Your Top Hydraulic Rock Breaker Suppliers in China

Xugong KS Offers You The Most Powerful Hydraulic Rock Breakers in The Market.

  • Affordable Prices and Top-Quality Materials
  • Durable and Sturdy Hydraulic Rock Breakers
  • Various Top Brands to Choose From
  • Quality warranty of 90 days
  • OEM and ISO Certified

XuGong KS Hydraulic Rock Breaker Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Hydraulic Rock Breaker

Furakawa Hydraulic Rock Breaker

Indestructible Furakawa at an affordable price available now at Xugong KS.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker HB30G

Another Furakawa bestseller. Silent but powerful. Available at Xugong KS.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker for ML525

This hydraulic rock breaker has vibration controls to absorb shock and recoil.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker for Caterpillar

Perfect and specially made for your Caterpillar. OEM and ISO Certified only at Xugong KS.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker with New-Improved Chisel

Wholesale price with guaranteed warranty at Xugong KS. Fast and secure delivery.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker for 10- 20T Excavator

This hydraulic rock breaker has power-to-weight ratio for your 10-20 ton excavators.

Furakawa Hydraulic Rock Breaker HB20G

Hydraulic rock breaker for your needed hydraulic rock breaker rebuilds.

Wholesale Hydraulic Rock Breaker

Compatible with top brands like Hyundai and JBC. Fast and secure delivery.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker SB43

Shock-absorbing and high-performance hydraulic rock breaker.

Why Should You Choose Xugong KS Hydraulic Rock Breaker Suppliers?

Xugong KS has a close working relationship with all major hydraulic rock breaker companies. We distribute a wide variety of aftermarket products for top brands like CAT, Volvo and so on.

Our Xugong KS manufacturing team ensures only the best quality of hydraulic rock breaker. We always meet specific engine’s requirements for our hydraulic rock breakers.

If you cannot find the right hydraulic rock breaker, we can custom-fit one for you. Just send us the model name and number. Get a quote now at Xugong KS!

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Xugong KS Hydraulic Rock Breaker Manufacturer

Raw Materials Inspection Hydraulic Rock Breaker Supplier
Raw Materials Inspection
At Xugong KS, we make sure our hydraulic rock breakers are made from top quality materials to safeguard later issues.
Assembly Hydraulic Rock Breaker Supplier
Hydraulic breakers are installed according to OEM specifications. Xugong KS has the most efficient assembly for hydraulic rock breaker.
Testing Hydraulic Rock Breaker Supplier
Xugong KS hydraulic rock breaker goes through countless analysis and inspection to check equipment performance and identify defect if any.
Packing Hydraulic Rock Breaker Supplier
Safe arrival of our products is one of our top priorities here at Xugong KS. Wooden crates and tough ropes are our ways to secure your hydraulic rock breaker.

XuGong KS Hydraulic Rock Breaker Manufacturer Overview

The Innovative Hydraulic Rock Breaker from Xugong KS

Xugong KS has been a supplier and distributor hydraulic rock breaker for more than ten years. Our company always supply the most durable hydraulic rock breakers lasting for many years. It is made with the most powerful and advanced technology available in China.

If you want to get our hydraulic rock breaker, we can recommend you tons of hydraulic rock breakers ready to be shipped out. Our hydraulic rock breakers are easy to use and works with a variety of excavators.


Everything You Want in a Hydraulic Rock Breaker

At Xugong KS, hydraulic rock breaker are redesigned for efficiency and high performance. Our hydraulic rock breakers are also quiet because of the low-noise technology.

Xugong KS hydraulic rock breaker combines superior efficiency and performance with high durability and low impact on the environment.


Send us an inquiry now at Xugong KS!


The Finest Customer Service for Hydraulic Rock Breaker

Xugong KS aftersales continuously monitors hydraulic and other critical systems to assist preventive maintenance and troubleshooting for your hydraulic rock breaker.

Just send an inquiry now, and we can surely help you with your assembly as soon as possible.

Contact us through our 24/7 customer service, and we will assist you in choosing the best hydraulic rock breaker for your excavator. We can provide you with the most accommodating and helpful support you have been asking for.


We are just a click away from giving you the best products and solutions for your hydraulic rock breaker needs.


Fast and Efficient Shipping for Your Hydraulic Rock Breakers  

If you send us an inquiry and order our hydraulic rock breaker now, we can pack and ship it immediately. No need to ask us about your order’s safety, your hydraulic rock breakers are individually packed in wooden crates.

XuGong KS is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and more.

Plus, XuGong KS exports to more than 50 countries like American, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We guarantee you we can ship your hydraulic rock breaker.


Order new and powerful hydraulic rock breaker from Xugong KS! High quality here in China to your construction doorstep!




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