The Highest-Quality Forklift Grapple Manufacturer in China

Xugong KS Provides You with The Most Durable Forklift Grapple in the Market.

  • Increase Your Payload by 40%
  • Reduce Additional Staff Movement
  • Aftermarket and Genuine from Top Brands
  • Safe and Fast Arrival
  • OEM, ISO and CE Certified

XuGong KS Forklift Grapple Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Forklift Grapple

Forklift Grapple for Pipes

Perfectly designed for handling multiple pipes or larger single pipes.

Pallet Forklift Grapple

Xugong KS forklift grapple with 48 fork blades available for fast delivery.

Forklift Grapple for Tractor

Heavy-duty and reliable Xugong KS forklift grapple. OEM and ISO Certified.

Forklift Grapple 26 Inches Height

Designed to be durable and versatile. OEM and ISO certified.

Skid Steer Forklift Grapple

Perfect for your skid steers. Easy to install and easy to dismantle.

Forklift Grapple 5L x 2W

Xugong KS forklift grapple attachment for versatility and efficiency.

Forklift Grapple TH-CPG1

High performance even in harsh environments. Fast delivery available.

Pallet Handling Forklift Grapple

Perfect for handling logs and pipes. Quality warranty from Xugong KS.

Forklift Grapple Vertical Arm

Made with high quality materials. Secure and timely delivery.

Why is Xugong KS Your No.1 Choice as Your Forklift Grapple Manufacturer?

Xugong KS forklift grapple is engineered to provide a safe, convenient solution for land clearing, forestry, logging, rail, and general construction or scrap operations. Our forklift grapple creates an easy method for transporting logs or similar materials around a job site.

Using Xugong KS forklift grapple can improve productivity. This allows you to do more with less and can actually pay for itself over time. Xugong KS forklift grapple both increases the capacity of your machinery while eliminating the need for another machine.

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XuGong KS Forklift Grapple Manufacturer Overview

Lift Anything with Xugong KS Forklift Grapple

Utilizing a removable attached instead of dedicated grapple can lower transport and fuel costs, and it reduces the need for additional staff or extra training. When the job is done, Xugong KS forklift grapple can be easily removed to resume the typical lifting.

Xugong KS forklift grapple is especially engineered, industrial-grade and purpose-built. Our forklift grapple can handle one or a bundle of several materials at one time and allows the operator to easily and accurately load, unload, move, deck, sort and feed logs all from the safety of the cab. Send us your inquiry at Xugong KS forklift grapple manufacturer!


Xugong KS Forklift Grapple Features

Xugong KS forklift grapple has over 1,000 models for every machinery. Our forklift grapple is designed to facilitate fast installation with a minimal amount of downtime. This design steadies material in-line for straight-on loading or transport, and handles up to 16 feet long and 1,600 lbs.

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The Finest Forklift Grapple Support  

Xugong KS forklift grapple manufacturer offers superior quality control and after-sales support to clients throughout the world. So no matter where your company, facility or project is based, you can look to our forklift grapple team for products and solutions.

You are just a click away from getting the highest quality of forklift grapple in the market. Order from Xugong KS forklift grapple manufacturer now.


Fast and Timely Delivery for Xugong KS Forklift Grapple Distributor  

Xugong KS forklift grapple team is dedicated to helping your business to improve profitability, safety and project efficiency.

Xugong KS distributes and exports to more than 50 countries such as America, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia, and so on.

We can guarantee you we can distribute your forklift grapple anywhere in the world. We pack and seal your forklift grapple in wooden crates to be distributed to our most trusted forklift grapple couriers. You can choose to send your forklift grapple via air or sea.

Buy Xugong KS forklift grapple, indestructible and amazing! The best here in China to your construction doorstep!

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