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Xugong KS Brings You The Most Durable Engine Crankshaft in The Market.

  • Forged or Iron-Cast
  • High Performance for Long Periods
  • Genuine and Aftermarket for The Top Brands
  • 24/7 Customer Support and After-Sales
  • OEM and ISO Certified

XuGong KS Engine Crankshaft Quality Certification

  • ISO9001
  • KS CE
  • SGS
  • ISO 9001

Xugong KS Top Sales Engine Crankshaft

Engine Crankshaft for Hitachi

4LE2 engine crankshaft for Hitachi. Compatible with Kobelco as well.

Engine Crankshaft for Komatsu

High tensile strength for your Komatsu engines with quality warranty.

Engine Crankshaft NT855

Made with the most advanced technology available for your engine.

Engine Crankshaft for Mitsubishi

Perfect replacement for your S4K S6K 6D16 6D22 4D31 6D34 engines. Fast delivery.

Engine Crankshaft Wholesale

Superior-quality made for 6D140 Komatsu engines with fast shipping available.

Engine Crankshaft PC120-5

Reliable and long-lasting for your Komatsu engine. Secure packaging and arrival.

Engine Crankshaft for Volvo

Superior quality engine crankshaft for EC140B excavators.

Engine Crankshaft for Caterpillar

Powerful rotational movement for your Caterpillar engines.

Engine Crankshaft 6D107

Long wear life and suitable for your Komatsu excavators.

Why Should You Trust Xugong KS Engine Crankshaft Supplier?

Engine crankshafts play an important role in the engine of an excavator. Engine crankshafts convert linear movements of pistons into rotational movements. It is only crucial your engine crankshafts have high-speed rotation and high-impact for your engine.

Xugong KS engine crankshaft manufacturer offers high-quality products and meets customers’ needs on the basis of production results and engine-related expertise. Get your engine crankshafts at Xugong KS engine crankshaft manufacturer now!

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Xugong KS Engine Crankshaft Manufacturer

Raw Materials Inspection - engine crankshaft
Raw Materials Inspection
Xugong KS engine crankshaft manufacturer makes you to deliver top tier iron and steel for your engine crankshafts.
Forging - engine crankshaft
Xugong KS forge our engine crankshaft for durability to work for longer periods.
Surface heat treatment - engine crankshaft
Surface Heat Treatment
Xugong KS engine crankshaft undergo surface heat treatment for more wear life and hardenability.
Packing - engine crankshaft
Xugong KS safeguards all of our products including the engine crankshaft with wooden crates and fillings.

Xugong KS Engine Crankshaft Manufacturers Overview

Iron and Steel-Made Engine Crankshaft from Xugong KS

Xugong KS engine crankshafts are made with high-quality steel and iron. Our engine crankshafts go through a strict quality control inspection. We make sure our engine crankshaft meet OEM and ISO standards.

Each engine crankshaft is handled individually and machined to OE specifications on top of the line equipment to ensure superior-quality engine crankshafts.

Each rod and main journals are measure and ground to the appropriate oversize. Each engine crankshaft can also include rod and main bearings for a complete set.

Then, our engineering department inspects Xugong KS engine crankshafts to ensure they meet Xugong KS high quality standards. We are your one-stop-shop for engine crankshafts and more. Order from Xugong KS engine crankshaft supplier now!


No Pressure with Xugong KS High-Pressure Engine Crankshaft

As soon as the engine starts, your engine crankshaft starts working as well. Your excavator engine is up and running day-in and day-out without rest until your project is complete. The same goes for your engine crankshaft.

It is a good things Xugong KS engine crankshaft is the best engine crankshaft in China. Our engine crankshaft is able to deal with high pressures and high conversions for a long period of time. With the intense temperatures your engine can give out, Xugong KS engine crankshaft can still handle it.

Send us an inquiry now at Xugong KS engine crankshaft supplier!


Get More Info About Xugong KS Engine Crankshaft

Xugong KS carry engine crankshafts for every make and model in the market. If you need any engine crankshaft, we have it! Just send us an inquiry to find the engine crankshaft to fit your build.

You are just a click away from getting the highest quality engine crankshaft in the market. Order from Xugong KS excavator engine crankshaft manufacturer.


Xugong KS Excavator Engine Crankshaft Distributor

Xugong KS engine crankshaft supplier is partnered with the most trusted couriers in the globe such as FedEx, TnT and more. We can also deliver your engine crankshaft via air or sea to lower your shipping costs.

No need to worry about your engine crankshaft orders. Xugong KS engine crankshaft supplier makes sure your engine crankshaft are packed securely and shipped properly.

Upgrade your excavator engine with Xugong KS engine crankshaft! The best here in China to your construction doorstep!

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