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Xugong KS Can Supply You with The Most Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Breaker in the Market.

  • To fit any brand excavator from 0.5-70tons
  • Various hydraulic breaker types: side type, top type, box type
  • Offered the customized color you need
  • Easy maintenance
  • Choose chisel you need: moil point chisel, blunt chisel, flat chisel, conical chisel
  • Order one hydraulic breaker= 1pc breaker+2pcs chisels+2 oil hoses+1 gas bottle+1 gas gauge+1 tool box with tool

XuGong KS Excavator Hydraulic Breaker Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top-Sell Hydraulic Breaker

Construction Machinery Excavator Hydraulic Breaker Handheld Hydraulic Breaker for Excavator

Excavator JS200 hydraulic breaker JS205 breaker hammer JS210 concrete breaker JS220 Jackhammer

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High-Quality Excavator Hydraulic Breaker for Hot Sale

Hydraulic Breaker for 20 Tons Excavator

Hydraulic Rock Breaker MB1500

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sb81 hydraulic breaker 20-ton excavator jackhammer for pc200

Mini Hydraulic Breaker for Excavators Longer Working Life

Why Xugong KS is Your Best Choice for Hydraulic Breakers?

Xugong KS has a worldwide reputation for its incredible hydraulic breakers. Our professional-grade hydraulic breakers are designed by our top engineers. Our hydraulic breakers are ISO and OEM-certified world-class.

Xugong KS has over ten years of professional manufacturing and distributing experience for excavator hydraulic breakers.

Our hydraulic breakers are masterpieces with top-quality and value for your money.

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Top Excavator Spare Parts

Doosan Hydraulic Breaker Chise
Doosan DH200 DH300 DH370 DH470 DX420
Caterpillar Hydraulic Breaker Chise
Caterpillar E120B, E200B, E320B, E360B
Volvo Hydraulic Breaker Chise
Volvo EC120B EC210B EC240B EC360B
JCB Hydraulic Breaker Chise
JCB 200, JS205, JS220

XuGong KS Hydraulic Breaker Factory Overview

Where To Find The Most Resilient Hydraulic Breaker?

Xugong KS hydraulic breakers work with great efficiency and to a wide range of works.

Xugong KS offers the most resilient hydraulic breaker for demolition, construction, mining, and more strong applications. We have the hydraulic breaker brands for Hitachi, Kobelco, Volvo and so on. You can select for new hydraulic breaker, used a hydraulic breaker, and rebuilt the hydraulic breaker.

Components of the hydraulic breaker such as chisel, piston, valve, and many more are available for your rebuild kit.


We can help you with fitting the most suitable hydraulic breaker based on your need. Message us now!


Versatile Hydraulic Breakers Available at Xugong KS

Our hydraulic breakers are designed for fast, efficient, low-cost productivity. Our hydraulic breakers has corrosion-resistant and abrasive-resistant to improve wear resistance when working in harsh environment.

These budget-friendly and high-performance hydraulic breakers are definitely for your forestry site.


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Finest Customer Support for Your Hydraulic Breakers  

Our advanced hydraulic breaker only receives the care of our best aftersales service team at Xugong KS. We still cater to you even after your hydraulic breaker purchase.

Xugong KS customer service support is here to monitor and provide you with assistance for your hydraulic breaker needs.

Just contact us through our 24/7 customer service, and Xugong KS will wholesale you the most suitable hydraulic breaker.  Xugong KS can provide you with the most accommodating and helpful support you have been asking for.


We are just a click away from giving you the best products and solutions for your hydraulic breaker.


Professional Delivery and Distribution at Xugong KS

If you send us an inquiry and order our hydraulic breaker now, we can pack and ship it immediately. No need to ask us about your order’s safety, your hydraulic breakers are individually packed in wooden crates.

Xugong KS supplier is partnered with the best shipping companies like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and more.

Plus, Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries like American, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. We guarantee you we can supply your hydraulic breaker.


Order versatile and powerful hydraulic breaker from Xugong KS! The best here in China to your construction doorstep!



Hydraulic Breaker – A Complete FAQ Guide


1.    What is a Hydraulic Breaker?

A hydraulic breaker is an excavator-mounted hydraulic squeezer operated by the foot pedal to break up concrete structures or rocks.

It takes its power from the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulic system, which is key to the excavator’s hydraulic controls.


The hydraulic breaker uses a heavy, long-handled sledgehammer or breaker hammer to create impact onto the concrete.

Hydraulic breakers are designed to exert high levels of pressure in a short period.

Hydraulic breakers are compact, mobile tools that breakthrough soil and concrete without damaging adjacent buildings.

The pressure applied by the hydraulic breaker is designed to be robust and consistent so that it can break through even the most challenging obstructions.

2.    What is the price of a hydraulic breaker?

The price of a hydraulic breaker contains different factors.

These factors include the type of hydraulic breaker, the material used in the manufacturing of hydraulic breaker, required application, project size, and kind of excavator model on which it is needed to be mounted.

Usually, the price of a hydraulic breaker varies and lies in the range of $500 to $10,000.

For instance, the price of the Sb81 hydraulic rock breaker is $5400.

Similarly, the hydraulic bead breaker CAT 303 lies in the range of $500 to $1500.

The cost of an MSB Hydraulic breaker is between $1000.0 to $2,600.0 per unit.

3.    Can I get a Hydraulic Breaker for sale?

If you buy a Hydraulic Breaker on sale, you can often prevent yourself from wasting money.

4.    What do you mean by hydraulic chisel?

A hydraulic breaker is a tool that helps you in cracking concrete and strong things like rocks etc.

A Hydraulic breaker chisel is a pipe that is used in breaking concrete and other hard materials.

The chisel’s size and stiffness depend upon the material it cuts. The cutting tool for the hydraulic breaker and the structure hangs on cracking things

24 inches to 48 inches vary in hydraulic breaker chisel.


A guiding valve directs a fluid flow in a given direction. It is used to direct fluid flow in the proper direction. A back head stores the hydraulic energy and can be used to increase the force of a jet of fluid.

This hydraulic energy is then converted to rotational energy through the reciprocator’s piston and worm motion.

The chisel is an efficient and useful tool used for digging holes in frozen soil. It can also dig around 60-80mm in diameter at one time.

Finally, the chisel is a time and labor-saving tool that can be used to dig holes for plants, cement, and concrete.

5.    What are some important divisions of Hydraulic Breaker?

The hydraulic breaker comprises three major parts. These parts include

  • Back Head
  • Cylinder Assembly
  • Front Head

Back Head:

The backhead is referred to as a chamber filled with nitrogen.

When the piston moves down, this nitrogen-filled chamber acts as a damper and an impact enhancer.

It also increases the compression and power of the power stroke.

Cylinder Assembly:

The cylinder assembly is the central part of a hydraulic breaker. It houses a control valve, piston, and cylinder.

The piston reciprocates upward and downward, which drives the tool and controls the direction of the oil flow through the control valve as it enters the cylinder.

The cylinder is where the power is generated.

Front Head:

This is the point where the piston transfers its power to the chisel.

6.    How does Hydraulic Breaker work?

Hydraulic systems power hydraulic breakers. For example, the embedded small canister uses hydraulic oil stored in it to generate high pressure.

A piston is an essential part of a hydraulic breaker, which converts kinetic energy into reciprocator hammering energy.

It works as a force multiplier, and it also provides support to the machine.

Hydraulic breakers are more potent than other hammers, and their force varies based on the strength of the downward strokes and the size of the piston used.

Using the hydraulic system in the hydraulic breaker results in a balanced weight with the force of the blow due to hydraulic pressure.

This balance results in a smooth impact force that won’t affect the stability of the hydraulic breaker.

7.    How to use Hydraulic Breaker?

You can use a hydraulic breaker as listed below:

  • It is recommended to use the mass of an excavator to press the hydraulic breaker on the surface being broken.
  • Each time place a hydraulic breaker at the right angle with the surface you are going to break.
  • While breaking the hard materials, always employ the benching method.
  • Avoid bending the hydraulic breaker while you are striking it on the material.
  • Hinders the operation of a hydraulic breaker when the material is going to collapse.
  • Do not place a hydraulic breaker at a single position for more than 15 seconds while in striking condition.

8.    What do you mean by Hydraulic Breaker hammer?

A hammer has a long handle that is mounted ahead of a hammer.

The hammer is used to strike a hard object repeatedly.

And it no longer helps on stationary plants, skid steers, stationary plants, skid steers, excavator, backhoes, and, mini-excavator.

A hydraulic excavator can crush materials, crack rocks and demolish buildings.

Hydraulic breaker hammers are a useful tool for many other works.

They can be used for a variety of different purposes, from removing broken glass and metal to drilling holes in concrete and wood.

The best hammer for breaking hardened concrete has the largest lifespan and can handle years of high use comfortably.

It can be used in a variety of different industries, including mining, landscaping, and demolition

9.    What kind of hydraulic breaker is there?

Some important types of hydraulic breakers which you can use hang on the intended function.

Small Scale:

The stylish design of the Miniature Hydraulic Breaker makes it a must-have for any homeowner.

They are skilled in working with concrete to repair small holes and cracks.

Hydraulic breakers are ideal for breaking up short and are very effective.

These hydraulic breakers can perform a variety of tasks, but they’re the best choice for short jobs.

Medium Scale:

A medium-sized hydraulic breaker can be operated at pressures up to 2,000 psi. to 3000 psi

The main point is that this can generate bumps sufficient for more applications, but because they’re smaller, heavier, and less powerful, large hammer drills are better at drilling holes.

Large Scale:

Large hydraulic breakers are best suited to large projects. Be sure that you only use these machines with extreme caution and supervision.

The hydraulic breaker at the large-scale plant has an output of 2300 PSI. The amount of force required to break down a material varies according to the size of the hydraulic breaker.

10.    How long does Hydraulic Breaker last?

The lifetime of a hydraulic breaker depends upon several factors.

These factors include the type of hydraulic breaker, the material used in manufacturing, application type, maintenance of hydraulic breaker, and preventive measures.

The average lifetime is about ten years, with some machines lasting longer if properly maintained.

If you use a hydraulic breaker on hard surfaces and more often, it must be maintained, and the parts that face wear and tear must be replaced on time.

It should be greased, and oil must be change most often depending upon usage.

This will result in a preferably longer lifespan; otherwise, it could end up shortly.

11.      What is the price of a hydraulic breaker chisel?

The cost contains the things that used in the hydraulic breaker chisel.

The more expensive chisel is more durable, saving you money in the long run

The $66 is the price of the hydraulic breaker. The product is manufactured using tool steel and mild steel.

A chisel is an irregularly shaped tool that has a specific use, containing blunt, moil point, wedge, and conic point, depending upon the intended function.

When you purchase in larger amount or quantity the cost will reduce to $130.

12.      What kind of material can I use for Hydraulic Breaker?

When deciding on which hydraulic breaker to use for your project, consider the type of material you will be working with.

For example, if you work with light material that is easy to scoop out of the hole, you may want to use a smaller hammer with a lighter head weight.


Using a heavier and more powerful excavator, you may want to use an enormous hammer to break up harder or denser materials.

Generally, the hydraulic breaker is widely used on rock, concrete, asphalt, brick, marble, masonry, wood, and similar materials.

13,      What do you mean by Hydraulic Breaker Hs code?

The Harmonized System code is referred to as the Hs code, is created by the World Customs Organization and based on a combination of tariff nomenclature and a uniform international classification system.

It is used as part of the trade agreements that WCO members have signed.

This is a set of international standards that helps customs officials identify and classify goods. Several countries across the globe use it.

The Hs Code for hydraulic breaker is an 8-digit code that varies from country to country, and it represents the shipment details, including shipped from, shipped to, quantity, description, and price.

14.      How can I get the Hydraulic breaker repaired?

Yes, you can get repaired hydraulic breaker. However, it depends on the type of wear and tears that it can be repaired or not.

Sometimes the breakage is intense that it cannot be repaired, and there is a need to replace the whole part or assembly.

There are two options to get it repaired or replaced either from a local manufacturer or from a supplier from which you had purchased your hydraulic breaker.

There are thousands of professional technicians out in the market who can transform your damaged hydraulic breaker into an entirely new hydraulic breaker.

The cost of repair depends upon the intensity of the damage. This cost varies from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

15.    How much does a hydraulic breaker weigh?

Some factors are available to determine the hydraulic breaker weight.

Each hydraulic breaker varies in weight depending on the type of metal used for the machine and the brand.

Hydraulic breakers weigh anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 pounds.

Some of the components in a hydraulic breaker are heavier than iron, which affects its effective speed.

On the other hand, some materials are less heavy, and they can resist wearing better than other materials. This type of breaker is more efficient.

16.      What is the function of the valve in the Hydraulic Breaker?

The hydraulic breaker’s valve is the machine’s primary regulator of pressure in the hydraulic system.

The valve allows the operator to control how much air pressure is directed at the hammer, which helps with different material combinations.

The valve is a safety valve that allows pressure to be released quickly when necessary

The main point of oil used in the excavator to absorb energy for the clamshell and lifelong parts that reduce shock for safety

17.    What is the maintenance requirement of Hydraulic Breaker?

You can enhance the lifetime of your hydraulic breaker by adopting proper maintenance measurements.

Comprehensive In-depth Inspection:

At first, you need to conduct a visual inspection of the hydraulic breaker every time before using it.

It will help you identify any particular component that may need replacement or repair.

Use the right tools and materials for maintaining your equipment:

Most rock breaker manufacturers include a specialized agency in their product offering to measure the lower bushings, retaining pins, and top angle of the breaker.

This helps reduce the risk of component failure and is an invaluable aid for both the customer and the manufacturer.

Checking the pressure of nitrogen supply:

Nitrogen is a gas that can be used in many applications.

However, it is essential to check the pressure and temperature of the gas before it is dispensed.

Nitrogen is most commonly used for breaking rock. However, in situations where temperatures are high or extreme pressures are required, nitrogen should be used cautiously.

Inspect the Hydraulic Hoses:

The excavator needs to be fitted with the right length of hoses. If hoses are too short, they won’t have much effect.

However, if hoses are too long, they could damage both the machine and its attachments.

Apply grease on joints:

Regular grease prevents metal-to-metal contact in the hydraulic breaker. Therefore, the hydraulic breaker should be greased regularly to ensure smooth operation.

18.      What are the specifications of Hydraulic Breaker?

The specifications of a hydraulic breaker vary from type to type the general specifications of a hydraulic breaker are listed in the table below:

Sr. No. Characteristic Unit Value
1 Hammer weight kg 270
2 Excavator Weight ton 4 – 12
3 Tool length mm 700
4 Tool diameter mm 80
5 Impact energy Joule 700
6 Oil holder L/min 40 – 100
7 Hammer pressure Bar 70
8 Backpressure Bar 3
9 Hit frequency c.p /min 400 – 1000
10 Width mm 200
11 Nitrogen charge pressure Bar 36
12 Delivery pipe diameter inch 3/4

19.        How to install Hydraulic Breaker?

For the installation of a hydraulic breaker on an excavator, you need some steps to follow them:

First of all, place your excavator adjacent to the hydraulic breaker.

Fix the hydraulic breaker to the excavator with the two supporting rods.

Use a hammer to pound the two rods into the excavator.

Now pump the hydraulic fluid into the hydraulic breakers of the excavator. Then, tighten all lines and holes made with the tool. We agree that in this place no oil leakage found.

Now start your excavator and test your installation.

20.      How Excavator Hydraulic Breaker is beneficial?

Some important benefits of Excavator Hydraulic Breaker are listed below:

The Excavator Hydraulic Breaker is a compact, lightweight, and highly efficient piece of equipment that can be installed in tight spaces.

Excavator Hydraulic breaker can be used for various jobs ranging from construction to landscaping. Such as excavating, quarrying, sand making, mining, and so on. It is an excavator accessory to reduce labor intensity than traditional systems.

Excavator Hydraulic breaker can cause structural damage to concrete structures such as dams, roads, and bridges.

Using hydraulic breakers saves time and money if you need to break down concrete while saving energy.

21.      Why import Hydraulic Breaker of an excavator from China?

Some important benefits to import Hydraulic Breaker from china are given below:

The lowest price of the product is usually found in this store as compared to other stores in the area.

You may import select and place an order for a personalized hydraulic breaker.

Before the import, you may choose your favorite size/ dimensions, shape, materials, model, and weight.

One of the beneficial services is that there are no minimum or maximum order limitations.

If you are an owner of a small business, you can complete an order online by typing your details of contacts.

Your hydraulic breaker will arrive sometime in the near future.

22.  What does a pneumatic Hydraulic Breaker?

A pneumatic Hydraulic Breaker is a type of pneumatic hammer that is used to break concrete and hard materials like metal, glass, and tile.

It uses compressed air to launch a heavy tungsten carbide tip at high velocity, which turns the impact into a snapping action that crushes or breaks the target material

A typical application of this tool is in construction after an area to be constructed has been dug up.

The hydraulic breaker significantly reduces the risk of damage during the application of concrete.

The innovative design of the hydraulically controlled tool reduces the impact on bare concrete, flooring, and walls and minimizes the risk of damage to surfaces.

23.  What is a Hydraulic rock Breaker?

A hydraulic rock breaker is a tool that uses the energy of the impact force to break the rock.

The Hydraulic breaker rapidly strikes a chisel against the rocky surface with very high force.

It can save power, avoid drilling and blasting, reduce all kinds of damage and waste, and shorten the construction cycle to improve construction efficiency.

The high-strength rock hydraulic breaker has a high crushing ratio and a long service life, with a compact structure, fast speed, little noise, slight vibration, easy operation, and so on.

It’s large enough to be used in demolition projects, different from the operating speed of an ordinary hydraulic breaker.

24.    Why does Hydraulic Breaker fail?

There are several reasons why the hydraulic breaker fails. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • The plunger seal and wear sleeve is made of natural rubber, which cannot withstand repeated high-pressure application in the direction of travel.
  • The machinery has a maximum operating pressure which means that during operation at speed, dry firing occurs because they cannot supply the brake fluid fast enough.
  • Using the Hydraulic breaker on a job that requires a more extensive model can also lead to failure.
  • Using an improper technique in breaking the hard surfaces may fail a hydraulic breaker.
  • Avoid greasing and changing the oil when required may result in hydraulic breaker failure.

25.    Can I replace a Hydraulic Breaker?

Yes, it is possible to replace the breaker attachment on many other excavators if it is not working well. And if you find it.

Before you make any kind of purchase, take into consideration the machine’s load rating and the materials it will be used for.

When replacing a hydraulic breaker, make sure you have the necessary tools.

Separate all hydraulic lines and components to remove an excavator.

Now place the hydraulic breakers as you did in the previous steps and mount them following the same method.

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