’t matter if you are working in tight crevices or need to move heavy building materials. We have what you need.

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