The Rebuilding Process Of Hydraulic Pump

The hydraulic pump is the heart of the key components of the excavator. The hydraulic pump provides pressurized fluid to various hydraulic components to facilitate on-site excavator working when it fails, and most hydraulic components cannot perform their intended operation.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the rebuilding process of the Hydraulic pump. This is only possible when you know the causes of the failure of your hydraulic pump. You should also know the steps on how to rebuild your final drive. This post will provide you step by step information on these key points. Let’s begin to find out!


A hydraulic pump is a machine that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The main function of a hydraulic pump is to make the pressure high enough to move a fluid with sufficient power.

When the mechanical action takes place, a partial vacuum rises on the inlet side. This makes the pressure in the atmosphere push the hydraulic fluid on the inlet side of the pump. Later on, this hydraulic pump forces this fluid into excavator hydraulics.

Step by Step Rebuilding Process of Hydraulic Pumps

The hydraulic Pump Rebuild process is a method of repairing or replacing worn-out parts on your pumping system. In most cases, it involves rebuilding the components that make up the pump.

It often requires the replacement of seals and bearings. The goal of the rebuilding process is to maintain the integrity of your equipment while minimizing downtime. The main steps that you need to follow while rebuilding your hydraulic pump are as follows:

1.    External Cleaning

The first step in rebuilding your final drive is cleaning. The term refers to removing dirt, sand, debris, or foreign particles from your hydraulic pump components.

This is especially possible when dealing with the hydraulic pump’s external side pump. Not carrying out effective cleaning may result in an inefficient and defective hydraulic pump.

However, this step is not necessary for most hydraulic pumps. If they have not built up dirt or dust cover, you can skip this step for those hydraulic pumps.

2.    Disassembly and Internal Cleaning

After cleaning, the next step in rebuilding your hydraulic pump is disassembly. Disassembly is a very important step in rebuilding your hydraulic pump. It allows you to inspect all of the internal components to see if visible signs of damage exist.

Oil contamination may occur within the system when you use the pump for an extended period. It could lead to a breakdown of the functioning mechanism.

When you disassemble a hydraulic pump, there is a great chance of replacement, especially for the O-rings or seals. The thing you need to do is examine if there are other signs of damage that exists.

You can do this more effectively when you perform internal cleaning. You can use a parts washer to do internal cleaning. Parts washer utilizes a mixture of warm water along with a mixture of detergent. It then sprays the mixture over the internal components of the hydraulic pump. Thus, removing layers of debris, dirt, or contaminated oil.

3.    Assessment and Inspection

After internal cleaning, you can better determine the damage to various components. In this step, you need to check each component per reusability rules. If it can still meet the working parameters or you need to discard it because of uselessness. When you finalize the assessment or inspection.

Now you know if you can reuse your hydraulic pump components or need to replace them. Some components you can repair after subjecting them to reconditioning.

4.    Custom Plan and Quote for Rebuild

Plan and Quote for Rebuild of the hydraulic pump are the essential components in repair and maintenance services. It includes all necessary repairs to the hydraulic system and inspection. All costs are also included in the plan to avoid any confusion.

When you choose Xugong for rebuilding your hydraulic pump, you will get a detailed rebuilding plan and expenses. This will help you get familiar with what needs to change in your hydraulic pump and how much it costs.

Once you approve and accept the plan and quote. Xugong will begin rebuilding your hydraulic pump as per plan and quote.

5.    Reassembly

Reassembly of a hydraulic pump is the process of putting all parts back together. The reassembly includes all the replaced or reconditioned components.

Xugong has hydraulic pump rebuilding experts. They rebuild hydraulic pumps quickly and effectively. Xugong professionals are the only ones who can guarantee the reliability and integrity of your rebuild.

Since our technicians ensure every piece of your equipment has proper installation and alignment. They can also check all the automatic controls and ensure they work properly before leaving.

6.    Final Testing

After reassembly, the rebuilding process doesn’t end here. The last step in the hydraulic pump rebuilding process is final testing. For final testing, we utilize hydraulic benches.

The hydraulic bench is a device used to test the hydraulic system’s performance. It serves many purposes. It makes it easier for you to measure static pressure and dynamic pressure. You can run it as per actual performance conditions.

Using this type of bench, you can measure the force exerted with sufficient accuracy. It helps you determine whether or not there are any problems in the parts.

The working process continues until all the components meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s standards. This results in a rebuilt hydraulic pump similar to the new one but with a less associated cost.

Hydraulic Pump Components

Several components make up your hydraulic pump. Below is the listing of each component and brief information for your reference. This detail will help you get familiar with each component’s appearance and function. Some of the main components are as follows:

1.    Cylinder Block

The cylinder block is the heart of the pump. A large number of pistons connected to a single cylinder block. This assembly can act as a single unit with many working parts. The cylinder block is typically made from cast iron or steel.

2.    Swash Plate

This plate features a slight tilt which gives it an angle formation. The swash plate’s main function is to transform the piston’s translationary movement into the shaft’s rotary movement.

3.    Piston

The piston is the component that moves up and down within the cylinder. The pistons are cylindrical and made of materials such as stainless steel and titanium. Its purpose is to pressurize and move the fluid in and out of the cylinder. It converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to perform useful work.

4.    Valve Plate

The function of the Valve Plate in the hydraulic pump is to regulate the flow rate by controlling the orifice opening area.

A valve plate is shaped like a rectangular plate with two slits or slots on the edges. The two openings receive spring supports at an angle. It allows up and down movement along those slits.

5.    O-ring

An O-ring is a flat sealing ring made of rubber used in hydraulic pump construction. It employed a hydraulic pump to prevent water, oil and dirt from entering the system. O-rings are typically made of soft silicone, bronze, or carbon black.

6.    Control Valve

Control Valve is a valve used to control fluid flow through the pump by controlling its opening and closing. It is one of the most important components of your vehicle’s hydraulic system. Control Valve has two main functions:

1) Keep the fluid going where it should

2) Protect your equipment from damage caused by operating pressure surges

7.    Thrust Plate

It has a great function in the hydraulic pump. It balances the pressure and prevents the pump from overloading. This will contribute to the pump life.


Now you have a better understanding of the components of a hydraulic pump and how you can rebuild your hydraulic pump.

No one understands the intricacies of hydraulic pump rebuilds better than Xugong experts.

Xugong’s expertise and industry-leading components will ensure your hydraulic pump rebuild is completed on budget and on time.

Let Xugong’s 24/7 customer service help you get peace of mind. Whatever your issues, we are always happy to help!

Trust Xugong professionals in your next hydraulic pump rebuild to get the job done right!


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