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Xugong KS Gives You The Easiest Quick Attach Log Grapples in The Market.

  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Powerful and High-Impact
  • Aftermarket and Genuine from Top Brands
  • Secure and Fast Shipping
  • OEM and ISO Certified

XuGong KS Quick Attach Log Grapple Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Quick Attach Log Grapple

Quick Attach Log Grapple 360 Degree

Highest quality log grapple with 360 degree rotating motor.

Quick Attach Log Grapple 29-Inches Long

Durable and powerful log grapples. Top quality and affordable.

Rotating Quick Attach Log Grapple

180-380 degree powerful rotation. OEM and ISO certified.

Quick Attach Log Grapple Wholesale

The right tool for any logging activity with a complete 360 degree rotation.

Quick Attach Log Grapple Scorpion

Long lasting and strong skid steer log grapple from Xugong KS supplier.

Universal Quick Attach Log Grapple

Rotates up to 360 degrees. Easy to maintain and fast delivery.

Quick Attach Log Grapple for Bobcat

Hydraulic log grapple for Bobcat. 90 days of quality warranty.

Quick Attach Log Grapple for CAT Excavators

Perfect for CAT excavators. OEM and ISO certified.

Bestselling Quick Attach Log Grapple

Made from superior quality materials available in China.

Why Should You Choose Xugong KS Quick Attach Log Grapple Manufacturers?

Xugong KS offers multiple types of quick attach log grapples for each use. Not just for logs. Some of the most common are for rocks, roots, stump and trees. Xugong KS quick attach grapples will fit Bobcat, Caterpillar and any other machine with a standard quick attach plate.

Xugong KS quick attach log grapple manufacturers also offer more specific grapples to tailor to each customer’s excavator, budget and the job at hand. Just send us your make and model, and we will choose the most suitable for quick attach log grapple for you! Get yours now!

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Xugong KS Quick Attach Log Grapple Manufacturer

Raw Materials Inspection - quick attach log grapple
Raw Materials Inspection
Xugong KS quick attach log grapple manufacturer chooses the highest quality of raw materials to avoid any issues later on.
Heat treatment - quick attach log grapple
Heat Treatment
Bending of metal and steel for our quick attach log grapple. So Xugong KS manufacturers has this process to keep the material workable.
Assembly - quick attach log grapple
Our Xugong KS assembly line is the best at building quick attach log grapple. It is the most efficient and effective line in China.
Packing - quick attach log grapple
Xugong KS supplies and packs quick attach log grapple in a neat and secured wooden crate for safe arrival of your purchase.

XuGong KS Quick Attach Log Grapple Manufacturer Overview

The Most Extreme Quick Attach Log Grapple in China

Xugong KS quick attach log grapple distributors has a full arsenal of useful tools in one extremely tough package. Xugong KS quick attach log grapples utilize your skid steer and excavators to the fullest with this versatile collector.

Our quick attach log grapple adds versatility. This completes more work faster without having to spend extra on labor or water time constantly installing and removing.


Xugong KS Quick Attach Log Grapple Features

Xugong KS has designed and built a wide selection of useful attachment for excavator and skid steer operators doing forestry work. Xugong KS quick attach log grapple is built with high quality materials and attention to detail.

Xugong KS designed these quick attach log grapples taking forestry operator feedback into consideration, and we have made a perfect attachment for transporting logs and brush.


The Most Accommodating Aftersales Service for Quick Attach Log Grapple

At Xugong KS, our quick attach log grapple gets only the best customer service available. Xugong KS hired the expert sales team to provide the best information for our quick attach log grapple.

With just a click away, you get support from Xugong KS easily. No long queues. No misinformation. Provide us with your make and model and quantity. We can surely give you the most compatible quick attach log grapple.


Xugong KS Quick Attach Log Grapple Gets Delivered

Xugong KS is a distributor with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FedEx and more. You can choose to either ship your quick attach log grapple via land or sea.

Our quick attach log grapple have neatest and most proper packaging. If you order our quick attach log grapple now, we will individually pack them in wooden crates.

Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries such as America, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We can guarantee you we can deliver your quick attach log grapple.

Order from Xugong KS quick attach log grapple manufacturers! The best here in China to your construction doorstep!

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