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  • OEM and ISO certified

XuGong KS Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers

Hyundai Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers

Small but powerful for your R235 excavators. OEM and ISO certified.

Bobcat Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers

Perfect for your E55 excavators. Durable and high performance.

Volvo Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers

Perfectly designed for your EC360C Mini excavators. Fast shipping available.

Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers

This hydraulic breaker has noise-reduction technology. OEM and ISO Certified.

Wholesale Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers

This product is built for high-pressure and intense environment. On wholesale price.

Kubota/CAT Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers

Perfect for your CAT and Kubota mini excavators. Excellent quality materials used.

Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers SB43

Perfect for your 5 – 9 ton mini excavators. Top quality and affordable.

Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers SB50

Widely used for tunneling projects. A perfect tool for you excavation site!

Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers HM260

Suitable for 27-35 ton excavators. High quality and quality warranty.

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Xugong KS supplies and wholesales mini excavators hydraulic breakers for more than ten years. Their kind of experience in quality production of mini excavators hydraulic breakers is well-known in China and everywhere.

Xugong KS Supplier can meet any specification for your mini excavators hydraulic breakers. We have a selection of mini excavators hydraulic breakers to choose from.


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Xugong KS Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers Manufacturer Overview

Highly Productive Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers 

Our mini excavator’s hydraulic breakers are a perfect match for your mini excavators. Xugong KS offers an extensive lineup of heavy-duty mini excavators hydraulic breakers.

These are designed to achieve the level of productivity you need to save time money. Order mini excavators hydraulic breakers now at Xugong KS!


Powerful and Durable Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers

Xugong KS mini excavators hydraulic breakers can be used in a wide range of situations to break large rocks and huge slabs of concrete.

Our mini excavator’s hydraulic breakers have performed flawlessly for our customers for the past ten years. Our old mini excavator’s hydraulic breakers we sold long ago are still operating efficiently today.

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Xugong KS Aftersales Service for Mini Excavators Hydraulic Breakers   

Our advanced mini excavators’ hydraulic breakers only receive the care of our best aftersales service team at Xugong KS. We still cater to you even after your mini excavator’s hydraulic breakers purchase.

Xugong KS customer service support is here to monitor and provide you with assistance for your mini excavator hydraulic breakers needs.

Just contact us through our 24/7 customer service, and Xugong KS will wholesale you the most suitable mini excavators hydraulic breakers. Xugong KS can provide you with the most accommodating and helpful support you have been asking for.


We are just a click away from giving you the best products and solutions for your mini excavators’ hydraulic breakers.


Professional Delivery and Distribution at Xugong KS

If you send us an inquiry and order our excavator rotary union now, we can pack and ship it immediately. No need to ask us about your order’s safety, your mini excavators hydraulic breakers are individually packed in wooden crates.

Xugong KS supplier is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and more.

Plus, Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries like American, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We guarantee you we can supply your mini excavators hydraulic breakers.

Order budget-friendly and powerful mini excavators hydraulic breakers from Xugong KS! The best here in China to your construction doorstep!



Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker – The Definitive FAQ Guide


This FAQ Guide will teach you everything what is inside the product. This guide contains information on cost, material, problems associated, lifetime, maintenance requirements and much more. Once you have reviewed the various facts, you can decide whether this is the product for you or not.


1. How would you define Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


It is a tool used in the demolition and breaking of several types of materials. It has a hydraulic breaker mechanism built behind the hydraulic piston. The combination of hammering and impact provides a powerful breaking force that can tear down almost all kinds of materials like masonry, steel, and concrete.



The Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker is a piece of internal demolition equipment that manufacturers often make as the first choice to knock out walls, ceilings, partitions, and fire-damaged buildings.


Mini excavator hydraulic breaker is also widely used to demolish factories, office buildings, houses, shopping malls, other significant structures and facilities, and several engineering construction projects.


2. What are the uses of Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


Several preventive measures must be adopted while operating a hydraulic breaker to ensure the effective longtime working of your mini excavator hydraulic breaker.

  • Use the Weight of your mini excavator hydraulic breaker to press against the material which you want to break strongly
  • When operating your mini excavator hydraulic breaker, keep your excavator hydraulic breaker at an angle of 900with material surface you are going to break
  • While breaking the big block, it is recommended to start from the edges and then slightly moves inward
  • During operation of your mini excavator hydraulic breaker, never misaligned the tool concerning material
  • It is recommended to stop the tool when the breaking material is going to collapse

3. What is the cost associated with Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


Different factors affect the cost of this equipment. The manufacturing process, the type of material utilized in making the mini excavator hydraulic breaker, product specifications, an associated lifetime with your mini excavator hydraulic breaker, and the warranty associated.


The cost of some of the mini excavator hydraulic breakers are as follows: The price of this equipment also lies in the range of $500 to $1500 per piece. The mini excavator concrete hydraulic breaker cost lies in the range of $500 to $1000 per piece.


As the cost associated with your mini excavator hydraulic hammer goes on, increasing the embedded material characteristics and associated working life also increases.


4. How would you define the working of the Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


The working principle is that it will produce a tremendous impact force when it falls to the ground. Then, it will cause the piece to cut or break. In the process of working, the force of fluid pushes a piston to work by hydraulic cylinder. The piston is connected with a chisel and an extension rod, which drives out to move the chisel to do smashing work.


The action of this tool is based on Pressurized fluid, which moves the piston in an up and down direction and produces energy to break desired material theoretically. The working principle depends on the breaker type, whether it has single action hydraulic buster or double action hydraulic buster.


5. What is the Weight of the Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


In general, it lies in the range of 50 to 120 tons. The Weight varies from model to model and different sizes of mini excavator hydraulic breakers. The more Weight reflects, the greater impact force produced and is usually employed in breaking hard materials, including mountain rocks.


More Weight does not mean that your excavator hammer is good for breaking hard material. Rather it depends on hydraulics of your excavator. If the hydraulics is super powerful, it can handle more Weight at ease and helps in breaking hard materials instantly.


6. How would you define the benefits of the Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


There are several benefits associated with your mini excavator hydraulic breaker. Some of the significant benefits are listed below:

  • High-efficiency Mini excavator hydraulic breaker uses multifrequency and reasonable structure to improve impact rate.
  • It can be 50% – 90% higher than traditional hammers and offer reduced labor intensity by 50%-90%.
  • In addition, it also applies to more jobs such as cutting, drilling, grinding, and so on.
  • Super long service life the fork is made of high-strength alloy steel with heat treatment and powder coating paint outside.
  • And the piston adopts excellent material resistant to wear and tear.

7. How would you define the kinds of Mini excavator hydraulic breakers?


There are two kinds of mini excavator hydraulic breakers discussed as follows. First, there is the pneumatic breaker. This type of breaker uses a pneumatic hammer system that is powered by air.


It is utilized in breaking rigid materials usually found underground, like stone and ceramic tile. Next, the hydraulic breaker has a hydraulic system and uses rod attachments or chisels to do its work. This system is powered by pressurized hydraulic fluid through the control valve directly to the piston, which hammers the material through the chisel to breakage.


8. How would you define the Specifications of the Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


There are several specifications of a mini excavator hydraulic breaker. Some of these specifications are as follows:

Serial. No. Product Chisel Diameter Impact Rate Oil Flow Pressure Max Pressure
1 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 45 550 – 950 30 – 60 95 – 130 170
2 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 53 550 – 950 30 – 60 95 – 130 170
3 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 68 550 – 950 30 – 60 95 – 130 170
4 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 75 550 – 950 30 – 60 95 – 130 170
5 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 85 450 – 900 40 – 80 100 -130 170
6 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 100 400 – 700 45 – 90 130 – 150 195
7 Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker 135 350 – 600 40 – 80 150 – 170 190


9. Is noise associated with a Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


Yes, the mini-excavator is very noisy. It has a very intense sound that can be from 130 dB to 150 db. Mini excavator hydraulic breaker is one of the tools for hitting on the material.However, there may be five kinds of noise that you can get from Mini excavator hydraulic breaker such as:

  • The sound of breaking. When it breaks the loose soil into smaller pieces, you can hear it breaking the ground.
  • This is a sound that is emitted when hitting a hammer against the ground or when striking rocks
  • A high-pitched squeal is emitted during metal on metal impact

Nonetheless, it is imperative to have ear protection while operating a Mini excavator hydraulic breaker.


10. What type of oil goes into the Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


Oil is the lubricating liquid that allows power transmission between moving parts. It is also the liquid medium that circulates through hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders to allow linear and rotary motion from hydraulic pressure to be created. Several different types of hydraulic oil are used in many gases and hydraulic power tools.


Different kinds of hydraulic oil include 15w40, 10w30, 10w40, straight 30, and straight 40. Depending on the temperature range the hydraulic oil is designed to run at, you might want to use a lighter weight or heavier weight.


Mini Excavator hydraulic breaker mainly uses hydraulic oil as the standard lubricant, which has the advantages of being abundant and easy to prepare, easy to store, heat resistance, rust resistance, air impermeability, etc.


11. How would you define the composition of Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


The internal structure of the mini excavator hydraulic breaker is composed of several components. These components are listed below:


  • Mini excavator hydraulic hammer Main valve
  • Mini excavator hydraulic hammer Buckhead
  • Mini excavator hydraulic hammer Piston
  • Mini excavator hydraulic hammer Seal retainer
  • Mini excavator hydraulic hammer Through bolt
  • Mini excavator hydraulic hammer Cylinder
  • Mini excavator hydraulic hammer Chisel
  • Mini excavator hydraulic hammer Front head
  • Mini excavator hydraulic hammer Front Cover
  • Mini excavator hydraulic hammer Pin tool
  • Mini excavator hydraulic hammer Inner bush

Each component has its particular function, which helps your mini excavator to perform its intended function. The hydraulic valve is placed in the mini excavator hydraulic breaker, which drives the cylinder to open, and then the piston moves forward with force to make a chisel broken concrete to pieces.


12. What is the method of greasing your Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


The critical components in a hydraulic breaker are the hammer, the valve seat and seal assembly, and the piston. All of these components have some lubrication required. You can use a lubricating pump with an embedded nozzle to input the required amount of grease in your mini excavator hydraulic breaker through a valve placed on your breaker.


The most common seems to be grease for the valve assembly, while piston oil is used for the ball check valve in your hydraulic breakers. Greasing the moving parts of a hydraulic breaker machine is an essential process because it protects the hydraulic system from wear.


If you do not adequately lubricate the hydraulics of your mini excavator hammer, diminished performance and premature failure may occur.


13. How would you define the role of Valve in Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


It is an integral part of a hydraulic breaker. A valve is a control device that regulates fluid (gas or liquid) flow or controls the motion of a machine element.


The primary function of the valve in the mini excavator hydraulic breaker is to avoid flooding and underflow. It can adjust the transmission fluid’s flow rate and pressure. It works as an on/off switch for the hydraulic system, and it makes your machine function as a workhorse.


A valve receives signals from the controls that relay orders to open and close the valve to power on and off the equipment attached to the mini excavator.


14. How piston plays its role in the Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


The piston in the Mini excavator hydraulic breaker is the part you can’t see, but it is the beating heart of the hydraulic excavator. The piston is a driving force in the hydraulic breaker driven by the energy from hydraulic oil. The piston is connected through a rod to the chisel.

It moves back and forth inside the cylinder of the hydraulic excavator to convert hydraulic energy into counter-force to break the bricks, concrete, rubbles into pieces for removal. The role of the piston in Mini excavator hydraulic breaker is for controlling the vertical movement of the ram and reciprocating action of the stroke wedge.


15. Can I Import a Mini Excavator hydraulic breaker from China?


Importing mini excavator hydraulic breaker from china is a great choice. Chinese mini excavator hydraulic breaker manufacturers are highly reliable and affordable. They offer custom mini excavator hydraulic breaker parts directly at your doorstep without any hesitation associated with customs duties.


The thing you need to do on your part is research a reliable supplier online. Visit their websites and read the reviews from older customers who made the purchase already. A custom mini excavator hydraulic breaker helps you order your product just according to your needs and specifications.


16. How would you define the Hs Code of Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


This is a code which is an international term used to classify items. When importing products, it’s essential to follow the HTS code. This code is the language used for the development in various countries. Using the code, customs can make sure they’re talking about the same product and determining an import’s duties.


Critical aspects of the trade is the Harmonized System (HS) Codes. These codes are used throughout the export process to classify traded products. The HS is a standardized numerical system that has been in use since 1988, and it helps keep track of international trade. This code comprises 6 to 10 digits.


17. How you keep your Mini excavator hydraulic breaker in working condition?


The regular maintenance requirements help elongate the life associated with your mini excavator hydraulic breaker. Some of the maintenance requirements that are widely employed are as follows:-Preventive maintenance – lubrication and cleaning of machine parts to ensure optimal performance of the hydraulic breaker.


Periodic maintenance – replacement of worn out or damaged parts that can negatively impact the safety and productivity of the machine. All hydraulic braking systems require regular inspection, appropriate fluid level, and functioning plugs. Also, the bolts securing the hydraulic breakers must be torqued to specifications.


All of the parts must be kept in good working condition to ensure safety and prevent injuries. The necessary thing is to keep them in perfect adjustment to operate at top efficiency and power.


18. What life is associated with mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


The lifetime associated with a mini excavator hydraulic breaker is usually between 3 to 5 years.The lifetime can significantly vary depending on the following aspects:

  • length of use;
  • workers’ skill;
  • working situation

If you could use it with more skill and take good care of it and maintain it in good condition, then the life would be longer. Generally, the lifetime of the breaker is related to the hydraulic pressure of the cylinder and its number of revolutions.


The excavator hydraulic hammer made up of quality materials with extra embedded material strengths will eventually result in a longer life for your mini excavator hydraulic breaker.


19. How to choose Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


There are several things that you need to consider before buying a mini excavator hydraulic breaker. The type of hydraulic breaker you need to buy is a high-pressure breaker. These hydraulic breakers have bigger rapid piston strokes, taking down the more challenging, most solid construction materials.


Hydraulic breaker’s size. Various sizes are available for selection that depend on your construction needs and abilities, so choose excavator that is suitable for your operational needs.


The work speed of the machine is also an important thing to consider when buying a mini excavator hydraulic breaker. Before buying the hydraulic breaker for a mini excavator, you should consider various factors like – body material – working pressure – operating principles – system components – cycle time & more.


20. What Is the Role of Chisel in Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


The chisel is part of the hydraulic breaker. The primary function of this special hydraulic hammer is to break all kinds of building materials such as rocks, stones, concrete, bricks, and other hard building materials. The chisel of your mini excavator hydraulic breaker has a pointed shape that helps break the material into pieces.


The mini excavator, hydraulic breaker chisel, comprises ally steel or forged steel with high resistance towards wear and tear, abrasion, corrosion, and deformation.


The chisel edge is covered with a thin layer of hardened steel. The chisel edge works by creating friction when it strikes against stone, brick, or rock. This causes the chisel edge to chip off the material under high pressure.


21. What is the cost of Mini excavator hydraulic breaker Chisel?


The chisel price can be different, and it is affected by various factors. The most crucial factor is size. A more significant price means an immense chisel’s Weight, although it does not mean that if the machine is substantial, then the price will be high.


The chisel cost also varies depending on the chisel wedge shape, blunt, conical point, etc. In general, the cost of a high-quality mini excavator hydraulic breaker chisel lies in the range of $20 to $100 per piece.


The excavator hydraulic breaker chisel cost also lies in the range of $20 to $40 per piece. As the cost associated with the chisel goes on, increasing the embedded material quality and associated lifetime also increases.


22. What is a Pneumatic Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


A kind of machinery that features high precision, high efficiency, and low cost. It is used to demolish all kinds of construction waste tiles, bricks, blocks, concrete slabs, etc.


This hammer achieves a significant impact force by a compressed air cylinder that could constantly screw out the energy from the air to the piston during the impact process, which ensures evenness and saves the shock time of the frame machinery when it hits the material surface.


Pneumatic Mini excavator hydraulic breaker is a type of demolition equipment that can reduce the labor intensity and improve the efficiency of construction and demolition in hard-to-reach places.


23. On Which Material Can I Use Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


Mini excavator hydraulic breaker is used for crushing all kinds of rock and stones, and they demolish the foundation of a building. Hydraulic hammering machines are mainly used to break the asphalt, concrete roads, concrete floor, floors, railings, etc., which are made of stone materials.


Mini excavation machine hydraulic breakers can be used on different stony materials. For example, they can be used on granite and natural limestone.


24. What is used in making of Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


The Mini excavator hydraulic breaker is made of durable materials like steel, plastic, and rubber. The metal parts consist of the body, hydraulic hammer, chisel, piston, and piston rod. These materials are embedded with high resistance to abrasion, corrosion, wear, and tear.


These materials are made by adding other materials in specific proportions to elongate your mini excavator hydraulic breaker’s embedded lifetime under rough working conditions.


25. What are the issues associated with the Mini excavator hydraulic breaker?


There can be many reasons why your Mini excavator hydraulic breaker has stopped working. Suppose the mini excavator hydraulic breaker is terrible. In that case, you may hear knocking, rattling, or clanking, hydraulic fluid leaking out of mini excavator, the engine may sound different, and it may have difficulties producing power. You should check the hydraulic breaker at least once per shift to know if its condition will affect your work.



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