Everything You Need To Know About Final Drive Cores

Want to get familiar with the exchange policies of Final Drive Core? How can you work with the buyback of a specific core? What are some in-demand final drive cores? What condition makes final drive cores valuable? If you are the one who is searching for in detail answers to these questions, Then Don’t worry! You will find them in this blog post.

How Would You Define Final Drive Core?

The term “core” in the final drive core refers to the final drive you have used. There are two possibilities exist when it comes to your final drive cores:

You can eliminate your final drive core if the flanges, housing, and ports work properly. Or if they are in fine condition.

In case the final drive has damaged internal components, there is still a chance that you can make use of housing. You can use it in remanufacturing of final drives.

Conditions Necessary For Final Drive Core

Several conditions contribute to the value of final drive cores. Some of the vital conditions are as follows:

1.   Free From Cracks

A crack is a defect in the surface of a metal that occurs as a result of stress or fatigue. A crack can be deep or shallow, with or without evidence of corrosion. Cracks on a core’s housing of a final drive can compromise the strength of that ring.

It can impact the integrity of the metal. If the core is free from cracks, you can easily exchange it. Because no cracks represent higher durability, the vendors are searching for.

2.   Intact Threading

Intact Threading on final drive cores refers to the situation where a thread can run as originally intended. The threads must be free from scoring/ scuffing, or pitting. This will render your final drive useless because it cannot fit properly.

3.   No Bent in Flanges

The flange is the outer surface of a final drive assembly. It is the critical component that determines the performance and value of your final drive.

If a drive flange does not have its original appearance, it can cause uneven load distribution. It also results in decreased durability. The vendor can easily accept the final drive core if there is no bent. You can exchange it with ease.

Some situations exist when you can remanufacture your final drive core components. You can do this through reconditioning, inspection, and cleaning.

Remember, you cannot apply these techniques on bearings, seals, or gaskets. The reason is you cannot refurbish these components.

Suppose there is excessive rust, dirt, or debris on your final drive core. Then don’t worry because they don’t represent a damaged final drive core. You can easily remove the rust or clean the dirt or debris.

Main issues that render your final drive unexchangeable include cracked housing, missing components, and damaged threads.

What Makes Final Drive Cores Valuable?

When you want to exchange your final drive core, this question comes to mind. The ease with which you can find the core you want to replace greatly affects its value.

If the replacements for a particular core are available or are common, then the demand for that specific core decreases.

For instance, this happens when:

  • There exist new machine models,
  • Warranty of the final drive core still exist
  • Your final drive core comes under the services of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

These things make final drive motor repair vicinities or shops less interested in taking up your final drive core. This happens for two particular reasons:

  • They have very low demand
  • Lower space availability for storage

The larger machine’s final drive cores take up more space than smaller machines’ final drive cores.

As mentioned above, your final drive core conditions make In other words, if only the housing is in good condition rather than entire core components. It has potential use in Remanufacturing Final Drives.

What Are Some In Demand Final Drive Cores?

In this section, you will get familiar with in-demand final drive cores. Different vendors are searching for different final drive cores depending on location in which they are operating. At Xugong parts, the Bobcat final drive cores, specially T-series, have high demand. We are also interested in John Deere, CAT, and Kubota final drive cores. If you have one and you want to exchange it, feel free to reach out. The different models depicted in the table below for your reference:

Sr. No. Company Name Final Drive Core Models





Bobcat T-series

2 T180
3 T190
4 T200
5 T250
6 T300
7 T320
8 T550
9 T630
10 T750
11 T770







Kubota SVL Series

13 SVL76
14 SVL77
15 SVL78
16 SVL79
17 SVL80
18 SVL81
19 SVL82
20 SVL83
21 SVL84
22 SVL85
23 SVL86
24 SVL87
25 SVL88
26 SVL89
27 SVL90



29 CAT330
30 CAT336


Some other brands we are interested in, like Bobcat 334/ 331. There are times when final drive cores have high demand. Instead, some vendors don’t take them. The main reason is they already have many cores in their vicinity. So, they have no extra space for storage.

Program for Core Exchange/ Buyback

Usually, different vendors offer programs for core exchange. The program requires you to exchange your final drive core with a similar model and make. The core exchange program policy also has essential. It allows you to purchase only a remanufactured final drive in exchange. At Xugong parts, you will receive a core charge and invoice.

You can take a refund on this charge as per company policy. The only condition you need to fulfill is that your final drive core should be in good condition. In case you have no core that you want to exchange. Then you have to pay the entire core charge.

The buyback program allows you to sell your final drive core without paying for rebuilding. You are doing this to prevent you from creating a seller account on eBay or something like this. The company you sell your final drive core to is responsible for paying shipping charges. If you want to sell your final drive core, please reach out and read our buyback program.

Policy on Core Charges

The policy on core charges is as follows:

  • The core must have the model number, component number, and brand name from which you purchase.
  • Your final drive core must contain all parts and feature proper assembly. It will not be accepted if you send over core in disassembled form.
  • If you want to return your final drive core, you only have 30 days to do so—the tracking of these 30 days made from the original shipment date.

The two factors which greatly influence your core charge are as follows:

  • What is the demand for a particular final drive core that you want to sell?
  • What is the weight or size of the final drive core?

Now, look at the core charge of various brand final drive cores. As you know, the Bobcat T-series final drive, especially of old models, is in great demand. Now we will discuss the core charge for Bobcat. The core charge for Bobcat T190 lies in the range of $500 to $1000, in case you purchase rebuilt final drive.

In case your final drive core belongs to the larger machines category. Then your core charges for the final drive may be up to $5000 or more.

You don’t need to worry about this payment if your final drive is in fine condition. After the detailed inspection through a particular vendor, you will receive all the payments.

Final Drive Core Shipping Requirements

It would be best to consider several things while shipping your final drive cores. Some of the key shipping requirements are as follows:

  • At first, Isolate the sprocket from your final drive core
  • Avoid disassembling your final drive core
  • You must put the loose parts of your final drive core within a tough plastic cover
  • Ensure the tightness of all the ports, and keep them intact to avoid leakage during shipment
  • Avoid using a wooden box, and their handling is usually poor during transit


We have discussed everything you need to know regarding the final drive core exchange, from basics to detail. Now you can make a suitable decision regarding exchanging your final drive cores. We will love to answer if you have any questions regarding final drive cores.

We offer a wide range of final drive cores for all vehicles, from small to large. Feel free to reach out as soon as possible to learn more about what we offer.

Xugong is committed to excellence in product quality and customer service. If you’re experiencing a problem with your product, please get in touch with us to receive help!


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