Everything You Need to Know When Shopping for Cummins Engine Parts


Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, Cummins is a world leader in the design, production, and distribution of diesel and compressed natural gas engines. Cummins engines are top-of-the-line and are used to power everything from excavators to ferries, dredging vessels, and other heavy-duty machinery. Cummins engines are built to last but being machines with many moving parts, Cummins engines will succumb to everyday wear and tear and break down at some point.

Cummins Engine Replacement Parts

In most cases, engine failure occurs when engine components sustain damage and are unable to function properly. The good news is that you can easily fix your excavators or other heavy-duty machinery by having an experienced technician replace the broken or damaged components with genuine Cummins engine parts. All our Cummins replaceable components and spare parts are of high-quality, which guarantees performance and durability.

When undertaking repair work on your excavator or other heavy-duty machinery, you will have to choose between OEM parts and aftermarket or generic parts. OEM parts are touted for their quality while the benefits of aftermarket parts are typically centred around price. However, it’s not always a simple choice.  Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of genuine and aftermarket Cummins engine parts and which option is best for your situation.

The Difference Between OEM and Generic Engine Parts

In most cases, the difference between genuine Cummins engine parts and the generic brands is not that obvious especially true for the untrained eye. It could be a ring gap that’s a few millimetres too wide, asymmetrical areas, rough welding, or a shabby finish on the counterfeit. However, not all aftermarket Cummins engine parts are created equal. Quality-wise, some aftermarket Cummins engine parts meet or even exceed OEM versions. It all depends on the manufacturer.

Benefits of Genuine Cummins Engine Parts

When shopping for replacement parts for your Cummins engine, it’s important that you choose genuine Cummins parts to avoid engine problems. Engine parts must match the specifications that aren’t discernible to the human eye. What you can’t see makes all the difference. Genuine Cummins engine parts are designed with precision and put through rigorous testing to ensure reliable performance. Here are other advantages of getting genuine Cummins engine parts over their cheaper, non-genuine counterparts.


One of the biggest selling points of genuine engine parts is that they are high-quality. For instance, genuine Cummins engine parts are made from the same high-quality materials used to manufacture the original. Therefore, you can rest knowing that these replacement parts are built to last and you can rely on them to function the way they are intended to.


When buying engine parts, durability is one key factor you need to consider. Make sure that you buy parts that will last you a long time and that’s the thing about genuine Cummins engine parts, they last a long time. Unlike counterfeits or aftermarket parts, genuine engine parts don’t wear out easily and you won’t have to replace them now and then.

Value for Money.

Genuine Cummins engine parts may be a little expensive, but they will give you better value for your money. You will discover the benefits of buying original Cummins engine parts in the long run. It’s cheaper to buy one genuine engine replacement part every year than buying three counterfeit products in the same period.


Genuine Cummins engine parts come with a full factory warranty. This ensures financial protection and peace of mind. The company uses its network of over 7000 locations worldwide to back its products 100 percent including parts, labour, and progressive damage without a deductible. In any of these locations, your warranty will be honoured and repairs will be done by Cummins-certified technicians.


There are thousands of Cummins distributors and dealers all over the world. The company ensures that these locations are stocked with commonly used parts making it easy for customers to get replacement parts wherever they are. Availability of genuine Cummins engine parts is available when you need them thereby reducing downtime and minimizing loss of productivity in the event of engine breakdown.

Whenever you need Cummins engine parts, you have to choose between genuine replacement parts and aftermarket brands. The latter are made by a third-party and are significantly cheaper. While original Cummins engine parts may be more expensive than the aftermarket brands, they are more durable, perform better, and will give you better value for your money. However, brand new high-quality aftermarket Cummins engine parts are generally equally as safe as the original but cost much less.

New Aftermarket Cummins Engine Parts

A lot of consideration needs to go into the decision of buying Cummins engine parts. One of the most important factors when it comes to buying Cummins engine parts is price. The biggest selling point of aftermarket parts is that they cost much less than OEM parts. Using aftermarket parts cuts down the total cost of the repair since parts make up for nearly half of the cost of most body work. Apart from their cost saving benefits, some brand-new aftermarket engine parts are also high quality.

If money is an issue, you could be better off choosing to go with aftermarket Cummins engine parts. Admittedly, the quality of aftermarket engine parts can be a bit of a gamble. However, there are ways to determine the quality of aftermarket parts. Firstly, you need to get the opinion of a trusted and knowledgeable mechanic. Also look at the manufacturer’s reputation and check out what other consumers are saying online.

Why Shop for Cummins Engine Parts with KS from Xugong?

If you are looking for a reliable Cummins engine parts supplier, you’ve found us. At KS from Xugong, we supply genuine Cummins engine parts as well as aftermarket Cummins engine parts.  We can guarantee reliable Cummins engine parts at a lower price, just as reliable as the OEM version. Your Cummins engine parts will be shipped to you in 48-72 hours. Being a customer-centric brand, your satisfaction is our priority. Just give us a call, let us know what you need, and your order will be en route within hours.

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