Pointing Out Root Cause for Final Drives

Without exactly determining what is wrong in your final drive and what is the leading cause behind it? You cannot carry out a good repair on your final drive/ Instead, this will result in additional useless costs and downtime.

This article will provide you with essential information on What is an analysis of the root cause? What is the process of root cause analysis? After reading this blog, you can effectively determine the root cause and make your final drive last longer.

What Is The Analysis Of Root Cause?

Analysis of the root cause is a way to detect the main reason causing the issue. Instead, pay attention to the symptoms resulting from that particular issue. In this process, you mainly point out the origin of the issue.

Later you can use it in problem-solving in different scenarios. These scenarios involve telecommunications complications and the reason for the failure of your final drive.

What Is The Process Of Analysis Of the Root Cause?

Multiple ways exist to find out the root cause. The most popular process that has wide applications in the mechanical industry, especially in construction machinery, are as follows:

  1. Check every single thing
  2. Collect evidence and relevant information
  3. Point out the factors leading to the particular issue
  4. Perform analysis to find the root cause
  5. How to prevent it from happening frequently

Note: If you cannot determine what is causing it repeatedly, you have not done it the right way.

1.   Check Every Single Thing

With hydraulic repairs, it is important to find a shop specializing in machinery repair. The one that has technicians with experience & training. This will allow them to identify the most common causes behind the failure of the final drive motor.

Checking every single thing on the final drive that makes it perform better will help you evaluate key issues on your final drive. These issues may be internally or externally.

Some of the main issues that you can experience include:

  • Faulty Charge Pump
  • Zero Hydraulic Pressure
  • No Optimum Track Tension
  • Sticking to Final Drive at Higher Speeds
  • Initial Wear Due to Low Oil or Contamination
  • General Wear and Tear

2.   Collect Evidence and Relevant Information

Collecting information is essential and has remarkable benefits in detecting the root cause of failure. You need to collect as much information as you can. Sometimes the things which seem non-essential provide you with the key to the problem.

Generally, the final drive repair and maintenance shops open your final drive. Then they proceed with the cleaning procedure. They usually carry out in detail inspection of each component. A professional repair service does not stop with only a single wrong thing.

They perform a keen check as per inspection standards. All the results obtained during an inspection are placed in a recording facility. The information also includes the extent of damage a particular component has faced.

3.   Point Out The Factors Leading To Particular Issue

Several things contribute to the final drive failure. During the inspection process and observing the various final drive components. The technicians try to figure out to get familiar with what happened.

But the expert technicians don’t stop until they have completed the observation process. They do this on every component of your final drive. There are times when you face no issue associated with your final drive. There are several things that lead to the failure of your final drive.

4.   Perform Analysis To Find Root Cause

After finishing the inspection process, the next thing that engineers and experts do is join all pieces of information. This will help them to get a clear picture of what happened wrong.

They carry out an analysis process. In this process, they examine each component separately and stop when they have analyzed each component.

It would help if you chose a repair vicinity with staff with sufficient technical and onboard experience.

5.    How To Prevent It From Happening Frequently

When it comes to final drives, you cannot take a chance. They are the essential component that leads to the proper working of your excavator.

You can prevent the failure of your final drive from happening again and again by choosing a quality shop. A quality shop has expert engineers and technicians with sufficient proven experience in what they do.

They have high analyzing power to determine the key issues and replace them with high-quality components. This leads to less downtime and more productive working.

They pass each component through various tests after repairing. This ensures that they meet the repair standards or tests. This also ensures your continuous work without failure.


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