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The perfect set for your SH210 – SH240 excavators. Powerful and affordable excavator arm cylinders.

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Raw Materials Inspection Excavator Arm Cylinder
Raw Materials Inspection
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We manufacture our excavator arm cylinder in the most precise shape and size. We remove unwanted parts of the steel, leaving behind a nicely shaped workpiece.
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Packing Excavator Arm Cylinder
Safe arrival of our products is one of our top priorities here at Xugong KS. Wooden crates and tough ropes are our ways to secure your excavator arm cylinders.

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Excavator Arm Cylinder – The Definitive FAQ Guide


Excavator Arm Cylinder FAQ Guide provides the latest answers on excavator arm hydraulic cylinders.

It features a lot of information on cylinder seal kits, excavator arm cylinder, cost, working principle, problems associated, airlock, and much more.

This guide will help you get familiar with the excavator arm cylinder either you are a beginner or a professional.

1.    What is an excavator arm cylinder?


An excavator arm cylinder is a hydraulic cylinder that powers the movement of a mechanical device such as an excavator.

Figure 1._Excavator Arm Cylinder
Figure 1._Excavator Arm Cylinder

It is responsible for accomplishing lifting, moving, and placing tasks.


The cylinder also extends the length of the excavator’s arm, allowing it to move from side to side easily without having to turn or rock back and forth from one wheel or wheelset.

Every excavator component that operates through cylinders has at least one or more arm cylinders.

Arm cylinders come in several different types, including stick, stick with end-folding function, stick with under-bail parts, and side-folding functions.

When it comes to lifting capacity, these cylinder series vary depending on factors such as the make and model of the equipment.

2.    What is the working principle of the excavator arm cylinder?


The Excavator arm cylinder is the principal part of an excavator to lift the hydraulic arms and other attachments.

The working principle of the excavator arm cylinder is:

Excavator Arm Cylinder consists of a cylinder, crosshead, and piston rod.

A hydraulic oil pump supplies oil into the hulling chamber through an oil inlet tube located at the back of the hull, then flows along with pipe connection into one end of return valve and externally through regulating valve to control down or up position.

The oil inside it is transmitted through the piston rod to cause the piston axial extending and retracting movement, which moves arms and other attachments.

3.    What are the components of the excavator arm cylinder?


The Excavator arm cylinder comprises a cylinder, control valve, piston, shell, end cover, gasket, rod, hydraulic seal ring, etc.

A cylinder with a thick wall has high compression strength.

The steel piston has good wear resistance and fatigue strength to ensure the service life with full discharge at high pressure.

The whole structure of the excavator arm cylinder is compact and rational.

Excavator arm cylinders play a very important part in hydraulic excavators.

The Excavator arm cylinder on the excavator offers certain functions, with each one being a vital component of the machine.

The main part of the arm cylinder is the piston which performs its intended function.

4.    What materials are used in the manufacturing of excavator arm cylinders?


The various components are made of many different materials such as aluminum alloy, cast iron, nylon, steel plate, ceramics, rubber, stainless steel, etc.

Excavator arm cylinder is available in various shapes and sizes, which are designed to withstand all weather conditions.

The excavator arm cylinder is hardened and stands up against moisture and corrosion.

Manufactured from steel or aluminum alloy, the excavator arm cylinder is strong and long-lasting.

Aluminum alloys are being increasingly used for their corrosion resistance and weight-saving properties.

Cast iron cylinders are commonly used due to their ability to withstand harsh chemical environments and high pressure while retaining their shape for a long period.

5.    What is the cost of the excavator arm cylinder?


The cost of an excavator arm cylinder depends on several factors.

These factors are material used in manufacturing, intended function, size, quantity, and many more.

Excavator arm cylinders are manufactured in varied sizes depending on their use. The compressibility of these cylinders varies also.

The price of an excavator piston cylinder for a hydraulic arm lies in the range of $200 to $3000 per piece.

The price of an excavator big arm cylinder varies from $500 to $2000 per piece.

High-quality material, along with the extended life of your excavator arm cylinder, tends to increase the total cost associated.

6.    What is the lifetime of the excavator arm cylinder?


The lifetime of the excavator arm cylinder is impacted by many varying factors, including the overall load placed upon it, frequency and regularity of use, and the climate and environment in which the vehicle is stored.

The lifetime of the excavator arm cylinder is, on average, 3-10years. But some and some kinds of different years.

To ensure the long lifetime of the excavator arm cylinder, you must use a forged cylinder. Special raw material made by a special heat-treatment process has

Excavator hydraulic arm cylinders are exposed to harsh environments and handling in all of the corners.

It’s necessary to maintain the quality and performance of the excavator arm cylinder.

7.    How do I know my excavator arm cylinder is bad?


Figure 2._Damaged Excavator Arm Cylinder
Figure 2._Damaged Excavator Arm Cylinder

There are several reasons why your excavator arm cylinder is bad. Some of the possible causes are listed below:


  • The cylinder seals are another thing to get damaged means the excavator arm cylinder is bad.
  • When you experience little or no force while lifting the arm of your excavator.
  • When you hear a bumping or rattling sound while operating your excavator arm cylinder.

It is important to keep your excavator arm cylinder maintained properly, as this can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Failing hydraulic cylinders will result in loss of efficiency on your machine and cause expensive damage to the excavator or load.


8.    Why do excavator arm cylinder leaks?


A lot of reasons will result in leaking of your excavator arm cylinder leakage. Some of the reasons are listed below:

Figure 3._Excavator Arm Cylinder Leaking
Figure 3._Excavator Arm Cylinder Leaking

Excavator arm cylinder leaks may be caused by construction damage, such as rocks or gravel getting lodged in the arms cylinders.


The most common reasons are poor installation and operation.

Excessive pressure and temperature may result in worn-out seals, ultimately leading to leakage in your excavator arm cylinder.

The main cause for excavator arm cylinder leaks is the improper installation of the seal kits on both ends of the cylinder.

Cracked or worn seal kits will allow fluid to leak from the piston area anytime your machine is operated.


9.    What causes the bending of the excavator arm cylinder?


The bending of the excavator arm cylinder is one of the common problems in construction machinery.

Figure 4._Bent Excavator Arm Cylinder
Figure 4._Bent Excavator Arm Cylinder

This phenomenon generally occurs when the excavator’s arm is fully extended with a small operating radius or with a heavy load at low speed.


Erosion, fatigue, and wear are also the main causes of bending excavator arm cylinders.

In the construction machinery operation, the load on the top of the excavator arm cylinder will continue to press the piston rod in the cylinder body, causing the pressure around the piston rod to increase, resulting in an increase of pressure inside the excavator arm cylinder.

If this kind of pressure cannot be relieved instantly or after several seconds, it will bend the excavator arm cylinder.


10.  Can the excavator arm cylinder get air locked?


Yes. If your excavator works more and more hours, then the cylinder might get air locked.

The Excavator arm cylinder gets air locked when it is rough riding on excavation sites or high places.

Excavator Arm cylinders can get air locked if a foreign object can get into the cylinder inlet, vent, or outlet ports (if they are open).

When you stop working, air may enter from the medium side due to non-air-tightness.

The Excavator arm cylinder can get air locked if it is not operating in an environment where pressure is kept constant.

One of the common causes behind air locking excavator arm cylinders is open ports and damaged ports.

11.  What is the function of the valve in the excavator arm cylinder?


The function of the valve in the excavator arm cylinder is to ensure the outflow of oil.

Figure 5._Valve in the Excavatot Arm Cylinder
Figure 5._Valve in the Excavator Arm Cylinder


Excavators arm cylinder has several valves, such as oil supply valve, oil return valve, hydraulic pressure relief valve, check valve and filter valve, etc.


As for the oil supply valve, it is to keep the inflow of oil into the excavator arm cylinder without blockage from dirt and impurity.

An oil return valve is used to ensure the excavator arm cylinder will not flow in a reverse direction when it works.

The hydraulic pressure relief valve opens when the pressure is too high inside the excavator arm cylinder.


12.  What do you mean by bleeding excavator arm cylinder?


When the excavator arm cylinder stops running normally because of the dirt and sand overload or some damage to the hydraulic system, it will have a leak or not smoothly run, so you need to check and repair it.

It would help if you bled it in this case.

The term bleeding is defined as emptying your excavator arm cylinder from either dirt, objects, or air that is locked inside your cylinder.

These things will result in wear and tear of your excavator cylinder.

Timely bleeding of your cylinder results in an expanded lifetime and reduces extra costs associated.


13.  What is the maintenance requirement of the excavator arm cylinder?


The maintenance of the excavator arm cylinder needs to check the leakage and wear-out condition.

Regular inspection for unpleasant sound or cracks.

Excavators work in non-standard environments, including large temperature changes, dust environments with a high concentration of particles in the atmosphere, and water climate changes.

The construction sites are also full of vibration and impact when installing big-sized buildings and using dangerous ground or rock faces.

Due to the working environment constantly changes, your arm cylinder frequent visionary inspection to make sure that it is working fine.

The Excavator arm cylinder lubrication method is very important to use the excavator arm cylinder long life.


14.  How to install excavator arm cylinder?


The installation procedure of your excavator arm cylinder is as follows:

Figure 6._Installing a Excavator Arm Cylinder
Figure 6._Installing a Excavator Arm Cylinder

Excavator arm cylinders are usually located at the rear side of the excavator’s arm to extend arm length and speed up extending.


To install your arm, cylinder the first thing you need is the complete tool to establish

Locate the lower hydraulic pump and connect the hydraulic manifold to the upper side of the pump, and then it is connected to the cylinder.

Fix your excavator arm cylinder on the top or side of the arm at the end by tightening screws or bolts at the specified torque.


15.  Why excavator arm cylinder explodes?


Several reasons will lead to the explosion of your excavator arm cylinder.

The arm cylinder is often subject to damage as it operates, especially if it works in a dangerous area such as a quarry.

Figure 7.Excavator Arm Cylinder Exploding
Figure 7.Excavator Arm Cylinder Exploding


The most common reason for an arm explosion is not lubricating the cylinder properly.


This leads to loss of pressure which leads to a piston failure and an explosion.  Another reason for failure is using faulty or inferior components in the rebuild.

The excavator arm cylinder explodes! When the hydraulic oil temperature is over 160 ℃, and the oil has high viscosity.

The use of poor-quality hydraulic oil, pump pressure is improper, the overload work pressure too large because the working environment is too large.


16.  Can I control the stroke of an excavator arm cylinder?


Yes, you can control the stroke of an excavator arm cylinder.

It would help if you had a special tool to turn the cylinder handle to extend or retract the nozzle.

However, this will not increase or decrease the pressure produced by the cylinder. This is because a hydraulic pump controls the pressure.

The hydraulic pump measures the exact volume of oil pumped out in a given time and will set the oil output for different pressure within an allowable limit.

During the controlling process, you should verify that the start end play of the arm cylinder is in the specification and that the driving type is correct.


17.  What is the purpose of the seal in the excavator arm cylinder?


Seals have a variety of purposes in construction machinery. Some of the main objectives are listed below.

The seal is an arm cylinder part. As the name suggests, its main function is to seal the hydraulic oil within the cylinder bore.

Figure 8._Seals of Excavator Arm Cylinder
Figure 8._Seals of Excavator Arm Cylinder

It also provides an effective barrier to prevent dust and other debris from entering the cylinder.

The Excavator arm cylinder has a seal at the end of the cylinder rod to prevent pressure loss.

The main objective is to separate or prevent contact between two mediums moving in the opposite direction.

It can easily ignore the bad effect of the weather conditions and so forth on the excavator arm cylinder to provide more excellent sealing performance.


18.  What do you mean by the stroke of an excavator arm cylinder?


The stroke of an excavator arm cylinder refers to the distance from one end of the cylinder body to another end.

The stroke is usually measured in “millimeters.”

Figure 9._Stroke of an Excavator Arm Cylinder
Figure 9._Stroke of an Excavator Arm Cylinder

These are the two sides of the inside cylinder when the piston is fully extended to the bottom or fully retracted.


The larger the stroke, the more movement you get on the excavator’s arm.

A small-stroke machine typically has a full-tilt range of less than 6 m.

On medium-stroke machines, you are likely to have an option of working ranges from around 6 m up to 9 m or more.

With a large-stroke unit under your control, you can fully extend and retract your arm in fewer operations.


19.  What are the uses of excavator arm cylinders?


There are several applications of excavator arm cylinder exists. Some of these applications are listed below:

Excavator arm cylinders are widely used in many types of major material transportation and construction machines.

In excavators, the cylinders are used to actuate the quick hydraulic coupler.

Excavator Arm Cylinder is used for agricultural equipment, automotive, construction equipment, petrochemical industry, mining machinery, etc.

Most of the excavator manufacturers use the excavator arm cylinder to replace hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic shock absorbers on some models.

Excavator arm cylinder can make the movement of telescopic extensions so quick and responsive for the driver to control easily.

Excavator arm cylinders are mainly used for the cylinder of the left and right buckets.


20.  What are the benefits of an excavator arm cylinder?


Several benefits are associated with the excavator arm cylinder. Some of the main benefits are listed below:

It can be used for digging and loading operations.

If the excavator is equipped with such a cylinder, it can procure materials with greater efficiency using its bucket or grab.

This kind of cylinder unit usually is equipped with a hydraulic system to control the movement of the actuator. In contrast, the hydraulic fluid within the cylinder transmits this movement as mechanical energy proportional to the generated pressure by valves connected to each hydraulic hose.

Excavator arm cylinders are important for excavating machines because they act as the joints of the arm and function to change the directions of the excavator.


21.  Can I get my excavator arm cylinder repaired?


Yes, you can! A wide range of excavator arm cylinder spares is designed to use different makes and models of excavators.

If you need to replace, service, or repair an excavator arm cylinder, your highly trained technicians use only the highest quality replacement parts.

Hydraulic experts perform a visual inspection complete with parts readings and replace or repair as necessary if defects are found.

Whether you are looking for excavator arm cylinder seals, excavator arm cylinders, pistons, or even hydraulic steering cylinders, you can get them all at great rates from Chinese manufacturers.

In case if the warranty of your excavator arm cylinder still exists, then you can get it repaired free of cost.


22.  How to choose an excavator arm cylinder?


The Excavator arm cylinder is the essential component for the construction machinery and mining machinery that is its integral part.

To prolong the service life of the excavator arm cylinder or increase using time, you need to choose a high-quality excavator arm cylinder when a replacement.

It would be best to consider some factors like Excavator arm piston, machine size, capacity, and required power of the machine.

Its capacity and parameters mainly include strokes, strokes per minute (s/min), speed, displacement, pressure, etc.

Control valves vary in shape and size, while arm cylinders are available in different lengths.

When we choose to buy an excavator arm cylinder, some factors should be considered if we want to get quality excavator arm cylinders.


23.  How to select seals used in excavator arm cylinder?


The Excavator arm cylinder seal is very important for the performance of the arm cylinder.

Many types of seals are used based on the different designs and working conditions of the excavator arm cylinder.

The seal kit shall be selected according to the piston and rod diameter.

Material of seal should be considered while purchasing seal for your excavator arm cylinder.

The selection of seals in the excavator arm cylinder ensures safe, reliable, and energy-saving.

A good selection of seals used in excavator arm cylinders is necessary to improve machine operation reliability, prolong tools service life, and decrease downtime.


24.  What type of oil goes into my excavator arm cylinder?


The type of oil used depends upon your machine’s manufacturer as each can have different specifications for their hydraulic equipment.

In most cases, the manufacturer recommends using lightweight hydraulic oil known as Mineral based hydraulic fluid.

Figure 10._Types of Oil for Your Excavator Arm Cylinder
Figure 10._Types of Oil for Your Excavator Arm Cylinder

Excavator arm cylinders require a hydraulic fluid with an SAE Grade rating of at least 32.


Take care of your excavator arm cylinder with the correct hydraulic oil. Never use a composition-type oil in this application.

Such oils are too pure and can damage the seals, reducing their strength and causing abnormal wear.

Therefore, it is important to install only genuine hydraulic oils formulated specifically for excavator arm cylinders in all hydraulic systems.


25.  Where to buy an excavator arm cylinder?


There are several sources you can select to buy your excavator arm cylinder.

These sources include online and offline sources. Online sources help you to order your arm cylinder without physically visiting the place.

Offline sources help you to purchase it by being physically visiting and assessing the quality of your cylinder.

Chinese manufacturers provide a high-quality product at lower prices, and it is a good choice to choose them for your excavator arm cylinder.

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