Excavator Final Drives Supplier

KS offers a wide selection of final drive assembly, travel motors, travel gearbox, gears, and even mini final drive motors for replacing excavator parts under most of the excavator brands. Our final drive parts are built by precision machines that allow for our final drives to fit any excavator well. Through our inspections and OEM knowledge, we see if our final drives can perform optimally for long periods and under intense conditions. Avail of our services now.

MAG85 final drive motor

Our inventory management enables us to supply affordable final drive assemblies. These parts increase rotational torque and decrease RPM.


Our motors provide power that the final drive transforms into torque. KS can meet your demand for travel motors with fast delivery.


Working under heavy conditions, our gearboxes are long-lasting. We supply reliable travel gearboxes with OEM quality.


Relevant in maintaining the condition of final drives, our new aftermarket final drive parts include all bearings and gears, which apply to most of the excavator brands.

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