Quality Excavator Parts from Reliable Suppliers

A supply network with capable suppliers enables us to consistently deliver optimal and compatible parts that
satisfy your needs.

Over 100 Frequent Collaborators

Working with over 100 cooperative factories has allowed us to understand the quality you need. We only work with the best to ensure that all parts delivered are in working condition and help with your excavator parts sales or excavator repairs.

Supplier Capability Assessment

We evaluate the quality, certification, production capabilities, and prices of potential suppliers, who are ISO-certified. Our experienced reviewers will conduct the audit following strict standards to ensure the consistency of quality.

On-Site Factory Audit

Before storing large quantities of excavator parts, we will carry out an on-site factory inspection to verify the production capabilities of manufacturers we selected. Your excavator parts from KS are guaranteed to be produced in qualified factories.

Periodic Re-Evaluation

We manage supplier information with our ERP system for normative and regular updates. After each order is completed, we will reassess the quality and pricing of our suppliers. Guaranteed supply resources minimize hassle in your excavator parts needs.

100% Final Inspection for Consistent Quality

We invest in a full human inspection to reduce your risk of receiving defective excavator parts.

Parts Performance Check

Our technical team has the experience needed to help you receive the best parts. With their expertise on standard molds, our technicians can recommend the high-performing parts that you can continuously get in the long run.

Product Specification Check

By comparing with the OEM specifications from our database, inspectors can check out whether the specifications of our excavator parts meet standards. Your aftermarket excavator parts will perfectly fit original excavators.

Customized Packaging Inspection

We look for fixed positions inside wooden boxes to prevent damage during the transit. We also check if each excavator part has been coated with anti-rust oil and packaged with film to ensure the durability of all our containers.

Support a Lifetime of Technical Consultation

KS has years of experience in providing technical consultation and helping the industry meet its demands.

Using testing reports from factories and OEM specifications from our database, we provide constant feedback and offer free advice to support your needs.

An Absolute Guarantee of Quality

Our travel motors and swing motors possess a warranty of one year or more that assures you of their sustainable quality. Long warranty from KS shows our quality and efficiency in delivering the parts you need. If there are any problems during the warranty period, feel free to contact us. With our quick response and able consultation, we provide one-stop solutions to your excavator parts needs.

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