The Competent Loader Grapple Manufacturer in China

The Superior Capacity Loader Grapple In The Market Only At XuGong KS.

  • Increased Load Capacity With Superior Production
  • Excellent Handling Volume And Optimum Life
  • Smooth Loading And High Powered Strength
  • Custom OEM And Fit To All Brands
  • OEM Standard And ISO Certified

XuGong KS Loader Grapple Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Loader Grapple

300 PSI PR 62SGGP Loader Grapple

Suitable 300 PSI PR 62SGGP Loader Grapple.Quality Assured Materials. Ready To Ship. OEM Standard Installation

Bucket Wheel Loader Grapple

Perfect Bucket Wheel Loader Grapple. Long-Life Service. Exceptional Grabbing Performance

CAL 1RRCMP 2 Loader Grapple

High-Quality CAL 1RRCMP 2 Loader Grapple. ISO Standard Quality.  Available For Best Deals

KOBUTA GB30 Loader Grapple

Perfect KOBUTA GB30 Loader Grapple.Exceptional And Great Reliability Performance. High-Quality Made

Tractor Grapple Loader Grapple

Heavy-Duty Tractor Grapple Loader Grapple. High-Grade Built With Optimized Life Cycle. Durable And Top Sales

Mini Loader Brush Loader Grapple

Compatible Mini Loader Brush Loader Grapple. High-Performance Excavator Grapple. Safe Wooden Cased

Mini Skid Steer Loader Grapple

Versatile Mini Skid Steer Loader Grapple. Most Advanced Excavator Grapple. In Stocks For Fast Delivery

Scrap Grapple Loader Grapple

High Grabbing Result  Scrap Grapple Loader Grapple. Best Use And Best Deals Excavator Grapple

Single Tine Root Loader Grapple

Highly-Recommended Single Tine Root Loader Grapple. OEM Factory Steel Casting. After Sales Attentive Service

Prefect Pick Up Accuracy Loader Grapple Only At XuGong KS

XuGong KS Loader Grapple is applicable for grappling, loading, handling, and many other clamping operations. XuGong KS Loader Grapple has strong teeth for greater clamping force. With our complete grapple profiles, we built quality assured materials to fit your Loader Grapple. XuGong KS Loader Grapple gives the superior capacity to each load. Thus, you can have the guarantee of reducing the number of loads and making you more productive in the field.

XuGong KS Loader Grapple can give you low-cost maintenance and attentive quality service.  This XuGong KS Loader Grapple can make your practice of bulk waste collection and storm debris more protected and more advantageous. This XuGong KS Loader Grapple is the most desired and most guaranteed quality loader grapple in the industry. Surely, this XuGong KS Loader Grapple can give you the best operation you needed. Call us now!

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Rotating Grapple Excavator Grapple.
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Standard Forklift . Out-Lifting Operation
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Xugong KS Loader Grapple Manufacturer Overview

The Top High-Powered Loader Grapple Only At XuGong KS


At XuGong KS, we are serious about producing top-quality products. Each XuGong KS Loader Grapple is built with great durability, maximum strength, and reliability. XuGong KS Loader Grapple can make even the toughest work easier. Dimensions and capacities are carefully monitored to provide supreme performance.XuGong KS Loader Grapple was designed specially and added with great features and functionalities to increase your performance.


The safety of the operator as well is one of the important things we consider while using XuGong KS Loader Grapple. That is why XuGong KS Loader Grapple is the best for your safer purpose. Versatility and improved sustainability are also the advantages while using XuGong KS Loader Grapple. Precision picking of materials is your edge for this XuGong KS Loader Grapple. For your right solution, you can send us an inquiry for a faster transaction. Get a quote now!

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